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  • i cant connect to the discord server
    That's because you got banned from our discord server.
    yea i know can i get invited again?IM sorry i said the same thing to ruzyxo
    hey i cant login becouse i forgot my login pasword in server and i cant change it if you can help me i am playing on premium acc
    hey can u check my ban apeal at op faction and can u unban me
    yasağıma itirazımı kontrol et
    Can u come to kitpvp to screenshare a player
    check my appeal pls
    check my ban appeal
    check my ban appeal pls
    Ruzy can you see my stuff application me no inglish, If you gimme +1 I will ask umar to not bomb ur PC
    check my ban appeal pls unban i wanna play factions i like this server alot
    check my appeal pls it happened manytimes i have not hacked pls check and unban i wanna play on this lovely server
    Check my appeal please
    hey ruzyxo
    please unban why u do that
    check my appeal
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