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  • Good day. I'm a zozonac on your server. A few days ago, I was always kicked out of the server that threw me out. I am not a hacker. Please return me to the server. This is the second time you get away with me. But I do not know why I'm not a hacker, I'm a pro player. Please return me to the server. Thanks in advance.
    I have ban un classic survival haw i unbab plz répond me
    i jas sum od bitola mozi da mi go resetnis pasvordo :) trcase na noknata
    cpt Check my ban appeal I got baned by the console when i spam my pearl checking our villager grinder if we can get insided so we can fix it then i got banned
    cpt childpro_12 hacker speed kill aura cap te koth

    cpt childpro_12 hacker speed kill aura cap te koth
    hi sir @CPT_ARCHER i got banned for specific hacks and opraze my friend moko153 logget with my acc and hacked because is a hacker
    Hello Sir,

    My name is Abe. I play op skyblock in your server. i have been permanently tp trapped in your server.

    someone wanted me to tpa to him.so, i tpa to him and he trapped me.

    now whenever i go to op skyblock i automatically get back to hub.I cant even use /is to get back to my is.It kicks me before i can type /is

    i hope that you would be kind enough to help me

    so, i can play in your server.
    Contact one of the staff members in discord so they can reply faster and help you. Here is some mods tag : Rusty#8473, Indie#5052, CPT_ARCHER#3892 or Izha 🎇🎉#5971 add one of them on discord and contact or join pika discord : https://pika-network.net/discord
    Help im in sky block classic in VIP26 in portal plzz help me VIP26 is not he say tpa to ms to help i d /tpa VIP26 and i am in protal plzz help
    MR how do i sign up for youtuber staff here
    because im a youtuber and i wanna register
    hi, I was banned for minjumps, my user is rektboy1
    Minecraft Username:

    Ban / Mute Reason:

    Who banned / muted you?

    Length of the ban / mute?
    Permanent Ban

    Why should we unban / unmute you?
    Im Not Hacker , Im Game ( Minecraft ) Pro
    i just created my player before 2 days D: and i banned? how this is possible?
    someone knows why i banned idk know why D:
    Cpt acan u answer me?
    Hello my name is SlimerPro why i been banned?
    Can you unban me Im Gendy5 and my reazon for ban is bug-glich in block (wrong perl) can y unban me [pls]. You know me and you know i do not use hacks.
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