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Helpful OP Prison Guide

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Nov 9, 2020
OP Prison Guide

OP Prison
is a game mode on PikaNetwork where your goal is to mine resources in order to make money or tokens and use it to rank up or purchase something on the server. Let's give you a tour and some commands that can be used in this game mode.
Various commands can help you enhance your Prison experience. Most (if not all) of them are listed below:


Utility and communication commands
Basic commands are available to everyone.
  • /kit - Opens a menu for you to select the kit you want to use
  • /spawn - Teleports you to spawn
  • /warp pvp - Teleports you to pvp zone/pvp mine
  • /minesuits - Open a minesuits menu
  • /gemstorage - View your storage and how many gems are stored
  • /caveshop - Caveshop is place where you can spend your Shiny Diamonds
  • /gems - Show the amount of gems you have
  • /pv <number> - Opens your player vault menu
  • /mine - Teleports you to mine A
  • /mines - Open a mine menu from rank A to Z
  • /help - It will show various commands that are useful to the player such as tokens/token shop, auto miner, gangs, backpacks, and cells
  • /trash - Opens a menu for you to permanently and irreversibly destroy your (useless) items
  • /tps - This shows you the server's TPS (lower TPS = more lag)
  • /realname - Show the real name of the player (If player is nicked)
  • /warps - This will open a GUI where you can choose warps to travel
  • /etshop - Purchase pets or upgrade your pickaxe, and token/item backpacks using your tokens
  • /autominer - This lets you receive tokens or money by AFKing on the server. It depends on the auto miner time you have or what you have received from the crates
  • /level - Check your current level as well as next level's requirement(s) and reward(s)
  • /playtime - Check your playtime
  • /goldshop - Check gold shop
Cell commands
  • /cell - This is where you can personally build your base or anything you like as long as it doesn't break the rules of our server
  • /c create - Command to create a cell
  • /c add - To add members to your cell
  • /c upgrades - Gain more cell capacity or upgrade your cell
Economy and transactions
One of the most important aspects of OP Prison - economy.
  • /shop - Opens a virtual shop for you to buy and sell items
  • /ah - Opens the auction house menu
  • /ah help - Displays all the auction house commands
  • /pay <name> <amount of money> - Send other players money
  • /withdrawmoney <amount of money> - Withdraw money into a banknote
  • /tokens withdraw <amount of tokens> - Withdraw tokens into Token Cheque
  • /balance - Get the amount of money you have
  • /gift <player> - Gift player item(s)
  • /trade <player> - Opens a trade menu with another player
  • /maildelivery - Claim gifts sent from other players
  • /boosters - Check or active booster(s)
  • /baltop [page] - Get a list of players with the most money
  • /paylogs - Check your pay logs
Gambling commands
Commands made to test your luck.
  • /coinflip - Opens a coinflip menu
  • /coinflip help - Displays all the coinflip commands
  • /expflip - Opens an expflip menu
  • /expflip help - Displays all the expflip commands
As you may know, on OP Prison your goal is to become the richest and maybe even win the gang top that gives you good rewards for hard work. If you want to be at the gang top, you may start looking for new friends and create your own gang. About Gangs. Create your own Gangs in order to dominate the Prison competition. This will highly increase your level of respect for the Prison community by really showing who is the true Boss.

Gang commands
  • /g create <name> - Create a new gang
  • /g disband - Disband your gang
  • /g join <gang> - Join a gang
  • /g leave - Leave your gang
  • /g invite <player> - Invite players to the gang
  • /g kick <player> - Kick a player from your gang
  • /g promote <player> - Promote a player in your gang
  • /g demote <player> - Demote a player from your gang
  • /g setleader <player> - Promote a new gang leader
  • /g show [gang/player] - Displays gang information
  • /g tag <name> - Set the gang tag
  • /g desc <description> - Set the gang description
  • /g perm - Manage gang permissions
  • /g settings - Manage gang settings
  • /g members - View the gang member list
  • /g bank - Open the gang bank
  • /g mute <player> -Mute a player from your gang
  • /g mutelist - List All mutes in your gang
  • /g mute <player> - Unmute a player from your gang
Commands available to ranked players
Commands available to players who purchase a rank from the store.

  • /workbench - Smuggler+ - Opens crafting table GUI
  • /nightvision - Smuggler+ - Able to see in the dark
  • /hat - Smuggler+ - Let's you put any item you want on your head
  • /warp smuggler - Smuggler+ - Teleports you to Mine Smuggler
  • /warp criminal - Criminal+ - Teleports you to Mine Criminal
  • /warp gangster - Gangster+ -Teleports you to Mine Gangster
  • /warp hitman - Hitman+ - Teleports you to Mine Hitman
  • /warp captain - Captain+ - Teleports you to Mine Captain
  • /warp boss - Boss+ - Teleports you to Mine Boss
  • /feed - Criminal+ - Restores your hunger
  • /heal - Gangster+ - Restores your health
  • /fix hand - Gangster+ - Let's you fix an item in your hand
  • /nick - <nick/off> Hitman+ - Let's you change your nickname
  • /fly - Captain+ - Allows you to fly
  • /invsee - Captain+ - Check Inventory of other players
Basic strategy, some of the best minesuit sets

Some of the best strategies for playing OP Prison are: If you are going for gang top at the start of the season you may focus on upgrading and leveling up your pickaxe. After you complete that you can start upgrading your backpacks. Some of the best mine suits are Amber and Jade sets. Amber set It's not hard to get it and can be purchased from players for around 150-300k tokens. Jade set is giving you a huge boost which helps you to max your pickaxe and your backpacks.

About Pets

While mining using Pets is a great boost for your tokens and money! Each pet has its own unique ability. The higher the pet tier the better the abilities! Earn pets from crates or purchase them on Saturdays from the /zookeeper. The best pet for tokens is Tarantula Pet. If you are looking for money best pet that you can use for it is Monkey Pet. Note: Legendary Pets are the best. However, it's not easy to get them since you have to pay a lot of tokens.


When you mine, there is a chance you will find Pokeballs that can be found while mining and contains rewards that you would need throughout your prison journey. (/pokeballs)

Player levels

Player Levels can show off your Prison skills while earning some great Rewards alongside with it. The higher your level, the better the rewards.
Upgrade to the Premium Level Pass for even more rewards. (/playerlevel)


Orbs are powerful items that can be applied to your pickaxe. You can find orbs inside Pokeballs. Shift-left clicks to use your pickaxe orbs ability.

Mail Deliveries

The Mail Deliveries is an easier way to receive stuff from players or even give stuff to the players when he is offline. Mail Deliveries are little packages with items that you can send and receive. You can send packages using /maildelivery <player>. To view your received packages type /maildelivery.

What are beacons?

Beacons are a virtual currency that is required in order to /prestige. Beacons can be found in the PvP Mine and in Private Mines. Without them, you will not be able to prestige.

Diamond Dunes

The Diamond Dunes is a mine inside the PvP Arena. This mine is filled with Shiny Diamonds. Trade these Diamonds with Diamond Dean. The cave opens every 4 hours. (/caveshop) Shiny Diamonds can be used to enchant your pickaxe, some good enchants are Magnificent | Felicity and Hoarder.

What is a Quest?

A Quest is a task that you have to complete in a specific time. These Quest Vouchers can be purchased from the Quest Master. Every day the Quest Master will have different vouchers for sale. (/questmaster)

What is the Gold shop?

Pika Gold is our in-game currency that you can purchase at the store. Use our gold to purchase Ranks, Keys, Gkits Tags, and more. Open the shop using /goldshop.

Auction House

Auction House is like a market. You can sell anything you want there for money and tokens so if some player is interested he will buy your item. Sell items to players even when you are offline. Put the item you are holding on the Auction House using /ah sell <price> and select currencies.

Private Mines

Private Mines are a great option to earn more tokens, money, and beacons. Having trouble finding a place to mine in peace? Buy a Private Mine and use it for yourself or open it up to the public to cash in some Taxes of your mine. (/pmine)


Backpacks are very important if you wanna increase your sell capacity. Backpacks expand the limits of your storage with the clicks of your mouse. Backpacks are present in two variations: Item Backpack (hold items) and Key Backpack (Stores Keys). Both of these Backpacks can be upgraded to limits never imagined before! (/backpackshop)

About Tokens

Tokens are at the start since you have to upgrade your pickaxe, backpack, key backpack, pets, and more. Use your Tokens in order to purchase Backpacks, Pets, and Enchants that will make your life much easier in Prison. (/tokensshop)

Pickaxe's Custom Enchantments

There are many different types of pickaxe enchants to choose from on OP Prison. Every single one of them has a use.
Here is some information about these pickaxe enchantments.

Creates an explosion that will break extra blocks when mining
Maximum Level: 5000

Chance to remove a layer of blocks in the mine while mining
Maximum Level: 5000

Mines the nearby blocks of the same type of block you break
Maximum Level: 5000

Get extra drops while mining blocks
Maximum Level: 2000

Breaks blocks at a faster rate
Maximum Level: 1800

Gain a haste effect when mining blocks
Maximum Level: 3

Night Vision
Gain a night vision effect when mining blocks
Maximum Level: 1

Gain a jump boost effect when mining blocks
Maximum Level: 3

Gain speed effect when mining blocks
Maximum Level: 5

Token Greed
Chance to find extra tokens when mining
Maximum Level: 1500

Auto Sell
Automatically sells items in the backpack
Maximum Level: 10000

A chance for a lightning strike that destroys blocks
Maximum Level: 100

A chance of a tornado that destroys blocks
Maximum Level: 100

Throw a boomerang that destroys blocks
Maximum Level: 100

Laser (Requires Prestige 2)
A chance to mine out a straight line around you
Maximum Level: 2500

Keyfinder (Can only be obtained through crates)
Get a higher chance to receive keys when mining
Maximum Level: 5

Mine Gem Booster
Better chance of finding mine suit gems
Maximum level: 1000

Beacon Finder
Chance to find Beacons as you mine
Maximum level: 5000

Gem Booster (Requires Prestige 5)
Lower the amount of blocks needed to find a Loot Box
Maximum level: 1000

Replenish (Requires Prestige 5)
Chance to replant your drugs when harvested
Maximum level: 100

Drug Luck (Requires Prestige 3)
Chance to get extra drops when harvesting drugs
Maximum level: 100

Treasure Seeker
Chance to find more treasures while mining
Maximum level: 2500

Drill Hammer
Chance to mine out a cone in front of you
Maximum level: 2500

Boost your tokens. (Currently bugged)
Maximum level: 20

Boost your enchants
Maximum level: 35

Useful for /gemstorage and /minesuits
Maximum level: 5

Ranks & Prestiges

Once you start earning money, you may use it to progress to a new ranking and earn even more money. Once you reach the last ranking which is [Z], you may /prestige and earn a 0.05x multiplier.

Mine suits

Mine suits are sets which can help you while mining in order to get more tokens, money, lucky block drops, extra drugs drops, treasure chest drops, crate reroll and gem boost. These Suits can be crafted from a small simple GUI.

Amber Set:
+25% Money Boost
per set piece. (Requires Pickaxe Level 1)
It cost: 1,500 Amber Gems

Plutonium Set:
+25% Extra Drugs Drops
per set piece. (Requires Pickaxe Level 1)
It cost: 1,500 Plutonium Gems

Topaz Set:
+25% Lucky Block Drops
per set piece. (Requires Pickaxe Level 1)
It cost: 1,500 Topaz Gems

Ruby Set:
+25% Treasure Chest Drops
per set piece. (Requires Pickaxe Level 1)
It cost: 1,900 Ruby Gems

Amethyst Set:
+0.5% Crate Reroll
chance per piece. (Requires Pickaxe Level 1)
It cost: 1,900 Amethyst Gems

Platinum Set:
+25% Gem Boost
per set piece. (Requires Pickaxe Level 25)
It cost: 3,500 Platinum Gems

Jade Set:
+25% Token Boost
per set piece. (Requires Pickaxe Level 100)
It cost: 3,500 Jade Gems

If you have any questions related to OP Prison feel free to contact me on Discord: Alparo_#0586
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