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  1. S

    I fixed a major bug

    I Reported a bug it got accepted by lead developer.. this bug was Very game breaking.. so I think can I get my tag?? I want it in op prison Majorily
  2. H

    OP Prison PV glitch

    I am huhuhihihuhuhihi and I wanted to transfer some items on my alt (XHyder_) and my wifi crashed while I was in /pv and now I lost all my items (every type of mine suit, 1 boss kit voucher, 13 boss swords about 60 e gapps,3 elf sets, p2 almost maxed pickaxe, 3 boss set armors) please do...
  3. A


    So .... Whenever you do /sellhead , you do not get opponent money buy you get 10% of your own balance. For example I have 10k in my bal , I do /sellhead on a skull , I get 1000 and the popup says ASSASSINX__ stole $1000 from your balance. You Stole $1000 from ASSASSINX__. IN...
  4. Tonny1312

    Spawn Block glitch after death [BUG]

    So after u die in kit pvp u rarely get glitched in block and get kicked afterwards Pls fix this
  5. S

    Voting crate keys

    I voted on all the links successfully and when I got to the mc account I got no keys. There was a message in chat saying "SpaceDenis voted and received x1 voting crate key" but I got nothing in my inventory (not full) and maildelivery/gift. I have no idea why and I hope that pika will solve...
  6. L

    I lost an epic full set due to a bug/ping spike?

    Hello today i lost an epic full set due to a bug. I got it clipped. It disappeared from my inventory. (OpFaction) My nick is: LucasEsCool View: https://youtu.be/UuNXi1rRMBM (Minute 1:40)
  7. T

    Level 11 Doesn't work!

    I sold around 1000 mangos, and 64x2 shugar cane and it still says 0/50! Please fix level 11. Thanks
  8. SUVVV

    Help - I'm stuck in resource world

    I teleported to resource world to get some stuff, and now I can't move. Also, for some reason all my items are changed to something I was wearing yesterday. My inventory is also of what I had yesterday. This is concerning because I was wearing my brand new diamond / netherite stuff when I went...
  9. A

    Pvp-Mine "bug"

    Well i new in the server and i needed to get the beacons to prestige but when i go to the pvp-mine it just say that i don't have permission is this a bug or i need something in my pickaxe?

    OP Skyblock Bug

    there is this 1 problem i am having all the time whenever i vote it dosent regester few weeks ago if i voted 6 times i'd get 4 vote keys and not 6 and now its decreased to 3 vote keys instead of 6 plss fix this its really not helping at all these are the links that dont regester my vote 1}...
  11. A

    Explosive Bow is not working.

    The explosive bow which we get from Rumble Boxes doesn't make explosion but works like a normal how., I have experienced it twice. Please Fix That
  12. S

    Unique, Godly Freedom Crates gone

    Unique Godly and Freedom Crates were gone this morning. This might be bug Heres the photo: https://www.linkpicture.com/q/crates.png
  13. wafflemangos

    void cells

    alright so sometimes when i tp to some cells sometimes my own i fall into the void losing valuable stuff so i have to sprint to the keys to do /spawn or/mine etc to evade falling into the void this has happened before can you make it so you fix this bug or atleast so you dont lose items when you...
  14. L

    Sand Stone

    So Sand Stone Was glitched for over 2 months. Now its "fixed" . Or is it? Devs made a typo in the description of the Sand Stone that Mobs dropp and now it doesnt accept it for player lvl . ( At the end it says "Shiny" for the sandstone from crate and "Shiny f" for the Mob dropp ). We are begging...
  15. S

    Cobblestone generator stopping tasks

    I've built a cobblestone generator with pistons and an observer but every few seconds the observer stops working. The only solution I found was to place blocks before it until it works but it's annoying. I had the same problem before with a generator using a clock. Is there a way to make it work...
  16. S

    No bed only a sign !!

    Because of this bug we lost !
  17. he1nel

    Cannot pickup items in ClassicSkyBlock

    I dont know what happened but i was grinding mobcoins and then when i tried to pickup my heads i couldnt pick them up... It happens with every item in the game. How can I fix this?
  18. V

    Keep getting "Timed Out"

    I keep getting kicked for "Timed Out" while playing bedwars. the game first freezes, players stop moving, time freezes, and then after a minute I get kicked for "Timed Out". I've tried reinstalling Minecraft and restarting my router, I still keep having the same issue. what can I possibly do...
  19. T

    Bedwars suggestions

    Instead of the bedwars sidebar in doubles and solo being like this, where the tick or "X" is the same colour as the team colour, which is confusing to read quickly, make it so that the "X" is always Red or Black and the Tick is always green Like this- This is so much easier to understand...
  20. Arnaud_fbr

    Please fix ladders in bedwars

    I've been playing on pika as my main server for now pretty much 2 years (maybe less) and i'm kind of a bedwars sweat. In fact i use ladders a lot (a lot lot lot) and sometimes, when you try to ladderclutch from big heights, you successfully land on the ladder that you just placed, dont take fall...