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  • I got screenshoots for spamming in chat how i post them threads say that are too big
    please un banip me :(
    check my ban appeal plz
    Just be patient. (:
    i've bieng banned for hacks even tho I wansnt hacking
    it's bieng 3 years now
    i'm sorry I took a op potion from a hacker and used it in pvp
    sorry. I won't do I again.
    please unban me

    I'm sorry i used kill aura I'm really sorry I promise I will not do it anymore i really want to go back to server because it's the best today is my birthday if you could to me unban

    (thanks in advance) and once again I say it will not happen again
    hi chek my ban appeal. thx if you accept it
    Hello, please make sure to check my ban appeal when u have time.
    can you check my ban appeal
    Can You Look At My Ban Appeal?
    Hi can you see the bans appeals? thanks you
    hi you remember me ? I Nakroth but my account is stealed help me pleasae.
    hello,can u unban me? My name is Bartlett21 and i got banned for griefing
    Hello!How can i report a player for swearing i have screenshots but i dont know how to report !
    Hi, IM xRainbowGirl and i play this server but honestly i dont know how to sign up to be a moderator , but i signed up and im new but im looking for mderator application but its private , i really wanna know how to be in , could u help me?
    Hello. Sorry, could you please unblock my Im_Not_Tabuhn account. I say honestly, I used cheats on the account, but purely to get revenge on players with cheats. It was simply impossible to play on the server, so I decided to use cheats to kill other cheaters. Against players without cheats, I did not use not SPEED or KILLAURA. I would be grateful for unban
    You won't get unban I swear.
    I admitted to hacks on hypixel and got banned on Pika Network
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