1. JoshTER

    dude perks are unfair advantage

    its so unfair when a player reach a max level of a perk its so freaking op man i cant even play and win.
  2. 2am_anon

    What's with increasing players promoting FDP Client?

    This happened more than a few times in some bedwars lobbies but when I recently started playing skywars again, there would be at least one game with a blatant hacker (1 out of 7 games, I'm betting) just effortlessly winning. Or maybe it's my terrible luck in queueing? High-ranked players easily...
  3. shinitaichan

    About Boosters Available in the Gold Shop

    I have actually used the booster and filled in my impressions and results. Please refer to it when you use it. WEBSITE ・BEST TIME The best time was 8:30 (US time) when there were many players. Depending on the time, a little earlier at 7:30 is also fine. Because many people were kicked due...
  4. shinitaichan

    skywars ability poll

    Vote for the two you use!
  5. U

    Destroying patolunix then getting in a call after

  6. RedVenomFlash

    Was that a good clutch?

    Was that a good clutch?
  7. U

    Pika-Network Practice (BAD AIMING)

  8. U

    no im not a sweat

  9. U

    The escape

  10. U

    bruh what was he trying to do?

  11. U

    The most insane pearl clutch

  12. U

    Getting called a hacker for destroying him to hard

  13. U

    Doing a super cool pearl clutch to beat a youtube rank person and won

  14. U

    Comboing someone so hard that they rage quited

  15. darkmaterlll

    i hate this

    so last round I played skywars I got only iron armor and no chestplate while the person next to me get FU***** FULL DIAMOND ARMORE AN ENCHANTED DIAMOND SWORD AND POTIONS like wtf, why is this a thing.
  16. ApexGamer_

    Anti-Cheat Bot Problems

    Hi I am having a lot of issues with the Anti-Cheat Bot as it kicks me in Bedwars, Skywars and Practice pvp cause of my cps. I drag click and I get 18-20 cps and it kicks me from the games I play cause of that so I pls fix your anti-cheat bot
  17. MissawKidd

    Troll kit is Broken And here’s why :

    I’d say the troll kit is one of the best kits , it have alot and alot of benefits and its cheap (4k coins) wich u can get in like 2 to 4 days of playing it have alot of uses : you can Trap people with it you can clutch with it u can make alot of things with the string u get from it like a...
  18. E

    Skywars Montage with KSI's Patience Song

    View: My first ever Montage! Hope you guys like it ;)
  19. FakeMan1331

    Add /report command In game

    I suggest adding the /report command in game to easily report cheaters. In this way it will be easier to report cheaters: instead of going to the forums, post screenshots, etc. people could just say /report [player name]. Then the game replay will be sent to mods who will decide to ban or not...
  20. VoltzzMC

    (Official Teaser) Born For Greatness Minecraft Montage