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Recent content by krsy123

  1. krsy123

    make this thread #1 replied/viewed

    2 YEARS, LET'S GOO!!!
  2. krsy123

    give random alerts

  3. krsy123

    Denied Forums add flushed and pensive reactions

    I'll give this a +1 because I think it'd be nice to have
  4. krsy123

    what is this lol .

    Possibly just pearled there, or bridged then removed the path
  5. krsy123

    make this thread #1 replied/viewed

  6. krsy123

    omg dweam!!!! 11

    omg dweam!!!! 11
  7. krsy123

    Congrats, tlong!

    Congrats, tlong!
  8. krsy123


  9. krsy123

    Minigames add /ping

    I legit thought that was already a thing. Guess I was wrong. Anyway, +1
  10. krsy123

    Pika-Network Skywars With a YouTube Rank! W/ Titan_Leo

    Nice video, mate. Keep it up :)
  11. krsy123


  12. krsy123

    300 messages, finally.

    300 messages, finally.
  13. krsy123

    Denied BedWars my minigame idea

    So basically manhunt or hunger games with extra steps.. Meh. Neutral/-1
  14. krsy123

    Denied Global pikas custom texture pack

    -1, Reason is stated above, also not that needed