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Stop abandoning Classic Skyblock!!

Does Classic Skyblock Need Resetting?

  • YES

  • NO

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Great Reporter
Mar 31, 2020
I totally have to agree with everything mentioned above.

Honorable mention :


Pika Member
May 3, 2022
This is becoming a bit of a joke now.

Classic Skyblock has been due a reset for a stupid amount of time and i can happily say 100+ people would agree with me.
The staff has abandoned the server.
Problems stopped getting fixed around 6 months ago and the server has gone downhill ever since,

Let me list all the problems from the top of my head:

  • A certain amount of heads can NOT be claimed.
Therefore /rankup is useless and has been useless for the last 6 months. new players can not progress.
  • Fishing rods no longer work.
This means you can NOT get passed a level in /levels, and again, new players can NOT progress.
  • /Chatcolor is broken
When you select a color, the chat color remains WHITE. Even unranked type WHITE instead of grey.
  • Island border glitches and shrinks.
This happens when the owner of the island doesnt come online after the server has been rebooted. Therefore island members can NOT access a huge part of the island untill the island owner logs on.
  • Shop signs are broken
Once you create a shop sign, all is well and the shop works perfectly. Untill the server reboots. After the reboot, All signs are no longer interactive and has to be broken and replaced for it to work again. This has to be done after EVERY reboot. Now, it doesnt seem to bad if you only have a small shop. But... If you own a huge shop, you will find yourself replacing 50+ signs every 24 hours after the reboot.
  • Anyone can access chests once co-oped
This problem has not been fixed since the very begining of the current reset. Regardless of changing perms no not allowed, people can STILL access chests once cooped.
  • Warden drops are NOT picked up by Mobchests
Again, This has been a problem since the very begining of the current reset. Warden drops hold the most value in the game, yet can not be picked up in mob drop chests. This update was suppose to be huge as the warden would have taken the vilagers place as last season, vilagers held the most value in mobdrops.
  • Mob eggs containers do nothing
When trying to claim a Mob eggs container, The container disapears from the inventory yet no items are recived.
  • Auction house (/ah) turns expired stacked items into ONE item
For exalmple, If a stack of 64 Diamonds were for sale on /ah, If they have NOT sold, They will go into /ah expired. However, in /ah expired, there will only be ONE Diamond instead of the 64 originaly. You can imagine the amount of money lost by this glitch.
  • Fake stacks of mobs remain after reboot
After the server reboots, All mob stacks will remain as X9999 however, its actualy just one mob. This makes the island very messy after reboots. Not an important bug, but an annoying one for sure.
  • /island ban resets after reboot.
Once the server reboots, anyone previously banned from your island, is now unbanned.
  • Leaderboards in /spawn are broken.
In /spawn, the leaderboard section is all blank with no stats whatsoever.
  • We were promised some things for the season that never happened.
We were told in the update notes, that we would be able to "upgrade" spawners. We were also told in the update notes that we would Advertisement Gems, where you could advertise your playershop. Neither of these features ever got implemented.

Before you suggest it, No, i will not make a "bug report" as most of these bugs and problems have ALREADY been posted, multiple times by multiple people. Its clear to see that the staff turns a blind eye to these as the mob heads has been reported numerious times over the last 6+ months.

This is just a few exalmples off the top of my head. Majority of these problems has been a thing from the very start of the season.
The server is way overdue a RESET and a needs a good UPDATE with ALL the above bugs fixed.

Classic skyblock is currently being left to rot.
Word on the grapevine is that staff have been saying that classic skyblock does NOT need updating and resetting.

I think i speak for ALL of the players in Classic Skyblock in that we DO need a reset. Almost ALL of the "main" players of Classic skyblock quit MONTHS ago as they all have gotten bored. Once all /level and /rankup has been compleated, theres only so much fun you can have untill it starts getting repetative and boring.
I have also seen so many NEW players leave and quit after finding out they have spent the last couple of hours killing mobs, just to be told /rankup is
impossible due to multiple types of heads not being able to be claimed.

NO server should wait this long for an update, especially with the amount of bugs and problems it has. Its been almost 16 months since the last reset!

This server could be so much better if the staff would just put a little bit of focus into it.
Please, stop letting Classic Skyblock rot in the ground and give it some attention and TLC.

Please give us the reset and update we deserve.

Thank you for listening.

(Players of Classic skyblock, vote on the poll to show how you feel!)
yes this is exactly right


New Member
Jan 16, 2023
bring a reset please most of the people are quitting pika netowrk due the fact that csb is not getting reset so please bring a reset


Pika Member
Sep 28, 2021
I totally agree, the Classic Skyblock has a lot of potential. Maybe a lot of players who quit will come back, today it has no content and very dry so only a few people play it. please update it


Feb 13, 2022
I totally agree with DannyDee the Classic skyblock is no more fun bec of uncountable bugs and it need a reset to become the best game mode like before for hundreds of players.
Staff please solve the issues.
Thanks DannyDee for posting comment from our side 🙂🙂