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    Event EVENT: UHC Meetup!

    It will be a day before the release, could come in handy if you win and use the giftcard to buy ranks/keys etc... there
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    Let's count together!

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    Event EVENT: Staff Hunt!

    Staff Hunt! Hosted by: MrFrenco & ruzyxo --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Pikacrafters! The Staff Team will be hosting a Staff Hunt event on April 26th, 1:00 PM GMT. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Accepted BedWars teams

    Making a party will automatically select the party member(s) as teammate(s). Accepted
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    Event EVENT: PvE!

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    Event EVENT: PvE!

    PvE! Hosted by: ruzyxo & MrW0nka --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Pikacrafters! The Staff Team will be hosting a PvE event on March 14th, 7:00 PM GMT. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- EVENT SUMMARY...
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    Creative FAWE (fast async worldedit)

    +1, i would recommend adding the w/e back to how it was before.
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    What Songs Do You Like?

    no one is..
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    Does someone here watch JoJo?

    i thought u were talking about jojo siwa nvm
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    Does someone here watch JoJo?

    jojo? like jojo siwa? omg i love har
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    Accepted Creative 6 Creative Suggestions

    Suggestion: 6 Creative Suggestions Detailed description: 1) Give longer access to worldedit when voting (20 minutes). 2) Make the brush size bigger (W/E). 3) A smaller plot size, sometimes builds looks better on a smaller scale (we can merge if we want bigger place). 4) Allow us to buy as...
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    na uh i aint ur son miss thing
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    hi how are ya