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  1. 3

    SkyLegend Rank / opsky 1.2k gold

    i have 2 both for 2400 gold 3oji#1660
  2. 3

    Skylegend Rank Voucher Opskyblock

    2 skylegend rank voucher + git 2 perm level : 3k pika gold 1 skylegend rank voucher + git 1 perm level : 1.7k pika gold ing: Ddpn Discord: 3oji#1660
  3. mp69420

    player flying on my island in opskylock

    there's some player who is been flying around my island and while i am grinding blaze, he steals alot of blaze rods and heads, he is not in my island member list and this is been going on since 3 days, please help
  4. A

    Bosses Despawn at last moment!

    Someone please fix the bosses. Bosses despawn when they are about 500-1000 hp left . Also previously the bosses didn't even spawn when used eggs and just gone! People are not able to complete their mission because the bosses just don't spawn or they spawn in lvl 55+ mines. Don't ask me to...
  5. P

    How To Create ChestShops

    how to create a chest shop for special items like crate keys, tourmaline etc. Youtube Does Not Help!!
  6. Abhishek54

    Spawner doesnt work, or what???

    I am really frustrated. I placed 70 blaze spawner in my island, but it takes like 5 min to spawn. but when i see others, they got like 32 and it spawns instantly when i warp to there Can you say me what mistake i am making. also does the spinning of blaze inside the spawners determine the speed??
  7. S

    I need a list of all runes available for usage in OPSkyblock. Thanks in advance

    I'm making a pvp set and a grinding set separately each, so I want to know the whole list of custom enchants/runes available on Pikanetwork. Just a few attached images would be enough
  8. I

    Can't upgrade minion with coal blocks.....

    When I tryed to upgrade my minion, it says that you do not have enough resources , I think it is the text that says upgrade with coal blocks but as I tryed that it shows 1000 enchanted coal?? and plus you cant convert enchanted coal block back to enchanted coal so its wasting the enchanted coal...
  9. S

    OPSkyblock Boss spawn times (please help)

    Hi, I am Scientifreak5. I play a lot of OPSkyblock nowadays. Problem is, I don't know when the bosses spawn. I'm an MBBS student and hence I barely get a lot of time to play on the server nowadays. If somebody would please tell me at what time which boss spawns, I'd be very obliged. No need to...
  10. Arctic80

    OpSkyBlock Trade For Survival

    Trading permanent SkyVip rank in opskyblock for permanent samurai rank in survival If you are interested message me
  11. N

    Enchanted Villagers Drops

    Can you guys please fix the drops of the Enchanted Villagers? Please we cant get money bcs of the bug. please!
  12. 3

    disc music

    i suggested to add disco music
  13. xX_GeekGamerPlaysMC_Xx

    Inquiry | Rotating Blackmarket Shop Reset Time

    Does anyone know what exact time does the Rotating Black Market Shop reset? Just asking since it has no timer similar to the Static Blackmarket Shop where the time of reset can be seen. An appropriate answer for this inquiry would be very much appreciated.
  14. xX_GeekGamerPlaysMC_Xx

    Inquiry | Spawner Requirement

    I've been waiting for some of the spawners I've placed on my island for quite some time, and it hasn't spawned a single mob yet. I just wanna ask if there are some requirements that are needed to be followed or applied for spawners to work? I know that one of them is the light level for the...
  15. D

    OpSkyblock Texture Pack 1.8.9

    Does OpSkyblock have its own texture pack for 1.8.9? If yes, please give me the link to it.
  16. Monci_YT

    Ranks OPPrison To OPSB Ranks

    Seasonal Smuggler Rank For Seasonal SkyVIP Rank
  17. RafsanMahdi

    Denied OP SkyBlock Add some options to the opskyblock menu (hotbar)

    Username: RafsanMahdi Suggestion: Add some options to the opskyblock menu (hotbar) Detailed description: The skyblock menu on hotbar doesn't have an option to open island vaults or private vaults. That would be great if it had those. Also, the /workbench command is kinda painful to type...
  18. J

    Fix Snow Creepers spawn

    Dear Admin and Mods, PLS fix snow creeper spawn cause they r spawning in blocks and rarely spawn on ground.......
  19. T

    Lord rank OPFaction -> OPSkyblock

    Hello, i want to know if its possible to transfer my Lord rank from OpFaction to OPSkyblock PS : its a rank i won by crates Thx
  20. DeadlahMC

    Opening 24 Black Friday Loot Boxes on OpSkyBlock

    Kate33 and I both open 12 loot boxes each, and get good rewards. View: https://youtu.be/FuEMoTnAock