@ mrfrenco

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    Just me

    MrFrenco is mute me for what because speaking Serbian on chat but he is mute just me no anyelsr just me and he is not for admin he mute me for 7 days just me because I speaking on public where is another people no like I just speak on public all players on survival speak Serbian and he not mute...
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    banned for kill aura type A

    so to start off i have 3 different staff members that 1v1ed me before on practise and they are MmExtreme and oomonster and mrfrenco i think and i think there is another one but i dont remember his username anyways each one of these staff members 1v1ed me before and they know that i am not...
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    Everyone Need /Sell All / Hand Command

    hello guys , i think everyone who play classic skyblock need /sell all / hand command bcus selling items in /shop are very annoying partucilar when u got so many chests to sell , i know /sell command is for donators but all the players need it thanks for reading and get your attention <3!!