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  1. Reclesh BZ

    Making video of pika faction

    i need your support guys im making video of pika faction soon help me guys my channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_u_gzSC9mE2LvTJ5dSFdPQ
  2. Microck

    Minecraft Practice PvP release "Im back" (unbanned :D)

    Video Link- ENJOY!! Hey guys so i have a new video ill be posting atleast 1-7 video a week :D i like pika again cuz practice pvp is not pay to win!!! nice xD so i went 4/0 in the video :D i was so good undeafeted in the video (totally not sarcasm totally didn't edit out 5th game lost cuz of...
  3. mimulus38

    A french player : mimulus38

    ( I am french so my English not really good sorry ^^ ) Hi, Salut, My name is mimulus38 and i play on Minecraft since 1 year, I love this game and Faction too. Mon nom est mimulus38 et je joue à Minecraft depuis 1 an, j'aime ce jeu ainsi que le faction. I prefer english server because they are...
  4. DJRedNight

    Calling All Pikachu's! Let's Play!

    Due to the lack of interest this idea has been canceled. Hey there Pika Players! So a server reset is most likely going to happen in the near future (month or so?) for Survival! Thats absolutely awesome in my opinion (though I know that some might think otherwise). So I would like to get...
  5. Fangston

    Pika on YouTube

    Ok, before you read this, the following suggestions are a bit difficult to follow. But, success never comes the easy way ;) #1 : Pika-Network Trailer Don't go all ninja on me, I know there are some trailers made. But what would you rate them? Sprinting, disturbed camera,no particular order...
  6. Fangston

    Stand in silence

    Let's stand in silence for the brave afk players who died after watching the teamspeak chat. Amen