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  1. slenderbrine3450


    How do you vote more then 7 times a day
  2. codeyourbotsus

    Can I upgrade vip to elite.

    Hello Everyone, Hope you'r all having a wonderful day. So basically i just wanted to know like i got vip for 31 days from vote crate i was wondering if i use my iron and upgrade it to elite and never lose the rank.?
  3. Fichtner

    How to vote

    Guys, I don't know how to vote in 5th link I tried so much but I can't h How can I vote in 5th link
  4. Vat5aL

    Regarding Vote Count Reset!

    Question: Does This Vote Count Reset Every Month? (like 1st Oct - 1st Nov - 1st Dec) If NO Then Anyone Can Tell Me the Time Of Vote Count Reset! Please Help! This 93 Vote Count Will Reset At 1st Oct? (93/100 ---> 0/100 ??)
  5. H

    Multiple voted in 1 day

    If you see the top votes there are 16 votes at the top. it has only been 1 day since November sterted(today is the 1st) But people have voted many times since there are only 7 voting links. How is this possible?
  6. P

    Is there a way to check how many votes I have in-game or anywhere

    If there is a way to check how many votes I have in-game or anywhere (website) if there is pls tell me becus I wanna see how much votes I have . To buy vip
  7. Deducs

    How To Vote Multiple Times?

    I have seen top voters already voted 23 times even its only 3x 12 hours since april fools But how did they voted 23 times instead of 3 x working 3 vote links = 9 times?
  8. MCPlayer

    Vote Party Crates

    Can you guys vote in the poll? If your answer is yes I normally sell them at that price in ah.
  9. Lava_Demon

    OpFactions1 Vote System.

    Hello Again,When i do /vote after pressing any website,when i vote it dont shows ingame,and its make me really annoying,also i recomend to add 6th vote website,because lot of pepole dont know about it,and somebody must want to know about it,and that reduce his chaces to win /topvotes. Thx For...
  10. FluffyMallow

    Purchased Ultimate Key Kit, What NOW?!

    So, I have one question, HOW DO YOU USE THE ULTIMATE KEY KIT?! I don't know about them that much, just tell me, I purchased it not long ago, I'm just confused! ~FluffyMallow<3
  11. D

    Ban Bow Boosting :D

    You've seen it before. Perhaps you have fallen victim to it yourself recently. You are running away and just when you think your safe, BAM! You get killed because that nub took advantage of a glitch that even Mojang said they will fix. Take a few seconds to imagine you just get your Protection 4...