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    PracticePvP - Reform we need for practicePvP?

    Prizes are already denid and not going to happen. There is already an afk kicker thing. +1 to adding top elo for each ladder not just sumo, nodebuff, combo, uhc
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    BedWars Pika Level improvments

    Level has no indication of skill at all. This is a misconception that needs to stop lol +1 to adding level to your hotbar
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    Store make buying a unban impossible

    I think buying unbans should be possible. +1 to adding blacklists for different punishments. Falsifying evidence Lagging/hacking the server Death threats:I will kill you irl - for example For encouraging suicide:After perm ban and they buy an unban, next is blacklist. @LiquorHole
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    SkyWars Remove rank cosmetics

    Well obviously that's why and how he made that suggestion. What is wrong? +1
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    1v1 with core2h

    you are weird asf Please enter a message with more than 30 characters.
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    OP Prison Trade For Gift Card

    Just some advice, that stuff is worth close to nothing sorry
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    Global Add some more languages.

    Dude, you're creating a paradox. If your reason for disagreeing is, "it's not going to happen," then maybe it wont happen because you said that, but you can never be sure. He's asking to make pika more playable for more people, whenever I log into some random spanish or german server, it's...
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    1v1 with core2h

    Bro verzide fanboy?? listening and putting casper tng in your minecraft videos unironically is weird
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    does the forums ranks infect ?

    Actually, being "The Pika" gives you access to a private forum but besides that there's nothing it's just cosmetic
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    Global Add some more languages.

    Well I mean in general, a language like arabic, korean, japanese, and mandarin are objectively harder then other langugaes to leanrn because none of them have actual alphabets and instead have characters that you hvae to memorize
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    PracticePvP PracticePVP Bots.

    -1, it's more effecient to get better at pvp by fighting real people and it's immensly hard to code
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    Is 28 cps not bannable??????

    there is like a 90% chance that these people are cheating btw
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    Practice need some things to be fixed

    pots should not be 0 delay, that wouldn't be fun to play. Pots should be pots, they take skill to hit 4 hearts with. The show inventory works lol
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    Global Add some more languages.

    it is not the hardest language to learn, the difficulty comes from what languages you already know - if you are a fluent mandarin speaker it would be very difficult to learn English for most people, but if you know Spanish or French it would be much easier
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    Global Add some more languages.

    Agreed with @NpGamingBoy : that's a really ignorant thing to say