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help me

  1. A

    How to report rule-breakers.

    So I want to know how to get enough evidence for reporting rule breakers, Like what software to make video clip for reporting ❓
  2. O

    Need Help

    Hollo! I need Help. I join your server 1 day ago. I go to "wigglegranny135" netherite shop, but it is not a shop, its only trap. I fell from height on hoppers and die. I lost my all items. I need my all items, please help me.
  3. PSPupil

    Gifting InGame

    Is there a command life /gift or can you gift ranks, bundles, rank upgrades and Iron/gold to another player using goldshop on pika network?
  4. D

    my friend gifted me titan BUt i only got elite can any1 know to fix this?

    my friend (ign- cloutyBruv) gifted me titan BUt i only got eliite
  5. H

    Multiple voted in 1 day

    If you see the top votes there are 16 votes at the top. it has only been 1 day since November sterted(today is the 1st) But people have voted many times since there are only 7 voting links. How is this possible?
  6. AymanBlazer

    I lost a free god rank coucher

    so i was using my vote keys and I was already on a kit when I used I got seasonal god rank but unfortunately my inv was full idk where it went can anyone help me
  7. T

    /fly Problem

    So I have ssnl /fly and I got a Perm one yesterday from a godly crate and I can't claim it so if any Admin, Developer or the Manager can help pls help me. I want my perm fly.
  8. Fizzel

    a question

    does anyone know how to unlock the items u get for the lunar event? it doesn't say on the discord news post thing.
  9. C

    how to upgrade enchanted spawner

    so I have an enchanted spawner but how can I upgraded, I can't mine spawners sooo.... how can I do it?
  10. E

    Minecraft crashing due to firework particles in mcmmo fights, HELP

    My minecraft crashes whenever someone uses mcmmo on me or when I try to use superbreaker(I believe that is what it is called)(Also in the bedwars lobby trying to use the booster gadget) . I looked up for a solution in the mcmmo github page but according to one of the threads I read, the only...
  11. S

    I am confused

    So I am banned for logging out of screenshare, I appealed and I was denied bc I put something on keybord and change jump to hit, mod who banned me told me that it is fine unless it it's MACRO which I don't have, he didn't tell me it I am not allowed to close mc. For me I don't have F11 key on...
  12. F

    So what should I do?

    I was playing survival and while I was exploring my internet disconnected. Why I joined back everything was gone. My items, my levels and my skin had changed only for me. The only thing remaining was that I was still part of a clan and I had my money. A MC restart only fixed the skin problem. So...
  13. K

    I need some redstone help

    I need asome double piston extender that works on the server. I tried 2 designs but they didn't work. Plz send me a picture ot a link. Thanks!
  14. K

    Changing clan leathers

    I was wondering is there a way to change clan learhers. I'm considering to make a nother clan for some private land but I dont want to disaband this one
  15. BlockBuster69

    "Login denied"

    how to get unbanned ?
  16. M

    Cannot type in chat

    When i want to talk in chat there stands "cannot send chat message"
  17. E

    help me

    sorry for bothering them but they have made some backup because the spawners that I had in my chest missing and I would like to know if they could help me before maintenance: gyazo.com/8e7cf43e88bb296da3d46bf93492d3a7 gyazo.com/125edb2898b848107b82c3b614129e4a...
  18. M

    New Face.

    I am Mike , My ign is Mike_Sems123 i am new to the server but currently banned and the ban was at 27/11/16 , I haven't played that long yet I started playing at april and I don't know why I got banned , Please help

    Help Me Choose!

    Hello Community, So am kinda tired of not having a skin in MineCraft so am thinking of switching my premium account with the one am using now and I need your help by voting in the poll here. I tried to change my premium MC name but the name is already taken :( So I changed my premium...
  20. DragonBoyHD


    I think it would be great that we (de the members) know when which server will be updated cause OpFactions is the most played server but still isn't updated. So my question what are the dates of all the server releases? Allot of guys want to know this so staff please help us and please don't...