1. V3dy__YT

    "Gone Girl" I Pika-Network Bedwars Montage

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHP83n6pwoQ&t=60s Please like and sub I literally have 0 subs lol
  2. Samil_YT

    Practice Problem

    I literally don't understand this but the point solves this problem I just opened the server and I entered in this map as shown and I could hit both teams + I could pick up everything that remains on the floor Here its images:
  3. Samil_YT

    Pika Its The Best

    I adore PikaNetwork I don't have a better server than this I would like more new things here now I bought myself a VIP and I'm very glad, but if you can add more options for VIP a little more time otherwise the best ever,add mini games like TNT TAG
  4. P


    Greetings, PikaCrafters As some of you guys might know, am leaving pika. I would like to say that it was great being here for about 3 years supporting this server and this community as much as possible. However I don't have much to say to you guys, I wasn't even much known in the server but...
  5. EA0_2_0_8_

    What is Pika doing? [informative]

    Disclaimer- this is not a roast thread, I am here to point out some problems. A Letter To PIka-Network What is Pika actually doing? Recently, pika suddenly appears a lot of Bad things. 1. The AC (Anti-Cheat) problems 2. Hacker problem 3. complicated way to report 4. In player perspective...
  6. TheWoRRioR

    Hey My Name Is Ahmed

    Hi My Name Is Ahmed , But My Cracked IGN is TheWoRRioR I'm 15 and i started playing Pika-Network from 3 or 3 and half years I'm a gamer mostly play Gta V , LOL , Paladins , Warframe and ofcourse Minecraft I Speak Deatsch - English - Arabic I Live In Egypt I Love Pika-Network...
  7. XDragonzx

    New Ranks For PikaNetwork

    Here Are The New Ranks And What They Can Do 1.Legendary Rank-Cost 100mil- It Lets You Do /Kit Legendary-Its Will Let You Get 1 vote key every Week. 2.Lengendary+ Rank-Cost 150 mil-It Lets You Do /kit Legendary+-It Lets You Name A Sword Any Name You Want. 2.Lord Rank-Cost 200mil-It Will Let...
  8. XDragonzx

    The Easy And Best Way To Build In Pika-Network

    A Easier way to build, You should have a command were if you have 64 or more block of any kind and you could do a command to place them were you want.