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    Help pokeballs

    i need help asap! i do get the messages saying i picked up a pokeball but the problem is i dont know how to redeem it its not there in my inventory and i dont know where or how to redeem them
  2. itzB2

    mod for colored bed 1.8.9

    there is a mod in bedwars for hypixel that colors the bed in 1.8.9 I was wondering if there's any mods like that for pika network
  3. T

    Dear mods and admins

    I dont know what you did with the mystery box but suddenly there are better rewards and non-repetivite stuff comin up !! This is just to appreciate your work on this issue and my support for the team We would love to have more content like this more cosmetics better rewards ==...
  4. I

    What Lunar Mods are acceptable.

    So I am finding out that Lunar client has some mods that aren't allowed on Pika-Network or maybe the entire Lunar client is not acceptable. So I was wondering if Lunar client is acceptable what modifications can and can not be used because I use Lunar for everything and it makes my game run so...
  5. K

    Login denied for your safety?

    Hello, my name is Kalvin I am the owner off the account Kallyboy. My question is why I dont have acces to my account en cant play
  6. D

    Approved Mods?

    Now, I know that hack cilents and X-Ray mods are bannable, but are other mods bannable? For example, I have a Toggle Sneak mod and I currently have it disabled because I don't want to be banned. Please review my mods and see if some are bannable or approved. MODS I HAVE: KeyStrokes Mod 4.1.1...
  7. RichyDash

    When will Keystrokes mod be approved

    This is like my 3rd post on this mod. I want it to be approved, so I can use it. It is only aesthetic and has nothing to do with gameplay except seeing the keys i press. PLEASE APPROVE IT ive been waiting for so long now. Literally months, not joking. yeah...
  8. M


    I have been trying to use //wand but i cant it is a mod but still cant use plz tell
  9. M

    Can I use these mods that's not in the allowed mod list?

    So basically I have some mods that's not in the allowed mod list, but all of this mods isn't gonna give me any unfair advantage of anything, I just like this mods The mods is : -Keystrokes mod -Old animations mod -Ingame Account Switcher (becouse I have multiple accounts that have different...
  10. W

    What mods are allowed to be used

    Title. So basically im asking which mods are approved to be used, if there are such mods =)