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  • MR how do i sign up for youtuber staff here
    because im a youtuber and i wanna register
    hi, I was banned for minjumps, my user is rektboy1
    Minecraft Username:

    Ban / Mute Reason:

    Who banned / muted you?

    Length of the ban / mute?
    Permanent Ban

    Why should we unban / unmute you?
    Im Not Hacker , Im Game ( Minecraft ) Pro
    i just created my player before 2 days D: and i banned? how this is possible?
    someone knows why i banned idk know why D:
    Cpt acan u answer me?
    Hello my name is SlimerPro why i been banned?
    Can you unban me Im Gendy5 and my reazon for ban is bug-glich in block (wrong perl) can y unban me [pls]. You know me and you know i do not use hacks.
    Brother I'm waiting for you to not spam I beg your unban and I do not have a quote if you want to see 1v1 if you happen not to spam or hack deny me
    how can I spend the coins that I got for winning the badwars
    Hey CPT,i just get up from bed and joined server,then it says that perm banned for speed idk why i can proof that i am not hacker...What to do?BTW You banned me xD
    You are not banned, try restarting your router and try to join again
    Ty bro it worked
    hey i need ur help . i barely noticed about your post, https://pika-network.net/threads/krozioxds-appeal.49923/ "" Add me on discord CPT_ARCHER#3893. I will most likely be available tommorow and we can conduct a screen share."" HOW CAN I DO THIS please i dont have hack bro. THE last weekend i was on university ... please help my english is bad and i try and i want show you that im not hacker bro
    guyss cpt is gays lilz !!
    hey i won one rename command and isnt working ;-; is in the opfac1 plz help me
    Hi CPT,can you come in galatix?I have a problem
    yo cpt why is galactix down
    Hey CPT_ARCHER, I am FixonFTW i got ipban and i cant login on pika again.Can you unban me because im not use fly hack.Someone login in my acc and hack.Can you give me unban pls :D.Thanks (I am from Serbia my friend)
    FixonFTW go ban apeal and you need proof lol
    Hey , CPT_ARCHER , Im stralex_96 now my friend got ipban and he cant login on pika again.Can you UnBan my acc ; stralex_96 ,cuz my friend dont touch pass and I know pass . Give me unban pls :D. Thanks.
    Make a ban appeal with proof of ownership.
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