1. P

    Guys I wanna know how to get /fix hand & /fix all command [PRICE TOO]

    So Guys I just wanna know that how to get /fix hand & /fix all command... Or how much that cost I really want it....
  2. I

    How do I shout?

    At Hypixel Bedwars, you can use /shout to talk to other teams in doubles, trios or fours. I don't know what is this command at PikaNetwork. Can someone tell me?
  3. Krisssyyy

    SkyKing /fix cool down?

    Hii, I have SkyKing rank on OPSkyblock I upgraded it from SkyGod. It gives me a cool down for /fix even tho it shouldn't have a cool down.
  4. U

    Some more commands on Creative

    As an older member on this server, i still don't know why you guys removed commands such as /kiss /marry /hug /tpa here / plot rate / player near and the levels feature from Creative, Commands such as /Kiss /Hug /Marry were fun to use for roleplays and the whole Creative server literally used...
  5. A

    Commands is broken

    I donated for 100mb but i can't get it since /mb is not working + I have a Custom+Rank Donate on my account i couldn't be able to claim all my rewards at /carl This is kind of missing my part as a donator.
  6. T

    Monster spawner % Drop Rate.

    I want to ask whats the % of the monster spawner drop rate or you can get them only by breaking them with silk touch pickaxe cuz if you do that would be stupid and the server will be PAY TO WIN and for the ones who doesnt want to pay for the game - guess what , they are going to leave . And...