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  1. VoltzzMC

    Minecraft pvp Montage

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnBp0xMu7lg
  2. Linetric_Somesh

    Getting killed under 5 seconds in 'Skywars'

    I want all players to know there is a kit names 'Enderman' when you unlock its level III you can get an ender pearl and a good sword that can kill you. So if you are one of those who are getting killed under 5 seconds by some dudes they aren't hacking they can have Enderman Kit... If you want to...
  3. DUXY_O

    random teammate in skywars

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp1PwF-mnNg&t=14s
  4. SushiNoms

    ruining people's day in skywars P.S trying to get youtube rank in pika network C;

    pls subscribe or even watch the video if you enjoyed! P.S I'm trying to get youtuber rank in pika network
  5. renkosu

    Winning against a reach and anti-void Hacker??

    they got banned but damn this guy sucked at the game
  6. U

    Opinion: I preferred Skywars Doubles before the update

    The only reason I played Doubles more than Solos was because the maps didn't require an insane amount of bridging. For example, palette (I mean Colors ;) only requires 2 blocks or so to leave your island as opposed to 12-20 blocks to get to middle. This is because it is much harder to leave your...
  7. xScrqtch

    Calm Skywars Gameplay | PikaNetwork

    View: https://youtu.be/ko_jW1VxN2M
  8. Arjun5174

    Ranked Mode In Skywars

    Will The Pika-Network Add Ranked Mode In Skywars Like Hypixel?
  9. Arjun5174

    Add Soul Well In Skywars

    Add Soul Well In Skywars and players need 1 or 2 kills to earn a soul. Reason: Many Player's Have Now Came In The Pika-Network like 2 months ago there was 2000 players now This server has 4000-5000 Players online at the same time. So many New Players have Joined This server.They Need to grind...
  10. RyoBoyZ

    If Dream edit my video...

    I make a video on Pika-network, that the video edits like Dream video.. (Must watch cuz this video is really hilarious!) Youtube channel: RyoPlayZ also comment down below so I know that you watched :D
  11. andorsi

    POG. Skywars Doubles 11 Kill Win

    Lmao I unexpectedly got a 11 kill win on Skywars Doubles, is that an impressive feat? Btw server was literally gonna reboot, I'm glad I managed to finish the game before the reboot, I was so tense throughout most of that game.
  12. Arrly

    Flameshot vs. Enderman

    Hello everyone! @Zxga, @Patolunix, and I were wondering what's the best Solo SkyWars kit currently available, excluding donator kits. We concluded that every other kit except flameshot and enderman is pretty bad, so we will be asking you guys a question - which one is better, enderman or...
  13. UwU_ZenGodly

    What's the highest winstreak in solo skywars?

    I was wondering what is the highest solo skywars winstreak. Mine is 17
  14. fr3z1x

    Sky wars team of 3

    I am thinking that it would be a nice thing and something to consider,adding a game mode in sky wars where you have teams of 3 or another one where theres team of 4.It would be an interesting game mode to play with friends and i think that it would bring more people,an there wouldnt be need for...
  15. zSeann

    What is your favorite kit? (Community Question)

    Hello, I have a question for ya'll! What is your favorite kit and can you explain why? I like to know which kit other people likes to take on Skywars :) Personally, I use the vip kit and sometimes a kit with blocks to push faster!
  16. Zoming

    Glitch or Hacker? (Skywars)

    Hi guys, I wanted to ask you friends if it’s been happening to you as well, you’re playing Skywars creating a bridge, and your game crashes and you’re teleported to void, or your bridge blocks just disappear and you fall into void, man told me it could be my internet, but I don't think so...
  17. JereIsVeryDumb

    Item Preferences in Skywars?

    What is your preference with items that are basically the same, as an example Eggs And Snowballs. So below are the questions about similar items and you choose one of the 2 Stone Sword VS Gold Sword Eggs VS Snowballs Chain-mail Armor VS Gold armor Stone Axe VS Wooden Sword Steak VS Cooked...
  18. Axteroid

    Skywars Guide

    Guide: SkyWars What is SkyWars? SkyWars is a gamemode where players need to defeat all opponents while moving from island to island. The SkyWars server is made out multiple lobbies, where you relax and talk to others, and multiple game servers, where you play the actual game. Please keep in mind...
  19. I

    Report on Basper

    Well, you see I was just playing skywars when this boyo comes here Killauraing away! I confronted him and this is what happened: (it's in the picture)
  20. IsolatedReaper

    Skywars Recommendations

    Hey Im here to just tell a few recommendations on skywars.. First of all..All the kits are bogus and bad(ya thats right). Add worthwhile and good kits....(I actually have no idea for kits sorry simply shift from Cubecraft kits to hypixel kits) I know I am going to tell about Hypixel a lot..But...