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  1. K

    DARK_STARxd is wearing

    This player need to get mute
  2. _Xx_Yoshi_xX_

    "I swear."

    Look at me "swearing" and get a free mute. ( I am N0ONE but it's a nick by Feather Launcher )
  3. U

    Swearing At me

    Hello, today i was playing pika network when i did a trade with somebody by the name of neffex (his nick is iamnoob) i was in pvp and and he started randomley attacking me at the tiem i had elf gkit so i destroyed him then he started saying in chat that i was a scammer and then he started to...
  4. Kashifgamer900

    swearing to pika pls mute him

    he is swearing mute him pls [ View: https://imgur.com/gallery/WyXI4e3 ]
  5. Z


    this shadowlady swearing hahah Swearing pls mute this kid
  6. R


    He sweared
  7. I

    In Need of staff

    I can apply for staff because i am like 6hrs daily on skyblock and people are swearing and breaking the rules in chat and no one cares,no one can do anything about it...
  8. unguested

    SeyXre mute?

    well for no reason "SeyXre" started swearing at me after he failed to raid 15 walls etc he told the whole server to call me gay etc.. also he was being verbal. (second ss)
  9. P

    Swearing on creative

    I was building when I decided to look at the chat, which by the way was being flooded by 2 or 3 people. When I looked I read unpleasant words and phrases It's not the first time the DisturbedBear player has cursed anyone in the chat.
  10. kradec684

    Bad words 2

    Some random guy started to say not good words.I dont remember why but i screenshoted it:.Oh,and i cant check did IMpoorChildLMAO is banned because he was /nick and i dont know his real name.
  11. R

    Alright, this is dumb

    Makes sense that stafff is allowed to swear while i get muted for it. These mods must have negative iq points.