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  1. M

    When is The Reset for Opprison?

    when is the reset for the Opprison server?
  2. Kingpvp_Killer

    lost all achievements, money, tokens, effort, rank and more because of Oppprison reset

    I've been playing at opprison for a long time and I was a bit looking forward to the reset event but it made me very disappointed even extremely angry because of all the hard work, achievements, money, rank and many other things I worked so hard for. I just made it but now it's all gone after...
  3. C

    Harvest Drugs

    I bought "Shroom Seeds" to improve my level and tried to grow it, but I can't grow it no matter what I do.
  4. KindaRiskyRay

    Trading my savings for lucrative items

    Hello everyone, I am trading literally all that I got from saving stuff just for some more expensive or valuable stuff like Unique or Godly Crate Keys (which is impossible to get for me). So what I am giving is --> 2 Gangster, 2 Criminal and 4 Smuggler Armor + 10 Hours of AutoMiner + 2 Criminal...
  5. Ninja_Pvper


    Selling perm criminal rank in op prison for gkit voucher :> i need gkit!
  6. itsdruglovexx

    Hitman Permanent Voucher

    I am trading my Permanent Hitman Rank Voucher on OpPrison for 25-30 euro pika giftcard. Reply to this thread if your interested or send me a DM on my discord: bby we could glo#1738
  7. sohamboi

    150,000 op prison tokens for pika gift card

    i am trading 150,000 op prison tokens for pika gift card i am legit(lvl 52 )
  8. JayydK

    Private mines

    Can you keep a private mine after reset? It doesn’t say anywhere that I can’t. And if it does where does it say it?
  9. Sapperdeflap

    Hello everyone!

    Hallo guys, I was just wondering how everyone is doing. and how the server is doing :D. It has been a long time ago (almost 4 years lol) that I've played this awesome server, just saying I was in love with OPprison and Prison. So yeah, I was just wondering if someone of the old og oprison boys...
  10. _Meoweasy_

    What has opprison and prison become ?

    Prison used to be a functional server with ranks and commands and Opprison was an alternative before it became the Only prison gamemode now that is playable by new players and other's, it genuinely used to be great in the past for me as an Opprison player, i really missed the /auc feature as it...