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What has opprison and prison become ?

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Pika Lover
Jan 13, 2017
Prison used to be a functional server with ranks and commands and Opprison was an alternative before it became the Only prison gamemode now that is playable by new players and other's, it genuinely used to be great in the past for me as an Opprison player, i really missed the /auc feature as it was the only fun thing we had when you reached Rank FREE and done everything you could think of other than chatting with your friends or paying a Rank A player money and regretting it after they beg for more, but that's all there is to it.

I miss the fact you could buy rank in the gamemodes itself, instead of waiting for a random donator to come online and buy it from him ( And now that the opshops are currompted in opprison, no point using it as a way to buy donor gear from people nor anything at all for that matter ), every command that i and other's used to enjoy in Opprison is gone and the gamemode itself just becomes boring the moment you reach RANK Free and you end up leaving after you discover everything that Rank free has to offer.

Don't get me wrong, prison is in a worst state than Opprison right now, as someone bugged the reset mine system entirely causing it to have empty mines, aswell as a few other bugs that I've seen but not sure if i can confirm them when i joined it for a while, but they both in need of a serious fix, especially Prison, as for Opprison it just needs something new like a command or something to keep us busy with it considering it's still playable, but just more difficult and less fun after the shop got currompted and a few commands that were useful/fun that got removed that aren't there anymore ( /buy, /auc, /skin, ect ).
we genuinely are desperate for anything new in Opprison and people that play's prison really want a fix to their issue and a reason to continue playing it.

I know only the owners can reset the gamemodes, and fix our issue that we're dealing with, but in all honesty as a long time player, I've just given up on hope and many other's did from hoping to get a reset to our most played gamemode Opprison, aswell as prison, me and other's been waiting for a long time and i mean years for a reset, but never had one, and right now I'm just doubting if Opprison and prison is even a gamemode for them at this point...
Not open for further replies.