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  1. Old_Prophet

    suggested change of rule

    i would advice to change the bold part in this rule to "the same or similar message". Spamming the chat as a faction and making it unreadable will result in a faction punishment instead of a standard warn/mute. This means if there are 6+ faction members sending the same message in the public...
  2. W

    Fix the PRINTER

    Like holy fk Pika The new printer might as well perm ban me. What the actual fk were yall thinking when implementing the new Anti Cheat. That thing just banned me 1h for literally just printing a cannon. Making cannon pillars from the bottom up to the cannon platform will literally get you...
  3. S


    Hey bro i won a payout on op factions my name is 1842 can you give me my iron? If you want, we can discord so I can show you that it's my account. Thanks anyway!
  4. L

    Fix Opfactions Server Lag

    Fix OpFactions Server lag. its lagging too much.
  5. Hornzz

    OPFactions, selling perm lord rank voucher for 1.2k pika gold

    Hello, i am selling perm lord rank voucher for 1.2k pika gold msg me on discord Hornzz#4669
  6. S

    Custom Crops are not in the /shop anymore (OPFactions 1.18.2/1.19)

    Hello, thank you for clicking on the thread! I can't see custom crops in the /shop menu anymore, were they removed? I'm currently playing on version 1.18.2 and also tried 1.19 and they still wont appear in the shop. I do believe it's some kind of bug on my part as there is this empty spot in...
  7. X

    /level problem

    Level 51 mission is super hard. I thought when buying bulk in /transfer would be counted as a mission in /level but it's not. You need to buy 1 item at a time snd you need to buy 1.5k, It would be time consuming. Please fix it
  8. P

    End of Season Event

    I have only played for three seasons, but in the previous season, there was a week when there was an unlimited: money, gear, exp, enchanted books, etc. That was fun for about one day, but it got boring after afterwhile; with that Idea, I thought it would be fun to hold an end-of-season event...
  9. YouTubeMemes

    Op Factions Unmentioned Rule

    I looked through the rules but it doesnt mention an important rule that is on a lot of faction servers. Is shooting my cannon through a factions counter cannon adjust holes to blow up their counter illegal?
  10. Braincel

    Brand New Season Of OP-Factions

    Welcome to Threat ➤ What we offer: » Constant Raids for you to take part in » Advanced and professional leadership team »Active Members »High Skilled-Techniched Players »Well Organized & Active Discord Server ➤ What we're looking for: » Advanced players with experience in every aspect of...
  11. FoxBossChristian

    So I'm New and I just got banned by the console

    Oh great... i think I should use Vanilla Minecraft instead or at least with Optifine
  12. ThePeanutManz

    Does anyone wanna trade me, I will give OPfactions vote keys, for Skyblock vote keys.

    The Title explains it all.
  13. Ace

    Was Poppin Pika Fam! Been too Long...

    Was goin on Pika family, Its been a very long time since I've actually played MC. Not to sure if anyone from 2015+ still plays on Pika or not, but if y'all do wassup OG's. How y'all been? For those of you who are new and probably have no clue who I am. My IGN is GhostSp33d1, Ive been playing...
  14. kradec684

    Enchantment Books

    Hello! I need kind of help. I got up home and i looked up at ah. There was BlastProtection Unbraking 10 Book. And it said:Enchatment_Book or something So i knew that was custom. After a few mins 1 ItzRyze Was amazed that he got 2 looting 15 Books in a row. So i was confused bacause I didnt knew...
  15. T

    Minning Spawners while getting raided

    make a rule when a faction is getting raided they can't mine spawners , or add plugin minning spawners will cost money like each spawners he need to pay 500m to mine it or idk thats gonna make a server good and funny while people are raiding , we need to see like some pvp and patching terms...
  16. G

    Sry About now posting this... About a month ago MEMEFAIR used bots every vote party to get a stack of keys

    This is just unfair to everyone else idk what you guys gonna do about it but they need to stop it
  17. Hyperxxir

    Op-Factions - Why?

    Hey, Lately I've been seeing these kind of things: Op-Factions 1: 60 Players Op-Factions 2: 80 Players I'm just thinking to myself; How is this possible? Because; - Op-Factions 2 Has more hackers - Even I (Trash pvper with 18 FPS) can beat the people who don't hack on Op-Factions 2 - The...
  18. XxBurimYOLOxX

    When is the Reset is gonna be?

    I wonder when is the reset gonna be? and waiting for new /kit and new stuff for the holy days ;-; "XxBurimYOLOxX" was here.
  19. T

    How to tell A Real From a Fake voting crate in AH

    Hi guys My name is thefluffyone lately I've been seeing people trying to sell fake voting crates in the auction house on Op Factions and although it isn't against the rules I feel it isn't fair for those to earn their money fairly to buy a what they think is a real voting crate then turns out to...
  20. Lava_Demon

    OpFactions1 Vote System.

    Hello Again,When i do /vote after pressing any website,when i vote it dont shows ingame,and its make me really annoying,also i recomend to add 6th vote website,because lot of pepole dont know about it,and somebody must want to know about it,and that reduce his chaces to win /topvotes. Thx For...