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  1. ThundyMC


    I'm hereby declaring that the Player : FDP30_44Lp is hacking, He did not bridge across islands then managed to get onto our base, He 1 hits players and he doesn't get damage, He can break though blocks, I have to Report the player so that He/She must be Terminated before He does anything worst.
  2. XyzCraft

    How cheaters fly in Minecraft Bedwars ||| Pika Server!

  3. K

    player report ign: Anokodo

    I was killed by a cheater named Anokodo. I had 2 divine sets on me and it was my last loot on the server. I was on 5 hearts and i got 2 tapped. Here's a clip of the whole fight and proof of inconsistent damage. I would like to see a response soon and hopefully get my stuff back so i can continue...
  4. Zoukix

    AlexXVII team are clowns L go to bed (kitpvp pika)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV-Kyd5GHlw&ab_channel=Ano make sure to like and sub <3
  5. Xquitze_YT

    How I got to see the same hacker getting banned 4 times in a row

    Hey everyone, This is how I got banned the same cheater 4 times in a row with the help of a staff. basically, I was in pratice and I was randomly queing unranked builduhc. I saw some hackusations to a guy named as Unbeated. I thought he must be good and left it out. Then I saw that he got...
  6. 1


    _Mark_ is cheating anti kb and auto block also I am suspecting autoclick :soryy for the noice in the vidio i was watching yt at the moment
  7. DUXY_O

    Deleted stuff bruh

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKSqecgm6Pk&feature=youtu.be
  8. M

    modo = ban

    hello i do this subject because i am very mad when i pvp last day my friends kill Tewwa . The steuf didnt drop . I go to my skybase and Tewwa tp his self to me (No permisition )No tp reguest ) He put one p2 obsidian in a chest and a sword. When i disconted my self i my friends he go back to my...
  9. H

    cheater... ( FR ) ( Need english translate )

    Bonjour :p Je vois trop souvent des cheater en Practice qui ne font que cheater pour embeter les autres joueur. Je sais que ce n'est pas une quandidature mais je voudrais vraiment m'occuper du practice parceque je ne vois jamais perssone dessus aucun admin et donc les cheater en profite.Mais...
  10. SimplyKristy


    Banana_Loser_Me This person which Im guessing is a guy (not trying to be sexiest) ruined my plot. If you guys have ever had this done to you please tell me. o this is the story. So I was selling some stuff at my plot he messaged me saying he wanted to buy something, he told me to add him I...