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  1. F

    Fix Mask Bug

    hello, since you added the masks in the opfactions, they worked well and they were very cool that is we were pvp with those, but from this season the masks don't work they do nothing, to try the slime mask that should make you immune to the poison don't it works, and so with all the others and...
  2. ramendrak238

    There is a big in pika network skywars that vampire ability not working for any people does it got nerfed?

    Please fix that bug in skywars or if vamp nerfed pls take it back
  3. _Xx_Yoshi_xX_

    I got stuck in a Bedwars game for no REASON! Plz fix this bug

    Hello today i played bedwars and i got stuck in a game... For proof i have a video: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfJw4gS3-JI
  4. M

    Lost 20+ Private vaults including all my most valuable items

    During the usual morning lag i was casually storing loot in my private vaults just to get kicked mid packing and on rejoin i came to see that i had no permission and no access to any of my vaults except for 2. Lost my most valuable pickaxe took me a week to grind for and items worth trillions. I...
  5. comododraw

    pikanetwork doesn't give me my mystery boxes

    so recently i encountered a bug that made it so i can no longer claim mystery boxes not from the monthly package nor the quests . this is very upsetting . i hope they manage to fix it soon as many other players have the same problem
  6. supergamer85

    got kicked on bedwars by bridging

    ok it was a normal day on the server and i want to grind so i went to bedwars solo then bridged to a another base then got kicked for "client modification" and get this i did not modify my client and i was just bridging
  7. supergamer85

    rubberband on bedwars

    hi there, on bedwars 1.8.9 i keep rubberbanding all over the place and some times i get kick even banned Idk why but pls fix it the ver I use is optifine 1.8.9 and i use wallibears texture pack
  8. Insults

    Item disapear bug

    Sometimes armour or items can bug out and turn into black stained glass panes. I think this usually happens before a server reboot, in my case, I lost my netherite helmet and chestplate before the server reboot. It turned into 12 black stained glass panes. Other players have also had this bug...
  9. Spirinouche

    Bugs Going On OPsklyblock

    Dear Staff member There a bug going on OP skyblock thats when u die from fall dmg when u try to pick up items they just dissapear (not clear lag) please i want to check on it I died and lost everything and thats when i saw that bug happening right infront of my eyes i want to check on it fix it...