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classic skyblock

  1. itsdruglovexx

    12 Amazona Loot Crates Classic Skyblock

    Here's the video, enjoy. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52j4Y1x3e7c&ab_channel=itsdruglove420
  2. Diamond_Gamerzz

    I am Selling a SkyGod Rank in Classic Skyblock for Cheap Pika Giftcard

    I am selling a Permanent SkyGod Rank in Classic Skyblock for Pika GC. To trade with me there are a few requirements: --> Should dm me in discord for the trade. --> Should be OK with having a pika staff as middleman. --> Should not scam. https://prnt.sc/BhK0PXIfcB3j Dm me in discord for more...
  3. O

    Tools pickaxe bugged

    I was on my island trying to mine with the Tools pickaxe (Efficiency 7) and with the Haste II effect from my beacon. But it bugged and I could not break the blocks. This is the video file: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1Q66RAnfCPpH0Cyd3706hJ9tN8yeDjcVV
  4. Yoru3000

    rank in classic skyblock for any stuff

    any rank voucher in classic skyblock for any items in other games no scammers

    AFK rules

    I've looked in the rules and csb guide for afk rules and haven't found any for AFKing. What are the rules with AFK if there are any? Like is afk mining allowed and if not it should be because you're working on your own island and not just taking up space like those using afk machines and pools.
  6. O


    I was just wondering if there is a reset planned anything soon. Many players are starting to quit because this current server is getting boring. Skyblock is the most interesting when it first begins, so I was wondering if a reset is coming anytime soon.
  7. D

    Introducing myself

    Hey everyone , My name is DiggaD I am not new to pika I am infact a old player here who has come back. Since my return I have seen pika has really improved plugins wise and has become like high tier servers but has dropped in player count but is continuously growing. I Enjoy playing with the...
  8. M

    I bought RankUpgrade but i've mistaken the name

    Hello!! Today I decided to buy Rank upgrade on skyblock - SkyLegend to SkyGod. But I have mistaken the nickname. Can I get the rank on my account ? -MrStrongest

    Donator Kits. What we paid for and want vs what we're actually getting

    Hi so I was on here two years ago and purchased a SkyPaladin rank which is now SkyLegend and two years ago I was able to use both my kits once every 24 hours. Why was this changed to only once for the kit with keys and ore blocks and once every two days for the regular kit with the armor and...

    Suggestions/Bugs for Classic Skyblock

    Hello Skyblockers, So as many of you know, Classic Skyblock is getting updated and I'll be taking all of any suggestions/bugs and send them directly to Yoeri,who is responsible for updating Classic Skyblock. However,I'm not going to forward any suggestions or bugs unless they are on this...
  11. _SpookyGhost_

    For Your SkyBlock Island Safety

    Guys Previously I Been Hacked On pika classic skyblock,these hackers us a skyblock exploit (adn something else) that dont have patched yet on the server and when they tpa to your island they somehow steal your account change passoword etc so... FOR YOUR SKYBLOCK ISLAND SAFETY THERE ARE 3 STEPS...
  12. EpicMaster1

    Tp Killer.

    Some dude desired to tp me into the PvP arena and kill. It was an unfair advantage as i had to load in chucks and i had no idea what was going on. Heres a link to the footage i captured (first few mins) : Also if you want proof he asked me to tp to him in the beggining seconds in the chat...
  13. MrRavagen

    Just asking about &Ok

    Is this anymore a thing and can we use this on Classic SkyBlock or anywere else? I'm a SkyPaladin so if we have it, Idk how. So what I've found was &Ok should have been different colored text each word on a sentence like example: "1234567890" Did this get removed or is there some kind of new...
  14. MrRavagen

    Server reset?

    When are we getting a server restart or server rollback? Much appreciated if you just let us Super Hardcore gamers know when can we actually play on Classic SkyBlock. I'm pretty much just wanthing to build, explore nether, chat with people and help people. Let me know what time, which day &...
  15. MrRavagen

    MrRavagen is here

    This post is now here! MrRavagen, "Playing only Classic Skyblock & going to apply for staff" Mr stands for that I am a man. (single though) Any questions can be answered, but the most important thing is that I love anime! I love Gaming, Anime & Music :heart: Current status on Classic Skyblock...
  16. ABZ_12

    Farewell my fellow Pika Players...

    ABZ_12: Since I got permanent banned because of my brother "DiamondBeast_" who advertised. I will not be able to play again till I got unban. It would be nice if I can thank you for all the experience I had from this server. I want to say thank you to tolo(TooPlays), thepoisonivvy and Tyranny...

    Easter Egg Event!

    Hello Skyblockers, So I haven't seen any big drop parties or events at Classic Skyblock for a while;therefore, @Thepoisonivyy and I ( MECHAME ) will be hosting a big Easter Egg event with too much fun,minigames,and rewards. ======================================= So the games that we have...
  18. LtDeluxe

    [Suggestion] TBNRCesar /wwarp

    -Server: Classic Skyblock. -Suggestion: /wwarp should be back and /is lock and etc. should be back. -Reason: /wwarp is very important cause we want players enjoy our island and show them how creative we are in this game and /is lock is important too because /is expel is to hard and complicated...