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    totally not two different persons

    totally not two different persons
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    make this thread #1 replied

    i'm right back to work when the break ends
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    make this thread #1 replied

    forget fake friends, just make M's
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    best subspecial pro dance moves

    View: latah b
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    Global /report and /helpop commands

    I am ex-staff, I know what I am talking about, playerbase was bigger in 2017 December. I lost my ability to london at 2nd sentence, I do know that you need to prove, it isnt hard to press a button/use replaymod. although thanks for giving me your POV.
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    Global /report and /helpop commands

    But If you are active & feeling like being useful & doing something,like spectating a hacker/reported guy. Players are hackusating anyways. Just by thst text I read, thst staff are lazy & are only willing to punish only when people report them. +1 from me. This time would be better If you only...
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    bcz regedit

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    they got bigger server which makes more money than Pika, so yes, it is not important.
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    trial staff can not unban, moderator & higher can. apply for an unban...

    trial staff can not unban, moderator & higher can. apply for an unban:
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    thats not proof, it can easily be you. you can request password reset here;
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    TheLoneKing is Back?

    how can you say that no one knows him/her? maybe someone does. Welcome back though
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    Hacked then perm banned

    If you do not have proof, that your account got hacked and you were not the one advertising, you will not get unbanned, although you can buy an unban or play on an alt. Also, do not join the servers players advertise to you through DM or in PM in-game.
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    why i cant receive my rank i have a proof!

    this isnt proof, stop trying to scam. writing /complete behind the url is known already & it is fixed by buycraft, @CPT_ARCHER