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  1. TheWackyGuy

    Lost crossover pickaxe

    I used the professor crate that I got from the crossover crate. While using the professor crate I got the crossover pickaxe and 25k tokens, I only got the 25k tokens but not he crossover pickaxe why did this happen? Did i occur due to a bug? Or was this how it was supposed to be and I didn't...
  2. T

    Bug Abuse

    So many players abuse this bug in warp end, so fix this asap. And btw here is a photo of KinderKiller doing it. https://prnt.sc/Z3w4-9641xwX
  3. B

    Why can't i use Imortal scroll

    So i just bought a stack of scrolls but i can't seem to use them. I tried them on everything but it just didn't work. Is this a bug?
  4. B

    I can't craft netherite in survival

    I tried crafting netherite and it doesnt work. Idk why
  5. K


    The pointed dripstones are not working properly on survival for both lava and water, they are not dripping at all
  6. Bouza737

    how use desert prowler set 1.05x money

  7. WakiSnake

    Block Bugs in Bedwars

    So I was playing on 4v4v4v4 Bedwars game, when me and some of my friends discovered something, I don't know if It's a glitch or bug, just watch the video below you'll understand! Note: It ban the player for one hour. The video: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWoYXIjUfmg
  8. R

    Spawner Ranking

    Upon attempting to get rank 3 of the spawner system, the quest item (Wolf Head) can't be right clicked or it doesn't count in Head storage. I have noticed that the wolf head does not even appear in the head storage area at all. Players can't store the wolf heads or even rank up and buy new...
  9. qxpt

    About the banwave

    Hey I'm max or qxpt And Ive been playing on pikanetwork for about 2 years now and after this ban wave I think some pepole took it too far I don't have any problem being banned if my stats stays the same but please understand that all the pepole that "abused the glitch" have been working...
  10. MPlugins

    Did not receive hacker kill messages

    Hey, I just got some crates with /maildelivery and opened one of them. It said I got "hacker killmessages", however when I execute /killmessages to change them, it says I do not own "hacker kill messages" My IGN is: MPlugins Proof (from 1:29) View: https://youtu.be/nKmEkkojjIY
  11. V

    !FIXED! Can't resolve Hostname Error

    Dear Pika Player I suffered from this error for 3+ Months, staff sometimes can't help us because the ERROR is not well-known. The actual Error is coming from our DNS! Staff will tell you It's from your client, IT'S NOT! However, here is the SOLUTION! Firstly open your WINDOWS-->SETTINGS...
  12. T

    Gems bug

    So I used, a gem item to add gems to my account and I had Leg hedgehog on and it bugged my gems I went to claim like 5 or 10 gems claimed it and now I have -700k gems. Dont know how to fix lel.
  13. R

    Lost Stuff Spawn Bug OPP

    Hi. I lost all my stuff because of a spawn bug in OPPrison, I spawned in and everything was just sky (so falling down). I lost my p1 pickaxe with kf 4 and all P1 max enchants except for beacon finder which was lvl 900 something. also 2 epic keys, 5 rankup keys, 1 amethyst suit, 1 ruby suit, 1...
  14. E

    Gravestones not working.

    I had a +1 gravestone I got from a vote crate. I redeemed it and a few play hours later I died. I went back to the coordinates the system gave me but I when I got there my gravestone was nowhere to be found. Messaged the assistance thread on the pika discord server and another person...
  15. W

    Inmates bug

    Hi! <3 I collected from inmates jades because i didn't notice that I can't use them gems. It doesn't have a description and can't store them. Maybe can I change them to working ones?
  16. S

    Skin problem

    I have premium account, i can see friends skins, but i cant see mine. Is there any solution?
  17. 3

    I am trying to upgrade my minion.

    I am trying to upgrade my minion but it says I dont have enough tournaline, is it tournaline blocks?
  18. A

    /ah bug

    Hello I'm sorry if this is posted in wrong section. There is a bug with auction system in classic skyblock. The problem is if you put more items on auction using middle option when selling(put item up for stock), to put items in stock, when wanting to return back to inventory you will only get...
  19. S

    I fixed a major bug

    I Reported a bug it got accepted by lead developer.. this bug was Very game breaking.. so I think can I get my tag?? I want it in op prison Majorily
  20. H

    OP Prison PV glitch

    I am huhuhihihuhuhihi and I wanted to transfer some items on my alt (XHyder_) and my wifi crashed while I was in /pv and now I lost all my items (every type of mine suit, 1 boss kit voucher, 13 boss swords about 60 e gapps,3 elf sets, p2 almost maxed pickaxe, 3 boss set armors) please do...