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  1. Ravxn

    Bedwars spawn bug

    Hello great developers, I noticed some lag spikes in bedwars either when waiting for the match to start or when spawning each member in the team , it especially happens when in squads . This bug is making 60% + of the lobby to disconnect , the indicators that it will happen is when waiting for...
  2. A

    Bosses Despawn at last moment!

    Someone please fix the bosses. Bosses despawn when they are about 500-1000 hp left . Also previously the bosses didn't even spawn when used eggs and just gone! People are not able to complete their mission because the bosses just don't spawn or they spawn in lvl 55+ mines. Don't ask me to...
  3. Abhishek54

    Spawner doesnt work, or what???

    I am really frustrated. I placed 70 blaze spawner in my island, but it takes like 5 min to spawn. but when i see others, they got like 32 and it spawns instantly when i warp to there Can you say me what mistake i am making. also does the spinning of blaze inside the spawners determine the speed??
  4. Mehmet410

    Disconnecting mid-game to save winstreak.

    Yesterday, me and my team played an hour of triples, and during this session, we encoutered a team of sweats, one of whom was awks, who is now on the weekly and lifetime pika bedwars leaderboard for highest winstreak. We rushed them and were killed, they rushed us and met the same fate, and once...
  5. _Xx_Yoshi_xX_

    I got stuck in a Bedwars game for no REASON! Plz fix this bug

    Hello today i played bedwars and i got stuck in a game... For proof i have a video: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfJw4gS3-JI
  6. he1nel

    Cannot pickup items in ClassicSkyBlock

    I dont know what happened but i was grinding mobcoins and then when i tried to pickup my heads i couldnt pick them up... It happens with every item in the game. How can I fix this?
  7. M

    Bug Report - Drug Dealer

    Hi everyone The Drug Dealer at spawn doesn't respond to players anymore. Right clicking on him doesn't do anything and we can't buy seeds or sell drugs anymore. It's been like this for two days and I think it happened after the last server restart for bug fixing. Thank you
  8. comododraw

    pikanetwork doesn't give me my mystery boxes

    so recently i encountered a bug that made it so i can no longer claim mystery boxes not from the monthly package nor the quests . this is very upsetting . i hope they manage to fix it soon as many other players have the same problem
  9. Milkeewayy_

    Pistons Not Working Properly

    Hey, i wonder why my pistons are not working properly. I was testing a small sugarcane and bamboo farm. When they reached the oberservers the pistons made sounds but not pushing, when there isnt any sugarcane the piston works fine. Is afk farm not allowed? But if its not allowed why do i see so...
  10. S

    Lost my pickaxe due to a bug

    I had a diamond pickaxe with boomerang 100 and token greed 1500. It disappeared from my inventory when I logged out. I heard it's a known bug that when you put an item in the 9th slot of the Hotbar, it disappears from the inventory. I assume this is what caused the disappearance of the pickaxe...
  11. T

    Wheat Bug

    Please ive found a very irrotating bug that even caused me to lose like 5 games, and even kicked me twice and said client mod...Anyway the bug is that on the map Japan, the wheat is bugy, and i mean really buggy, when i jumped on it it bugged me and started to return me to previous place, i even...
  12. Chinam09

    There are water bugs in Survival

    When i was offline, i didn't know one of my members are using water buckets Heres some screenshots
  13. SilkTouchV2


    Sooo I have a lot of glitches. Glitches that concern other players and me too. 1: when you tp to a location you always or at least most of the time get some damage, a way to avoid dying is eating a grapple but it is a glitch that worries me. 2: too much lag, in warp FPS I died to person just...
  14. QoRamtin


    ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Breaking-News guys i know Admins restarted creative for illagel items and another thing but i found someone sold Command_Block ! ! ! " andretodie " sold command_ block to players and i went his plot and said u will got banned but...
  15. Andisa

    [Bug] OPSkyBlock OnTime Problem

    Hello members and staffs, I'm here to report the bug I found. I'm pissed off of this bug because it's slowing down my AutoRank. I should be L4 but I'm still @ L3, so it's on time bugged. Here some proof: the time that appears when I do /ar check the time that appears when I do /ar time and...
  16. F

    Bugs:Rankup not working

    hi guys just recently when I tried to rankup from prestige f to prestige g it said in chat I had ranked up but when I saw it said current rank pres f, next rank prestige g and when I type in chat it says I am pres f plz help it takes my money when I rank-up but technically doesn't rankup. Please...
  17. ShirShir

    Prison Bugs Fix Please

    Hi I just wanted to alert the mod's/admin's/creators of the server that in the prison server the water is bugged on the /warp free. Also I wanted to ask why there is not any /warp nether yet atleast for Free ranks and the tpa function for the people that play with friends. That is all Bye :D
  18. M

    OPskyblock List of bugs

    Okay, I tried to put together a list of bugs that people know about, there isnt much, but I hope other players will add to this: 1- Rank up issue "Votes not registering" = (Already known by staff, will be fixed soon) 2- Vote crate not giving correct rewards =example (http://imgur.com/a/EyO86)...
  19. MrBOt

    Skyblock Bugs

    -=Post your bug experiences=- My Experience I entered the Classic Skyblock server only to be dead and have 1 Votekey in my invetory. I lost everything good to me, especially my god pick. I also lost a ton of items.
  20. RaVo

    WARNING:bank system

    Dont use enchanted items in the bank system. It bugged out for me and I lost all enchants:(!!!