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Important Read before posting

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Lead Developer
Mar 11, 2018
So you are about to make a suggestion? Great! We would love to hear from you, we are always looking to improve PikaNetwork, and without the community, we would not be able to do so.
After you have posted your suggestion the community can vote and discuss about it whether it is a good suggestion or not. Please try to be as descriptive and honest as possible so we can immediately get a good view of it.

But before posting a suggestion you should read the following:

Suggest something that already has been suggested. (denied or accepted)​
Suggest a new anti-cheat or hosting, this is not something up for discussion with players.​
Suggest changes about the Staff Team, also this is not for the community to decide.​
Suggest anything related to fixing 'something', this should clearly be a Bug Report which can be posted HERE.​

Not only do we have a list of what not to do, but we also have a few tips for you that should come in handy while writing your suggestion.

Be creative, think outside the box. Think of something that has not been done before but would be very interesting.​
Be as detailed as possible, this makes it easier for everyone to understand what exactly you mean.​
Try to give examples of why and how this would be an improvement to PikaNetwork.​
Do not be discouraged by negative feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to write one.​
With all that being said you are now ready to create a good suggestion.
Please make sure to select the correct gamemodes related to your suggestion to avoid confusion.

Please note: Even if your suggestion only has positive feedback from the community it does not mean that we will for sure implement it. The PikaNetwork management will always be the final call on a suggestion no matter what feedback it received.
Not open for further replies.