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  1. C

    Razer Turbo Click

    Hi I've heard many player use the razer turbo click a feature found in the razer mouse software which makes holding a click act as if you are spamming it, players can get up to 100 cps (confirmed) but this crashes the game. Though lower numbers such as 20 cps on right click aren't kicking...
  2. P


    hacker break aura kill aura safe walk sneak pull back no slow is jebomir1 please ban him forever
  3. S

    Help me: I got scammed!

    Hey guys, today i was playing OP Prison like everyday. My whole boss kit was almost borke because of all the PvP comabts. I asked in the chat who the fix command has and who can fix my kit for free. Then turbocharged10 messaged me. He said he could fix it for free. I gave him with /trade my...
  4. S

    kill619 is accusating me for hacking

    Hey guys! kill169 just accusated me that i would hack in OP Prison. Well i never hacked and will never do it. I think he just cant lose, because i got his OP stuff. Also, i share my cell with CookieBlackTea45 and he can proof that im not hacking.
  5. M

    Hacking Problem

    So i was in a normal bedwars lobby then There was 4 hackers being toxic using Scaffold,Killaura,Reach,Tp And so i left and putted my own hack just incase for hackers But when i found the same person that was hacking (GoldenDevil) HE DID NOT GET A BAN OR KICK and when i used my hack so i can give...
  6. A

    a player using a mod that expands the other player's hitboxes

    hello, I found a player that has a mod that expands the other player's hitboxes, his name is febry, his mod can hit me from walls and he can use it on every game, I only encounter him on the creative server, but he might be playing at the other games too, so plz, can you temban him or permban...
  7. S

    can you please fix the hacking problem going on in bedwars

    Recently theres been players with creative mode hacks going on in bedwars and many people are complaining, including me
  8. jubin

    Hacker hacked my base faction

    Hi admi or moderator, I am a user named jubin on this server for only few days but few years back i was a frequent player and server donator of minecraft. I respect the people in and out of thegame. But after two days of use in this server i created on faction and was cleaning my land. One un...
  9. K

    Reporting Hackers

    Hello staff members of Pika-Network! I have been experiencing a lot of hackers on OP-Factions 1 Some of them are: Protective69, paulgamingroman5, KlolK, andries2002 and Angel316. I also have some of them on a video:
  10. B

    Hacking in creative!

    So i was playing in creative,trolling some people and a guy called DxLOKI called for 1v1 and he had killaura and antiknockback,heres video proof
  11. B

    Possible fix for anti - cheat and stop to the hackers !

    Hello, can the Owners of pika network please improve the anti - cheat systen, ive been playing bedwars and ive run in to soo many hackers that its unbelivable . i would recommend a program that needs to be installed in order to join the server the will check your client and see if said client is...
  12. M

    Prison Hacker

    Hi. Today when i was playing prison, i was mining in wap v and a guy named Gamers_Plays starts flying and noclipping thru the blocks. I hope you guys can ban him and make this server harckers proof
  13. Galactico

    Raiders vs Hackers

    In my frustration at seeing my base destroyed, they could at least have left the spawner blocks alone, I would like to request anybody to write an informative article on what a normal Raider can do within their given powers compared to a cheatin' hacker so I can: — better defend my base against...
  14. JosHMC

    Read This VeggiDay plz

    Good Game STAFF you banned someone for saying kill aura LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Channel Name : ThePvPerJosh / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpCw57OcKEtMrqTrgWyKPcQ Kid's link of me chatting : http://prnt.sc/cnb7zl If you don't believe me ill make a 'VIDEO PROOF' on my channel IGN : JosHMC Who...
  15. IamDeadly

    Kit-PvP Hackers

    Dear Staff team. I recommend putting an Anti-Cheat on the Kit-PvP server. I play a lot on the Kit-PvP server and there are often hackers. They are really annoying, they are making most of the players quit/leave. It would be nice to put an Anti-Cheat on the server to keep the hacking under...
  16. C

    Ban Appeal

    Hi admins my ign is Crusties_Ma_Name, I've played on a server for quite long now, but my friend has recently installed a mod on my computer. i have no idea what it is, just saw some funny codes on the left corner of my screen. Then it turns out to be something like kill aura. i was playing...