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  1. Unawarely

    Scanned Practice Add "Op duels" gamemode

    Username: Unawarely Suggestion: Add "Op duels" gamemode Detailed description: OP duels is a rod based game where you get Diamond armor Diamond sword Bow with 12 arrows Flint and steel with 6 uses 6 gapples 2 1 minute splash speed 2 potions 2 30 second splash regen 1 pots Reason(s)...
  2. Unawarely

    Practice Increase the speed of rods

    Username: Unawarely Suggestion: Increase the speed of rods Detailed description: Right now in UHC, rods don't work so well, and I think it might be because they are on the slower side I'm not really sure how possible it is to make rods go faster, but if it is possible it would be great if...
  3. Unawarely

    Practice Reduce Ranked Queue times

    Username: Unawarely Suggestion: Reduce Ranked Queue times Detailed description: Now that elo searching times has been increased by so much, it's extremely difficult to get a queue, especially in less popular modes such as debuff. Once you reach a certain elo mark, around 1150 elo in any...
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    Is salwyrr launcher alowed ?

    30% cheat as well, numbers don't really matter. I can't really be bothered to check the list of the approved modifications but if it's not there it's not necessarily allowed.
  7. Unawarely

    whats wrong with it

    whats wrong with it
  8. Unawarely

    Clients For FPS Boosts And More

    I personally have strong negative feelings towards badlion
  9. Unawarely

    So about the coupon giveaway...

    well it's not like this can be accoutned for at all by pika network but i think the christmas giveaways entire idea should be changed
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  11. Unawarely

    Denied Practice Add a gamemode similar to BuildUHC but does not Include rods

    It's really annoying to play against someone who's really good at rodding but I don't think it would be practical to make a whole new kit just for this. If you want to get better at just using sword you should play nodebuff. Most gamemodes don't have a rod, just play those if you don't like...
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    he msged Just_Illuminate for a reason

    he msged Just_Illuminate for a reason
  14. Unawarely

    is it allowed to use client addons to do stuff that ranks can do?

    /ping isn't really an advantage, but things like /fix or /f home being instantaneous can be unfairly useful according to some people.