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  1. FireyLandMiner

    My Skywars Stats Are Stuck?

    Dear PikaStaff, My Skywars (Non-Classic) Stats Have Not Been Updating Whatsoever! My Kills, Wins, ETC. Have Not Been Updating At All It Even Says That I Have 2 Deaths And 1 Game Played? That Just Doesn't Make Sense! I've Tried Playing On A Different Account But Still.. Nothing! Please Fix...
  2. Ninja 4837

    Some tips for a Newbie Skywars player ?

    What do you guys mainly prefer doing in Skywars ? Straight go to the middle, battle the opponent beside you or just sneek in your own little island ? I really get confused often and pull out random moves as i play. What is the best way to win in a Skywars match? Any suggestion,tips would be...
  3. Ronnie1974

    Please subscribe

  4. C

    Ban Appeal

    Hi admins my ign is Crusties_Ma_Name, I've played on a server for quite long now, but my friend has recently installed a mod on my computer. i have no idea what it is, just saw some funny codes on the left corner of my screen. Then it turns out to be something like kill aura. i was playing...
  5. A

    I got banned for using hacks but I don't even use them!

    It was 15:45 and I started playing some skywars! (My favorite game on my favourite server!). Then started an INSANE mode skywars! I only played on the map that you have the small Island where when you have a bow you shot them and they die (when we have Punch on our bow). On the first round I...