1. akgamings

    Petition to bring back the prison servers!

    Anyway if you'd like to sign the petition it's here -----> So, I don't think that this is against the rules since I've clarified what the link is for and it probably isn't forbidden. So if...
  2. sstef_

    Lost rank

    Was there any resets or something like that, because last year I was rank Free and now I'm Prestige-T? And can I somehow get my rank back?
  3. S


    I searched the store, however, I did not find anything on or selling. So I wanted to know where sell or if still sell the Prison ranks. I would like to buy one if it is still available somewhere.
  4. H


    I Know that I was playing Minecraft for 6 Years and now I turned out to be a Noob.This is really stupid.I am located in Prison in a Nether Portal Trap.I got out first Time and than i was like hahaha You wont troll Me, but then I entered the Portal because of my Arrogance.Now i am trapped.Someone...
  5. S

    Prison problem

    Hello everyone, come on.. Yesterday began to happen this mistake with me in prison. What is this error? Well, I normally enter the server, I put my password and log with my account normally. But when I try to enter the prison, I click and go back to the spawn.. and if I try again, the server...
  6. hijackrusty

    Hey guys Hijackrusty here!

    Hey guys! Great to have finally found such a cool, friendly and fun server. Looks like a great community to be apart of and I can't wait to get to know everyone! I'm 18 from London, England, I'm also an ex-MC youtuber of 10K subs(humble brag:ROFLMAO:). Catch me on skyblock and prison servers and...
  7. MangoKisa

    MangoKisa - Introduction

    Hey, Im MangoKisa. Im 14 Year old player who likes to play different gamemodes. I like to play with friends and have adventures with them. I like Factions, Prison and Skyblock. Other gamemodes doesn't intrest me so much. I like to help people who need help or/and are new to the server. I like to...
  8. DarkxSilent

    Favorite Activity in Prison?

    Hi Guys, I was just curious on what your favorite thing to do in Prison is? Obviously about half of my time is dedicated to clearing the shops for players to enjoy the wealthy benefits of gaining a much more bountiful amount rather than selling at the Warp Z for a cheap price. I always do...
  9. R

    Help, Im trapped!!!!

    Hello. Please help me I'm trapped in the portal trap Im trapped inside the trapper's plot, I remember his name including patcher and he's Prestige - F Please send help :(
  10. KittenofRoyalty

    Inscription of Knowledge Project.

    I have decided to inscribe a ton of knowledge into books for later use. With the help of My friends, I plan to inscribe all the knowledge I can about Pika-Network, TheUse of Redstone, tutorials on how to do stuff while playing on Pika-Network and many more things.I would love it if you all could...
  11. KittenofRoyalty

    Redstone College *Update*

    Dear players of players of prison, I am sad to inform you that the College of Redstone is no longer being built. We had almost all of the curriculum written and the college was almost complete. Since Pika's staff members had to reset the plots do to some bug (I assume) we lost all of the...
  12. KittenofRoyalty

    Redstone College *Update*

    The College of Redstone in the prison server has been put on a delayed opening. The reason for this is that while building the college we had a lot of minor problems occur and that delayed the building of it. We also had some trouble coming up with the curriculum for the college classes. I am...
  13. V

    =-= Plots Tutorial Thread =-=

    HOW TO USE PLOTS AND COMMANDS Hello there! This is a quick tutorial on how to use plots in general. Are you clueless of what they are or how to use them? You are in the right place. So here is the structure of the thread: - Basics - How to use plots - What they do - Greetings BASICS So you...
  14. E

    Can anyone help me understand the sign shop amount of money?

    Hi, that's a pretty dumb question , but still I'd like to know how the sign shop numbers work.. Like in other servers there is S 100000 , but here is something like S 3E5,5 , so I'd like to know how much is 5E, and how do I create my own sign shop at my plot.
  15. KittenofRoyalty

    Redstone College in Prison

    I am glad to announce that I will officially open the Redstone College in the Prison server. This college is a completely free non-for-profit college that offers free courses in the use of Redstone.The college teachers are some of the best Redstone users in the prison and maybe even the entire...
  16. KittenofRoyalty

    Denied The Prison's Economy.

    We need to completely and utterly revamp the prison's economy and how it works. We need to get rid of the quartz system and replace it with a new easy to manage , system and that will improve the player's experience. I have that new system. Step:1 tear down the quartz system. this can be...
  17. C

    Applying for Helper

    Hello! My name is Charlie and I was wondering if I could become a helper on prisons! If u could send me a PDF of all the rules at [email protected] please. Things I would do for the server: :wont grief :stay on 12hours a day(most of the time) :I wont abuse the fact of being a helper :I wont...
  18. K

    [PRISON] NEW BUG!, Auction bug

    Well, as i tell the forumer, as a new threader this might be hard to explain So, about the auction bug. Me (Killer47x) and my friend (Im_Jordan_Chaos) were trading an OP-Pickaxe, we had a deal , of me buying the OP-Pickaxe, for 1.8B, well, when i trade this thing occured, He putted the op...
  19. ShirShir

    Prison Bugs Fix Please

    Hi I just wanted to alert the mod's/admin's/creators of the server that in the prison server the water is bugged on the /warp free. Also I wanted to ask why there is not any /warp nether yet atleast for Free ranks and the tpa function for the people that play with friends. That is all Bye :D
  20. W

    Merged plot got unmerged auto and claimed by others

    This happened at 9:05pm GMT +8 25 Sep 2016.At my plot and ipuckett's We got a merged plot.As you can see in screenshot.Me and Ipuckett claimed a plot beside each other and we merge it.Before we went offline(around 5pm),everything seem to be fine,but when we online again,we found out that our...