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  1. F

    Fix your anticheat Pika. PLEASE

    I have been getting banned in skywars and bedwars for an hour each time because of the anticheat can you fix this?
  2. CommodorePET

    Jartex Skywars PRO Tries Pika Skywars

    Hello everyone. I'm mostly a Jartex skywars player but I decided to try pika skywars today. Enjoy.
  3. v4sk3_

    Skywars Maps

    October is coming so new map should come too instead of same map being remade intro Halloween version, here is my version of "Aquacrown" map from Hypixel when I turned it into Halloween version. Images are here. Would like to hear community feedback on what should I change!
  4. 3x0v


    Listen don't get me wrong, I'm so good at the game that I can even kill the p2w donators without even a sweatdrop, however when I am missing an armor part (chestplate or leggings) it becomes almost impossible to kill, not only because titans are given a full iron set, but they get prot 2 on top...
  5. XyzCraft

    How To Kill A Noob Player in Minecraft Bedwars?

    Hello Guys, Please Like And Sub :-)
  6. XyzCraft

    Noob Base Campers In Minecraft Bedwars.

  7. Index_gamer

    Skywars hackers

    Today my friend played 5 skywar games and he found 6 hackers in them. Playing skywars these days is soo bad. Almost 6 out of 10 games you will find a hacker. And not just like super fast god bridger. Tp'ing hacker. Staff please do something.
  8. UwU_MintiestZen

    UwU guild requirements

    Does anyone know the requirements to join the UwU guild?
  9. Fqch

    Scanned Minigames Add Guild Quests

    Username: Fqch Suggestion: Add Guild Quests Detailed description: Add a quest system for guilds where the members of a guild can complete missions like "Play 200 Games" to receive Guild XP, Guild Coins or Mystery Boxes. Same way as normal player quests work. Reason(s): This would add more fun...
  10. McFlare

    McFlare Introduction.

    Hello I am McFlare, I play bedwars, skywars, and practice. But my favorite game modes are probably skywars and bedwars. INFO I am from the United States and speak fluent English. I am grinding to one day get on the lifetime leaderboards for skywars.
  11. AymanBlazer

    Skywars Tournament!! (private)

    Hey guys, in my last post () I explained about the Skywars Tournament I was thinking to conduct. So I have decided to make this tournament. Note: This is not an official pika network tournament. How to enter in tournament Requirements: Minigames Level: 20+ Skywars Wins: 50+ (total) Skywars...
  12. AymanBlazer

    What do you guys think about this

    Hey guys what yall think about a Skywars tournament. If It get lots of upvotes I might actually make a video on it. Note: if it does happen it will be of tryhards only like cmon no one gonna watch LVL 2 Non figuring out how to put on the armor.
  13. UnderboiOfficial

    this guy looks suspicious, who thinks that too?

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlV_gsPjT7Y Define_ is the one im suspecting, looks like a velocity configuratiton to me tbh
  14. K

    My YT Channel

    I always play on Pika lmao I would really appreciate you checking out my channel Heres the link, Please sub. IT REALLY helps! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWRJG_jMWcBUzx1RD4CLILw
  15. Cronkers

    1v1'ing a Pika Network Youtuber in Skywars, Bedwars and Practice

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe0_wsQQXxY
  16. K

    I Killed Both hacker and a Youtuber in same skywars Match xD

    That Youtuber was steaming and I came in the clip, My name is KJcustom. I did post the video tho (from his stream) View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSzD7pbsueE Please ban this hacker too~
  17. JoshTER

    dude perks are unfair advantage

    its so unfair when a player reach a max level of a perk its so freaking op man i cant even play and win.
  18. D

    What's with increasing players promoting FDP Client?

    This happened more than a few times in some bedwars lobbies but when I recently started playing skywars again, there would be at least one game with a blatant hacker (1 out of 7 games, I'm betting) just effortlessly winning. Or maybe it's my terrible luck in queueing? High-ranked players easily...
  19. shinitaichan

    About Boosters Available in the Gold Shop

    I have actually used the booster and filled in my impressions and results. Please refer to it when you use it. WEBSITE ・BEST TIME The best time was 8:30 (US time) when there were many players. Depending on the time, a little earlier at 7:30 is also fine. Because many people were kicked due...
  20. shinitaichan

    skywars ability poll

    Vote for the two you use!