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What is a Cracked Minecraft Server?

What are Minecraft Servers?
Thousands of players join PikaNetwork every month to enjoy some time with their friends, as PikaNetwork is one of the most popular Minecraft servers.
PikaNetwork connects players throughout the world, allowing them to play any of the available Minecraft versions. Multiple game modes are available on PikaNetwork. The setup of each one of these game-modes provides the players with a...
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What is a Bedwars Minecraft Server?

How to enter a Bedwars server
Do you enjoy playing Minecraft, and exploring community-created content? For example, have you played Bedwars? I think you'll enjoy it. But perhaps you don't know how to access it. We're here to help, so don't worry!
This tutorial will show you in detail how to enter this Bedwars game mode on PikaNetwork! Furthermore, we will explain how to do it from any platform using the...

Minecraft Bedwars: Rules, Strategies, And Best Servers!

“Atlantis” Bedwars map | Credit: RevenJoakim and Solyze
When we think of Minecraft, our minds go directly to survival worlds where players experience
PvE (player vs. environment). However, during the massive expansion of the game for the past
few years, Minecraft has made it possible for its players to create their own mini-games.
Undoubtedly, the most popular mini-game in this sector...

What is an OpPrison Minecraft Server?

How to play?
Here's your chance to find the best OpPrison Server on Minecraft server lists without spending hours searching! Take a look at some of PikaNetwork's features below to see for yourself why PikaNetwork's Minecraft OpPrison Server is the best.
On PikaNetwork’s OpPrison, you will find a variety of features, such as OP Pickaxes, OP Cells, OP Gangs, OP Crates, OP Enchantments, OP Kits, and more! You can connect...

Minecraft Prisons Servers: 5 Tips And Tricks

Credit: Pika Network Prisons
Although a simple concept, Prisons is a game mode that has evolved for years. Servers have been taking development and ideas to the next level, bringing in new features every season. If you are a returning player or even a current Prisons player, it may be difficult to get started; that is why we are here today to present 5 tips and tricks to help your Prisons experience.


What is a SkyBlock Minecraft Server?

Players on Minecraft SkyBlock servers like PikaNetwork spawn on a floating island and receive a small amount of resources to get started. In order to survive and level up their island, players are usually required to construct a cobblestone generator and a farm.
For several years, SkyBlock has remained a popular game mode among Minecraft players. Servers like PikaNetwork, however, have...

Minecraft 1.19: Everything You Have To Know About The Upcoming Update!

The 1.19 Wild Update’s cover art | Credit: Mojang (minecraft.net)
Since March of 2022, Mojang has constantly been releasing new Minecraft 1.19 snapshots.
Snapshots are public “test” versions of upcoming Minecraft updates that players can directly
download from the official Minecraft Launcher. Since then, players have discovered many
game-changing features, including...
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