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Rank Tranfer (Please Read).

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Rare Pika
Jun 6, 2016
I Under stand that you guys don't really do rank to another server.
I was on Pika-Craft for while now and the some game modes have been added and removed which was annoying due to the resets and different servers. Since Skyblock fire was removed alot of people who played skyblock fire left the server because none really wanted to play anymore since there was new classic you had to pay if you wanted a rank.

I enjoy playing Skyblock Ice but its not enough so i started playing Skyblock Classic I like it alot but since i really wont be going to play skyblock ice any more i would like to TRANSFER my skyblock ice rank into skyblock classic. Which is skywarrior going to VIP in classic if you can also get rid of the rank on Op prison Guard which is 25$ and put that into 10 Rare keys for Classic?
I know i'm asking a big favor but if you can do this i will really appreciate this. I will donate to this server Monthly for doing this favor

In-Game Name : Navythe_slayer

Ranks Owned:
Skywarrior (
SkyBlock) 10$ ====> VIP Rank = 10$
Captian (
OPrision) 25$ ====> 10 rare Keys = 15$

Not open for further replies.