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practice pvp

  1. T

    Quitting minecraft forever :/

    Hi, my IGN is TheDanijel, and if you've ever played practice, there's a good chance that you've seen me online. I've thought about quitting minecraft a long time ago, but this seems like a good time to do it tbh. My goal was kind of made. I got diamond on practice, #2 on builduhc, #4 sg, #5...
  2. divertente

    Elo Series 🥶 | 1080+ Global ELO

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICFq1rWjImc owo
  3. OnlyPro1


    Why does the server keep kicking me? name: OnlyPro1 note: please turn down your volumebefore opening it. View: https://youtu.be/fYSgn_WcKA8 using BatMod 1.8.9 Tlauncher nickname OnlyPro1 no mackro or hack clients ;)
  4. U

    comboed this person the whole game

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSy055ByE28
  5. ApexGamer_

    Anti-Cheat Bot Problems

    Hi I am having a lot of issues with the Anti-Cheat Bot as it kicks me in Bedwars, Skywars and Practice pvp cause of my cps. I drag click and I get 18-20 cps and it kicks me from the games I play cause of that so I pls fix your anti-cheat bot
  6. krsy123

    I am on the leaderboards!

    I am on the leaderboards finally in the "lifetime top 15 kills" section. I know it's 12th place and its nothing to flex about but to me this never happened before lol. (I took this photo this morning so, this might have changed and I am probably out of the leaderboard now) but, just wanted to...
  7. krsy123

    When does the "Practice" gamemode usually reset?

    The title says it all. Just wanted to know when do the stats in the practice gamemode reset. Is there even an estimated time on when do they usually reset? I couldn't find a post that talked about this. If I did miss a post that included an answer to my question then, I am sorry. It would...
  8. VoltzzMC

    Minecraft pvp Montage

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnBp0xMu7lg
  9. B

    Add a /ignore system

    Hello, this post is basically the title. I hate it when little kids start spamming /msg and spectating every single fight becuase they lost and think i'm cheating. the admins should add something like a /ignore command to prevent this from happening. I'm pretty sure some staff have /msg turned...
  10. ThodorisTgr

    Report StarHD

  11. G

    kill aura

    yakory hacks kill aura i take a screenshot i hate hackers


    Guys before this video starts i want to state that those people who have already reached 2000 kills on practice i congratulate them on their accomplishment . I just wanted to celebrate


    WE WANT MORE COMPETTIVE FEEL IN PRACTICE RANKED MATCHES : -MY SUGGESTION : Elo should be shown of the player before a match . Ranking system must be added according to Elo which would increase competitive in ranked matches -...
  14. xCrystqlMC

    I can not go on Practice!

    So, I just logged in this morning, clicked Practice, and it says I'm not whitelisted on that server! Pretty sure I did not break any rules. Can anyone help me please? It's the only reason I'm playing Pika-Craft. Thank you.
  15. Comic

    Build UHC Partys :D (Join Now to Practice )

    Hey guys, I was just playing a few Build UHC Partys on Pika and I really enjoyed them, so it gave me an Idea :). If you guys are interested in playing ffa Build UHC partys we can have them on Pika and we can co-ordinate the timings as well. If you think you are interested in playing Build UHC...
  16. Comic

    Unbreakable blocks in Practice PVP

    Hey everyone, staff and players alike, I was wondering if in the Practice PVP section breaking placed blocks is compulsorily disabled or is it a glitch, same with not being able to pick up lava and water or placing blocks on lava and water in build UHC. This allows a lot of members to block...