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  1. S

    Lost my pickaxe due to a bug

    I had a diamond pickaxe with boomerang 100 and token greed 1500. It disappeared from my inventory when I logged out. I heard it's a known bug that when you put an item in the 9th slot of the Hotbar, it disappears from the inventory. I assume this is what caused the disappearance of the pickaxe...
  2. Dutchpinoy

    I lost all my rare materials from my private chest, but why?

    Hey guys, Playing in survival I am trying to understand how I lost all my rare ores and rare loots It was in a chest and I placed a sign on it, it then said private. But when I logged in a couple of hours later I noticed I lost all my stuff. My question is, how do people have access without...
  3. J

    missing spawners after server restart

    I was playing and bought 2 zombie spawners and I put it in my Enderchest before server restart and after that, i had no spawners but everything else same with a friend of mines (tygamer1) he bought 1 zombie spawner and the same thing happened....please help p.s my game tag is jskull04
  4. X

    i lost my rank ;(

    i do not Join a few months and i realized that : Pika Has hacked i lost my Top Donator Rank in OPFactions 1 Server. Please restore it ;( IGN : xFreedyYx
  5. Xephor_EX

    OPSkyBlock - Tokens lost after L4 Rankup

    Server: OPSkyBlock In-Game Name: Xephor_EX Current Rank In-Game: L4 Discription: After I ranked up to L4 just an hour ago, I saw that my inventory was full and while no one was there, I was able to get the lapis key from the ground which I got from the rankup but found out that there were no...
  6. ExoFoux

    Stuff lost after the reset !

    i back to the pika server today - to prison , and i noticed to the reset .. all was good and nice , my Smuggler rank still here But 1 problem is that i got 3 premium keys instead of 13 and also i didn't got my op pick back which is bs.. also i had around 700 vote tokens (i got 1000 vote tokens...