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help me!!!!!!!

  1. ItzAbnusiss

    lost my pickaxe pls help

    i was mining in p25 and was trying to refresh my backpacks so they actually store items in them cus u have to do that for some reason and i was just clicking on my backpacks when i accidently pressed q on my pickaxe and right as i was about to pick it back up the mine reset and i lost it no its...
  2. NotEasyPeasy

    Pika Network Status on Main Screen (on top of inventory bar)

    I wanted to ask that how to make the status portion visible which starts with "You are currently (your status)". I tried many times to make this thing visible but didn't work, Pls help me ;-; I want this because i like this status appearing on top of inventory bar i want this pls help me. I...
  3. S

    How can i get vip rank and pay with paysafecard

  4. M

    how do I get back to my normal island??

    Hello, I'm MrCamper2000 and I accidentally set my spawn in the nether and now I don't come to the normal island anymore and I don't want to put it back because a lot of time has flowed into this island. Is there a possibility other than reset to undo it?
  5. P

    How do I get more coins

    Guys so I want to buy a bed break animation from the shop and I don't have enough so can anyone tell me how to get coins fast cus pika doesn't give very much coin for like doing quests or like killing or winning so pls help me. I beg I just wanna lok col in front of other but don't wanna open...
  6. E

    Minecraft crashing due to firework particles in mcmmo fights, HELP

    My minecraft crashes whenever someone uses mcmmo on me or when I try to use superbreaker(I believe that is what it is called)(Also in the bedwars lobby trying to use the booster gadget) . I looked up for a solution in the mcmmo github page but according to one of the threads I read, the only...
  7. A

    Help me in my ban

    I have a ban in my minecraft username seef25 help me admin pleaseeeeeee:cry::cry::cry:
  8. XBON123

    Help Needed

    Yo my name is XBON i em 17 I was wondering if I can get some help around the pika network Web page ifor someone could tell me if we are abel to remove posted threads
  9. S

    My Donator+ Didn't Transfer! :O i waste my mom money for that!

    Please Any Staff Help me My donator+ didn't transfer to me :( (OpFac1)