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  1. K

    Setup for tp kill

    The guy named syedishaq said he was selling netherite in global chat I tp to him and he destroys a block under me and i fall like 50 blocks on a stalgmite to death,is that alowed here ? My in-game name is adssadsdada Here is a picture of other people complaining too
  2. L

    Server lag

    I dont know why but the server has been really laggy these days so i just wanna know is the server gonna be this laggy for how long or i am gonna quit the server becase of lag
  3. T

    Dear mods and admins

    I dont know what you did with the mystery box but suddenly there are better rewards and non-repetivite stuff comin up !! This is just to appreciate your work on this issue and my support for the team We would love to have more content like this more cosmetics better rewards ==...
  4. T

    Glitched In Glass and got banned for client modification.

    Please could you remove my temporary ban because I got glitched in my netherwart farm inside my glass pane and I got kicked 2 times and then temporary banned for client modification I do not know why this happened. I was also ready to donate for a mythic rank...
  5. V

    Ban for nothing

    Hello my brother get temporaly ban for no reason. In this screen writing ,if you didnt cheat write in pika-network.net/forum. My brother in game name is girius. Thanks for help
  6. 9


    Im so hyped up about the new reset of bedwars, I decided to share something when I found out about it View: https://youtu.be/laTgBbi8iu8
  7. K


    im playing bedwars with my friends, and im getting banned second time on different acounts for cheating, when i dont even cheat. please solve this problem its so annoying. Thank you
  8. S

    admins r u dumb

    ok wtf i got banned 4 times becouse of hacking what are you guys up to all i do is 9cps i can record and send my gameplay and ban if u dont believe
  9. E

    Glitched Crates/Bundles

    So, yesterday i got pretty lucky, got some keys and got Shooter Special And Booster Special, but as i've experienced before, some are bugged, when i open them, nothing happens. So i'm interested, if any admin could help and get it to me, trade the crate for the set or something like that...
  10. G

    Admins Hacking for: DutchminerHD

    Dutch, if you are reading this or any other staff member, i want to ask you one question: Why do admins hack and why do you let that happen? I've been playing on pika network for 2 years now and i never saw any admin hacking, but recently I've gotten into bedwars and the first time i saw an...
  11. SmashArmsHD

    SmashArmsHD - Resignation Thread

    Hello Community, I guess this is it, this is where my "career" as a staff member ends. I like organizing stuff, I liked working for the server as a Moderating staff member, and also as an administrator, School is starting for me, I do not have much spare time left to come online, I have tried...
  12. S

    Slendy Baned me for no reason!

    Slendy, I was not hacking! I was Recording for youtube and you have been baned me in the middle of the recording!! If you will not unban me i will post your face and the title of the video will be: "The admin Slendy banned me while i was mining without any reason!!!" Here is my link to the...
  13. B

    **More Anti-Hacker Tools or Admins**

    This is a MUST in EggWars. I am more than sure that everyone, EVERYONE, has had a fair amount of hackers betting the utter sh*t out of us. With no help whatsoever from any Admins, i suggest put one or two admins in the lookout for those pesky hackers. Or if not, use Anti-Hackers tool, to remove...