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  1. Ace

    Was Poppin Pika Fam! Been too Long...

    Was goin on Pika family, Its been a very long time since I've actually played MC. Not to sure if anyone from 2015+ still plays on Pika or not, but if y'all do wassup OG's. How y'all been? For those of you who are new and probably have no clue who I am. My IGN is GhostSp33d1, Ive been playing...
  2. 9

    Is there a YouTube rank I can apply for?

    Hello, Im Helogigs A Small Minecraft YouTuber, And I was wondering if there was a YouTube rank I could apply for Here is some information about my channel: Username: Helogigs YT Username: Helogigs Subscribers: 70...
  3. 9

    Is there a YouTube rank I can apply for?

    Hello, Im Helogigs A Small Minecraft YouTuber, And I was wondering if there was a YouTube rank I could apply for Here is some information about my channel: Username: Helogigs YT Username: Helogigs Subscribers: 70...
  4. 9


    Im so hyped up about the new reset of bedwars, I decided to share something when I found out about it View: https://youtu.be/laTgBbi8iu8
  5. acika14

    Hackers Video Proof

    Multiple hackers that everyone has to deal on a daily bases. This is a reason why bedwars needs a lot of active staff online so players will feel safe and will be satisfied. Thats why i decided to make a small montage and upload it on youtube,Enjoy!!! chanel name : acika14 :P
  6. I

    I want to know if I can use the logo on a youtube thumbnail.

    I made a bedwars video ( View: https://youtu.be/qjk2v5Awi70 ) and want to know if I can put the pika-network logo in the corner of the thumbnail, mainly to help advertise your server for non-prem viewers.
  7. T


    Sub my channel in youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuRyWMW2651R3NjTCsqVenQ
  8. hijackrusty

    Hey guys Hijackrusty here!

    Hey guys! Great to have finally found such a cool, friendly and fun server. Looks like a great community to be apart of and I can't wait to get to know everyone! I'm 18 from London, England, I'm also an ex-MC youtuber of 10K subs(humble brag:ROFLMAO:). Catch me on skyblock and prison servers and...
  9. I

    Hello! (I'm not new, but I never did this)

    I'm a player back from 2013 (but I didn't have a computer back then so I always played on my friend his computer) I always love to play OP-Faction 1 and I used to have a really big faction (As I said, with my friend lol) Now that I have my own PC I thought I'm gonna introduce myself... So...
  10. CreeperPeeper

    Survival Series Episode 1

    Hey peeps, started my youtube channel today. Will be doing daily uploads. Ive already recorded a few episodes. I hope you enjoy!!! If you do please like, subscribe and feel happy to comment. There will be a emerald giveaway soon.


    Guys before this video starts i want to state that those people who have already reached 2000 kills on practice i congratulate them on their accomplishment . I just wanted to celebrate
  12. SozFrf

    Go and subscribe to uhh... a good youtuber

    Please go and uh.... subscribe to a decent or a youtuber you like like. Uh.... This PSA was brought to you by uh.... a good youtuber.
  13. MikeZ3Great

    What shall I do on my YouTube channel now!?

    Hey! So I've been making YouTube videos for a while now on my channel, MikeZ3Great but I've been really inactive for a year or so. So I figured the only way to bring my channel back to life would be to ask you guys for some advice. What would you like to see? I've already made a video on how to...
  14. FortunelssGamer

    Give me Subs (JK) (free stuff) (free graphics)

    *SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION ALERT want FREE graphics a logo ? a banner ? (NO MINECRAFT 3d skin gfx nd stuff) {3D/2D(no minecraft)} sub 2 me and add me on skype (FortunelessGamerOnYT) only choosing 2 RANDOM CLIENTS for now.. this is on others cause i cant put dis on YOUTUBE cause rules and stuff...
  15. RcBruder

    Giveaway! Free ultimate+!

    Alright my Ultimate+ account is freestuff. So i figured i needed to give freestuff :) So all you have to do is subcribe to my YouTube account Freddy Jeddy and leave a like and comment your minecraft username on any video and then come back here and leave a comment just saying "done". Then i will...
  16. N

    55th time introducing myself

    Hello there, pikacrafters! I'm Nixnix22, a 16 year-old guy who plays Minecraft 6 years and still sucks at it. I don't have a GF so you ladies can throw yourself at me anytime soon. I've got a hopeless Youtube channel on wich I have 1 loyal/ 46 regular subscribers. I applied for a helper 3 times...
  17. MikeZ3Great

    Introducing myself

    Hey! I'm MikeZ3Great and I'm a daily player on pika network.. M usually found playing on OP Factions1 but I also play on OP Eggwars.. Sky block and many other servers. Almost a year now since I've been playing in Pika and it's never gotten boring.. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'll soon...
  18. A


    youtube takes too long to upload vids to , i reccorded 2 hackers in a 3 minute video and now im uploading it , its been 30 minutes and still havent uploaded :( , if only there was a way to upload faster . btw the file is 200 MB and my internet connection is decent .
  19. Ninja 4837

    How i ended up on Pika....

    Hi! Its been almost like 2 years or something that I've been registered and playing on Pika. Though most of you guys may not know me, I'm actually a really nice guy :) Let me know and hit me up with a PvP battle or anything that you'd like to know about me, help , etc. I'm waiting to meet up...
  20. C

    Watch This!!

    (sorry i use my own country language) Pls Like And Subscribe It will be so much appreciated What Would Your Comment Will Be? Say Your Comments On My YouTube Channel