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  1. ThundyMC

    Creative, is dead

    Man, things got bad a month ago, Creative is still unavailable till this day, Is Creative permanently dead? Is it at heaven? Who knows what happened? I'd like to receive more information according to what happened to the game
  2. R

    Creative Money

    Hi! I started to play here in PikaNetwork last Feb 11, and I'm quite addicted to the server. I only play Creative Server here, and I can see that you can get exclusive rewards in creative money. I'd like to ask where to get the money. Currently, the words appearing in the chatbox aren't there...
  3. D

    I cant talk

    inside of creative it wont let me talk, when I'm in lobby and other game modes it lets me use the chat feature, to go more in depth I can write in chat but when I press enter it dosent send anything in the chat please help
  4. June22

    Creative Reset Poll

    Do you think that Pika network's developers should reset Creative? It is currently extremely laggy and also crashing every hour or so. The economy is also broken, a person, that shall not be named, currently has 50 trillion credits/dollars that can be seen on spawn. There are also constant end...
  5. June22

    Creative not restarting yet

    This message was from JustThiemo, a developer of Pika Network, confirming that they do not plan on resetting creative.
  6. H

    creative not working

    help it says that i'm in already connected but i couldnt use /plot auto
  7. UpperGround

    Some builds.

    So yeah today i thought itd be good to share some of my builds in the server :3 1) /p h UpperGround Its a palace in a 2x2 merged plot. a big cathedral and the palace itself (undecorated) i started making the palace just when the creative server reopened in 14th of february. I finished the whole...
  8. P

    creative server

    o servidor criativo não está funcionando normalmente
  9. Luppeey

    Creative Reset! Get hyped!

    It has been a while since it got into the data corruption! But anyways, it's coming back, everyone who likes Creative, GET HYPED! Also it is confirmed that it will be re-open this week soon (Thanks to @June22)
  10. June22

    Question about Creative Reset

    When will Creative Reset be out? Will it have new features? Will my rank still exist?
  11. UpperGround

    creative hmm

    °[]===§>°<§===[]° sooo creative my home my place its mine not technically but i love this place waste all my life there i love it, wont leave it i have more than 20 builds.. maybe more i love them all, i dont want them to dissapear soo its been a year since i came here on pika and the creative...
  12. UpperGround


    well, when u get world edit (10 minutes which it sucks) u cant make many things, but u cant use bedrock water lava etc why tho, i mean sometimes you really need to use water to make coastal areas or etc etc and what about bedrock? why? yes lava might be used as a griefing tool but its the plot...
  13. Emkis

    is it possible to change gamemode?

    I want to do a PvP minigame in my plot. But i don't know is it possible to change gamemode?
  14. B

    Hacking in creative!

    So i was playing in creative,trolling some people and a guy called DxLOKI called for 1v1 and he had killaura and antiknockback,heres video proof
  15. MrRavagen

    The Staff Wall

    I am making a Staff Wall in Creative. These are the staff who I have on the wall at the moment: Senior-Admins / Head-Admins: TheBearKingHD Robin Nijmeijer Draegoner (Ex staff now) Network-Admins: RockyGaming (Added after this post) ASCB_imran (Added after this post) Moderators...
  16. MrRavagen

    Ranks? What do each 1 do?

    Before I want to buy any rank, can I know what does each 1 do? /warp ranks doesn't help. /warp library doesn't exist. So I found out that Unicorn gets Repeaters & Minecrarts, but what else do they get? Mystic? Custom? Before I waiste money can I get knowledge of each of them, thank you :)
  17. JeremyC22

    DarkFenix_HD using illegal items

  18. Austun

    creative ranks

    hey so i came back from my school and when i logged in in the server i found that there is a new update remove the design of the plots and removing the ranks and adding levels i mean Updates are good right but what im angry about is removing ranks ranks is what make people build to make them...
  19. Fearroh

    First "Decent" House I Ever Built!

    Now, im honestly now the builder type in Minecraft, but i think this is at least half-decent for my first House (that i've put time into) Shoutout To MrBas666 For Helping Me Get This Idea..Took me 2 days to build, i fell like it took longer than it should.. but the reason is that i'm sometimes...
  20. Fearroh

    Old Creative Moments!

    I Honestly still remember every detail of the old creative and i still love it! :D but this was one of the best moments I ever lived in Creative! (I got to get a screenie with PizzaMC!!) and wreaker which is my friend.. It was truly amazing.. Thx Pizza! <3