banned for kill aura type A

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Jun 19, 2017
so to start off i have 3 different staff members that 1v1ed me before on practise and they are MmExtreme and oomonster and mrfrenco i think and i think there is another one but i dont remember his username anyways each one of these staff members 1v1ed me before and they know that i am not hacking the last time i 1v1ed a staff member it was mrfrenco last week i think just after i 1v1ed him i went in another match and i was fighting a hacker while i was fighting him i literally just got banned for kill aura by the console i dont even know how that happened you guys can screen share me i have any desk and discord anything you need i have also i dont have any reason to hack on this server i have played for almost 2 or 3 years on this server now and i dont even know how to download a hacked client you can ask each one of the staff members i mentioned at the start of the thread i just hope they remember me my in game is The_Risen and thanks
Not open for further replies.