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  1. K

    lag in op prison server

    as you also been informed about the issue of high ping in server.it has made a pretty bad mess and we are not even able to vote ,mine ,trade and even we can't even use the commands. and this situation if in the server for atleast 3 days now. pls do something about it .
  2. hayimgo

    worst mini-game of all time (lag)

    so I was playing lifesteal and then someone picked I fight with me so I fight him but then the lag. I have elytra and fireworks but it won't work at all. (too much lag :( ) Please make the pika network make servers that are in 1 country and the lag went down. example us.pika-network.net the...
  3. hayimgo

    i got banned by lag

    i am banned for 10 minutes because i was stuck in one spot and i cant get out it just tp me back to that spot. then i got kicked(I thought the pain was over but NO) then it kicked me 10 times and i got banned for 10 minutes for no reason exepts for lag. this is about pikanetwork needs to fix...
  4. LoxPlayz

    Fix Opfactions Server Lag

    Fix OpFactions Server lag. its lagging too much.
  5. DaljaaHuh_

    tps is constanly under 15, can it have a reboot?

    A minute ago while i was fighting someone in /warp pvp tps was under 10, Please reboot the server more often. View: https://imgur.com/a/nIVUD1h
  6. Not_MacHac


    View: https://youtu.be/YcXGQTbar1Y
  7. I

    Very high ping and too much lag since last 3 days

    Why is pika network lagging so much from the last 3 days or am i the only one. Im from India and i am using good internet. Earlier i used to get 120 - 140 ms but now im getting 400 - 1000 ms. Even hypixel is getting low ping than pika. Please fix this issue
  8. 8taps

    Random ping spikes for a few hours

    Does pika change their server hosts at specific times every other day or something? cuz i live in India and average around 120-150 ping but at certian time of the day my ping just goes to 250-350 ping which is very annoying. I have a stable 200 mbps internet with LAN so dont criticize that please.
  9. A

    Lag back abuse is it bannablle?

    as if yall didnt know if u place a block of wool at the resourses gen u will get lagbacks so u can use it to ur advanage whle breaking beds i do it v often and one day a guy said he reported me for hacking lmao and i will get a ban so will i? is it bannable?
  10. R

    insane lag in survival bug or glitch or lag machine

    there is some insane amount of lag going on in survival from the 2 or 3 days, the lag comes every 10 mins and goes of 10 mins and comes again after 10 mins, its like someone is setting a lag machine and refiling it every 10 mins, we dont know why but our ping remains same but we cant open chests...
  11. R

    Please ban TechnosGoon Minecraft playing from Tlauncher making Lag Machines

    TechnosGoon or TechnoGoon Is making Lagg Machines In survival With His Friend jdn1 they are trolling and asking for money
  12. Crax

    Lost Pickaxe due to Server Lag

    I was mining and while my boomerang and tornado weren't registering and I happened to send a trade invite to a friend to switch pickaxes. While trading my inventory got full from the blocks in the mine and made me loose the pickaxe. Is there anyway to check previous inventory and get the pickaxe...
  13. quraOT

    Bedwars Block Lag/Glitch

    I'm sure you guys probably already got a lot of messages about this but in bedwars when I place down blocks too fast (not really that fast just holding place button) most of the time it lags back and I've gotten suffocated in a block before and have fallin' off bridges before or if I try to...
  14. sonicglobomaker

    Hub Server Lag

    Hub Server Is Too Very Huge Lag! Help!
  15. P

    I don't know why, But whenever I login it's super laggy

    I don't know why, But whenever I login it's lagging, I can't open the 'Select Server' thing bue whenever it pops up it disappears immediately Is there anything that I can do? help
  16. leaf26

    Reducing Redstone Lag

    As an avid redstoner, I know from experience how one of the main sources of lag is large redstone contraptions. So much so that the default reaction is "redstone causes lag." Here are some reasons why and ways to improve the impact on the server. Block Updates - Activating redstone will update...
  17. XzXOwerLordXzX


    Hello XzXOwerLordXzX back at it again XD.Umm so i poste this thread to tell the staff or builders or someone who can help us.Some people like me dont have good pcs so when we go pvp we struggle whit -LAG -GAPPS NOT EATEN AND SO ON... So my proposition is to tell the staff if they can add like a...
  18. M

    OpPrison Money Glitch

    I had 178bill and i logged out . Then my friend gave me 55 bill and when i logged in i got only 55 bill and i was new at game . Then i relogged again and i got my 178 bill back and we lost 55bill Pls Help to get this money back and remove this glitch.
  19. Red_404

    Extreme Lag

    I just Hope it will fixed soon.. so players can play again in a Normal situation, this Server(survival) is now Messed Up. so Pls fix it Soon as Possible ThankYou
  20. FireyLandMiner

    My Skywars Stats Are Stuck?

    Dear PikaStaff, My Skywars (Non-Classic) Stats Have Not Been Updating Whatsoever! My Kills, Wins, ETC. Have Not Been Updating At All It Even Says That I Have 2 Deaths And 1 Game Played? That Just Doesn't Make Sense! I've Tried Playing On A Different Account But Still.. Nothing! Please Fix...