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  1. EmirhanTR05

    There are hackers in the game Op Prison

    Hackers are in Pika Network Op Prison Game 17.11.2022 Username : BamboLoser , lratioed , romkas1 , StudentSpotted YouTube Video : View: https://youtu.be/COAz-Ldo8mk
  2. ItsLmb

    91 WS clutch FLY HACKER

    View: https://youtu.be/hpyUVvEckO4
  3. I

    Hello this is something unusual extremely unusual

    I dont think this is a coincidence anymore, i've been messaged with the following screen multiple times but i thought it was just random nonsense, but it all started today when it began to be weird. first of all this screen is appearing, second of all everytime i try to re-login it always says...
  4. SubjectZero


    Hello Everybody. I was playing and building in the Creative server and somebody was shooting very weird fireworks. He gave me the fireworks and i tested it. Its name was "the GOD fireworks!!" and there was a yellow text that said "Spawned in creative by psyberboy". I asked the guy that gave me...
  5. D

    What's with increasing players promoting FDP Client?

    This happened more than a few times in some bedwars lobbies but when I recently started playing skywars again, there would be at least one game with a blatant hacker (1 out of 7 games, I'm betting) just effortlessly winning. Or maybe it's my terrible luck in queueing? High-ranked players easily...
  6. wjdxo

    Don't let me kill the team.

    Hello, I've been killing my team a lot in Bad Wars and mini games. So don't let me kill the team. Tim Kilo was killed and damaged. I need you to make a command that I can report immediately, a watch, and a command that he comes in. So no matter how much you kill a team, you'll be punished for...
  7. M


    So, me and my friends were playing on the server (we play there every day) and those people made two Swastikas in the game. One of my friends is black and it was a disrespectful moment. We can't find how to report so I decided to post here. We will not play on the server until they are banned. I...
  8. A

    Skywars Hacker

    name: xXGamerBoiiiXx
  9. hugo22awaciblel

    Help some hacker in OPprison in pvp

    rosario use kill aura and anti kb niklause use critical and kill aura and gliden anti kb and king fash anti kb they are always connected come quickly
  10. E

    MartinPfarrherr is hacker

    please ban he for more from 24 hours becouse he destorying the games
  11. K

    Reporting Hackers

    Hello staff members of Pika-Network! I have been experiencing a lot of hackers on OP-Factions 1 Some of them are: Protective69, paulgamingroman5, KlolK, andries2002 and Angel316. I also have some of them on a video:
  12. vSyndrome

    Practice Suggestions

    1:There's a few maps which more then 80% of the practice community hate. This is the beach with the washed up pirate ship.I do not believe it should be completely removed from map rotation but i definitely think you guys should rotor this map out of a few modes like combo,gapple and nodebuff as...
  13. B

    Look at his kid

  14. AlphaPizza

    Future of Classic Sky Block?

    After a series of hacking attacks on the server, players are yet in confusion over when they can continue playing normally again? Inspite of a rollback, the hacking was done once again and the server was left in anarchy. Will these attacks stop? Rumors of a server reset are also circulating...
  15. B

    Hacker report on OP faction 2

    I got a screenshot of a hacker name: BabyItsTriple. I don't know what hacks he is using exactly but in my screenshot he admitted and gave the reason why he is using hacks.
  16. jimmy mitchell

    Skywars Players.

    I would like everyone to use caution in skywars because there is an average of 2 hackers per game. I think the best way to combat this problem is for the Watch Dog plugin to be added, but for as long as we have nothing stopping them just watch out for hackers. Here are some tips to make it more...
  17. E

    Grijpma banned for no reason.

    Hello, i am Potskamp on the pika server and Grijpma is my brother his account , my brother is 11 years old and doesn't even know how to start up minecraft. he got banned yesterday for hacking say's the console but as i say he doesn't even know how to log in and play minecraft. hope someone can...
  18. Ninja 4837

    Anti-Cheat Suggestion

    My suggestion for Pika Craft Anti Cheat is to request for a Powerful Custom AAC Config to the author. I've seen many AAC servers having different AAC configs according to number of hackers,types of hacks,etc. Though Pika has improved a lot after having the AAC in the server but I'd still...
  19. Eb1n

    Java "crashed" and i died

    I was finding bases, while BnnD named player wants to teleport me. I accepted it. He hasn't items in his inventory, so i left him alive. Suddenly, he stops following me and i continue running, and i get java.net.connectexception message. When joined back, i was dead by combatlog. What the heck...
  20. D

    Ban Bow Boosting :D

    You've seen it before. Perhaps you have fallen victim to it yourself recently. You are running away and just when you think your safe, BAM! You get killed because that nub took advantage of a glitch that even Mojang said they will fix. Take a few seconds to imagine you just get your Protection 4...