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  1. EmirhanTR05

    There are hackers in the game Op Prison

    Hackers are in Pika Network Op Prison Game 17.11.2022 Username : BamboLoser , lratioed , romkas1 , StudentSpotted YouTube Video : View: https://youtu.be/COAz-Ldo8mk
  2. EmirhanTR05

    Hacker Inside Op Prison

    There is a hacker in the game Op Prison Username : goofbye Hacker Video : View: https://youtu.be/BFdm3UsdEvw
  3. M

    (Ban appeal) for which i was not doing

    Minecraft_leg banned me for no reason i was playing in life steal mining for orese also i was strip mining i have proof that i didnot xray for that you can check that all i mine was in straight line and there was no sudden changes i was strip mining at y=8 i am on 1.16 thats why i cant go below...
  4. MrSpeedy35

    [Game] Ban Hammer

    In this game the task is simple, you just give a valid reason for banning the person above you. For example, I am a creeper and you say banned for being a creeper. There are some rules too. Please be respectful and do not swear. All of the Pika Network Forum rules also apply. Enjoy <3
  5. M

    Please ban this user

    a player with the username "KayaCake" was using kill aura and fly hacks in bedwars, in the screenshots you can see my team didnt make any bridge but this player managed to break the bed and kill everyone, we cant even hit the player cause of the kill aura,
  6. D

    Banned/Kicked because of using Client

    Can I do something about this? Yesterday I got banned because of this (I got unbanned) and now I got kicked from the server all the time for the same reason. Is there something to provide this? Thank you!
  7. Zoukix

    AlexXVII team are clowns L go to bed (kitpvp pika)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV-Kyd5GHlw&ab_channel=Ano make sure to like and sub <3
  8. M

    Ban appeal

    So i just drag clicked like 30/35 cps and i got banned for one hour. I didnt use any hacks and any cheats i used my software for my mouse and set the reduce time to 4 ms. Please fix this cilent notification!
  9. M


    So, me and my friends were playing on the server (we play there every day) and those people made two Swastikas in the game. One of my friends is black and it was a disrespectful moment. We can't find how to report so I decided to post here. We will not play on the server until they are banned. I...
  10. P

    Unban appeal

    Ive been detected by the anti bot filter how and why idk i did grind a lot but i wasnt botting or anything.
  11. 12lolo341

    insta ban

    hello staff, i was testing if i can glich through a block by using minecarts so i can make an invis exit for my base but after I left the minecart i got stuck in the ground. now i am stuck and 5 sec after joining i get banned again for client modification, pls dont just de redirect me to the...
  12. mcergic11

    Plsss reply with your thoughts

    Pikachu baned me on Discord. Please help me get unbanned or else I will eat ur cookie :). https://prnt.sc/wnk9vb
  13. gasp

    I was banned

    i am currently banned on 10 minutes for nothing. idk what happened i just got kicked first and then banned, i dont know whats happening, i did not cheat.
  14. M

    Hacking Problem

    So i was in a normal bedwars lobby then There was 4 hackers being toxic using Scaffold,Killaura,Reach,Tp And so i left and putted my own hack just incase for hackers But when i found the same person that was hacking (GoldenDevil) HE DID NOT GET A BAN OR KICK and when i used my hack so i can give...
  15. GoldenProYB

    Unmeritedly Ban

    Today when I was trying to connect the server, I saw that I got permanently banned. It says the reason : Killaura/Anti Knockback. But I don't even use hack in the server. I request help from someone.
  16. S

    I am confused

    So I am banned for logging out of screenshare, I appealed and I was denied bc I put something on keybord and change jump to hit, mod who banned me told me that it is fine unless it it's MACRO which I don't have, he didn't tell me it I am not allowed to close mc. For me I don't have F11 key on...
  17. G

    i got ban for anti bot filter

    Hi, I got banned from pika, reason "anti bot filter" I have is account GomikD and I got banned while I was crush mine so im pretty sure this is a mistake in the bot. So I would love some support to get a unban. And Yes, I by the way saw that the ban list has my nickname in 2017 , but it's not...
  18. sneakingmafia

    Hackers everywhere

    d1v3rt is using kill aura.My friend also agreed.
  19. sneakingmafia

    When the match started i went to open the first chest and someone came and killed me with 2 hits

    When the match started i went to open the first chest and someone came and killed me with 2 hits.His name is Patolunix i say 2 secs and he came to my island.HACKS.Thanks
  20. M

    Ban Appeal

    I was playing op factions i was killing zombie pigmans and i got banned for "[FACTIONS]derp-hack" i dont have any hack,console ban me without reason,my ig nick is mate,thanks for help