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  1. 9

    Is there a YouTube rank I can apply for?

    Hello, Im Helogigs A Small Minecraft YouTuber, And I was wondering if there was a YouTube rank I could apply for Here is some information about my channel: Username: Helogigs YT Username: Helogigs Subscribers: 70...
  2. 9


    Im so hyped up about the new reset of bedwars, I decided to share something when I found out about it View: https://youtu.be/laTgBbi8iu8
  3. acika14

    Hackers Video Proof

    Multiple hackers that everyone has to deal on a daily bases. This is a reason why bedwars needs a lot of active staff online so players will feel safe and will be satisfied. Thats why i decided to make a small montage and upload it on youtube,Enjoy!!! chanel name : acika14 :P
  4. I

    I want to know if I can use the logo on a youtube thumbnail.

    I made a bedwars video ( View: https://youtu.be/qjk2v5Awi70 ) and want to know if I can put the pika-network logo in the corner of the thumbnail, mainly to help advertise your server for non-prem viewers.
  5. T


    Sub my channel in youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuRyWMW2651R3NjTCsqVenQ
  6. hijackrusty

    Hey guys Hijackrusty here!

    Hey guys! Great to have finally found such a cool, friendly and fun server. Looks like a great community to be apart of and I can't wait to get to know everyone! I'm 18 from London, England, I'm also an ex-MC youtuber of 10K subs(humble brag:ROFLMAO:). Catch me on skyblock and prison servers and...
  7. I

    Hello! (I'm not new, but I never did this)

    I'm a player back from 2013 (but I didn't have a computer back then so I always played on my friend his computer) I always love to play OP-Faction 1 and I used to have a really big faction (As I said, with my friend lol) Now that I have my own PC I thought I'm gonna introduce myself... So...
  8. CreeperPeeper

    Survival Series Episode 1

    Hey peeps, started my youtube channel today. Will be doing daily uploads. Ive already recorded a few episodes. I hope you enjoy!!! If you do please like, subscribe and feel happy to comment. There will be a emerald giveaway soon.


    Guys before this video starts i want to state that those people who have already reached 2000 kills on practice i congratulate them on their accomplishment . I just wanted to celebrate
  10. SozFrf

    Go and subscribe to uhh... a good youtuber

    Please go and uh.... subscribe to a decent or a youtuber you like like. Uh.... This PSA was brought to you by uh.... a good youtuber.
  11. MikeZ3Great

    What shall I do on my YouTube channel now!?

    Hey! So I've been making YouTube videos for a while now on my channel, MikeZ3Great but I've been really inactive for a year or so. So I figured the only way to bring my channel back to life would be to ask you guys for some advice. What would you like to see? I've already made a video on how to...
  12. FortunelssGamer

    Give me Subs (JK) (free stuff) (free graphics)

    *SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION ALERT want FREE graphics a logo ? a banner ? (NO MINECRAFT 3d skin gfx nd stuff) {3D/2D(no minecraft)} sub 2 me and add me on skype (FortunelessGamerOnYT) only choosing 2 RANDOM CLIENTS for now.. this is on others cause i cant put dis on YOUTUBE cause rules and stuff...
  13. RcBruder

    Giveaway! Free ultimate+!

    Alright my Ultimate+ account is freestuff. So i figured i needed to give freestuff :) So all you have to do is subcribe to my YouTube account Freddy Jeddy and leave a like and comment your minecraft username on any video and then come back here and leave a comment just saying "done". Then i will...
  14. N

    55th time introducing myself

    Hello there, pikacrafters! I'm Nixnix22, a 16 year-old guy who plays Minecraft 6 years and still sucks at it. I don't have a GF so you ladies can throw yourself at me anytime soon. I've got a hopeless Youtube channel on wich I have 1 loyal/ 46 regular subscribers. I applied for a helper 3 times...
  15. MikeZ3Great

    Introducing myself

    Hey! I'm MikeZ3Great and I'm a daily player on pika network.. M usually found playing on OP Factions1 but I also play on OP Eggwars.. Sky block and many other servers. Almost a year now since I've been playing in Pika and it's never gotten boring.. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'll soon...
  16. A


    youtube takes too long to upload vids to , i reccorded 2 hackers in a 3 minute video and now im uploading it , its been 30 minutes and still havent uploaded :( , if only there was a way to upload faster . btw the file is 200 MB and my internet connection is decent .
  17. Ninja 4837

    How i ended up on Pika....

    Hi! Its been almost like 2 years or something that I've been registered and playing on Pika. Though most of you guys may not know me, I'm actually a really nice guy :) Let me know and hit me up with a PvP battle or anything that you'd like to know about me, help , etc. I'm waiting to meet up...
  18. C

    Watch This!!

    (sorry i use my own country language) Pls Like And Subscribe It will be so much appreciated What Would Your Comment Will Be? Say Your Comments On My YouTube Channel
  19. Ronnie1974

    Please subscribe

  20. Reclesh BZ

    Making video of pika faction

    i need your support guys im making video of pika faction soon help me guys my channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_u_gzSC9mE2LvTJ5dSFdPQ