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  1. S

    Visit link make how like below

    How to make a visit link like the picture down below. So every can join by clicking the message. To make a shop. Please help.
  2. C

    Razer Turbo Click

    Hi I've heard many player use the razer turbo click a feature found in the razer mouse software which makes holding a click act as if you are spamming it, players can get up to 100 cps (confirmed) but this crashes the game. Though lower numbers such as 20 cps on right click aren't kicking...
  3. B


    so i won 400 gold for making a suggestion which is good you can see it here and i am banned so i am really worried that when i will unbanned will i have that gold? or they will not added in my account because i am banned also will my gold disappear in reset.
  4. Newroliser

    The beauty of the animes.

    Well beside being a Pigman I am also a huge anime fan although I started watching them a year ago I still have endless list of completed animes. My favorite include Naruto series, Dragon Ball series, Attack on titan and many more. Mention below if you watch anime or not and also mention your...
  5. T

    How much are vote keys worth? (Tokens&Money)

    Hello, again me, now i decided to sell my vote keys instead of opening them and i got alot of offers none of them are same or even similair so i wondered how much are they really worth? I have 15 vote keys currently and I wanna know how much do they worth in Tokens and in Money?
  6. T

    Seasonal Criminal rank

    So I got a seasonal Criminal rank from a vote chest, since i already have a criminal rank i want to sell it but I wanna know how much is it's worth in tokens?
  7. krsy123

    Where do you post memes?

    Let's say I have a meme (about pika network of course). Where do I post it? Here? Or are memes not allowed at all on the forums?
  8. krsy123

    How do some people send replies shorter than 6 words?

    We all know that there is a filter which only allows you to send a message/reply if you wrote more than 6 words. I see some people however, reply with only an emoji and, nothing else. or some people just say "same" and, the reply is sent normally. When I try that however, It still says that I...
  9. YelowishG

    What's with the 4 numbers after usernames

    Idk what's with the 4 numbers at the end of players names, It's quite odd that all the games that I play there's always a guy with 4 numbers at the end of there names, yeah, not 2, and 3 it's 4. I sometimes end up with 2 to 3 players with these usernames are these bots, alts, or nicks cause I'm...
  10. chetan0402

    Does using the proxy ips of pika help?

    If I use the proxy IPs of pika then would it help with the situation of lag back and getting stuck in blocks?
  11. Fizzel

    a question

    does anyone know how to unlock the items u get for the lunar event? it doesn't say on the discord news post thing.
  12. C

    how to upgrade enchanted spawner

    so I have an enchanted spawner but how can I upgraded, I can't mine spawners sooo.... how can I do it?
  13. H

    About normal factions

    hi! so maybe admins, moderators or owners can answer me so q is, why in normal factions over claim is turn off? and when that will be turn on? and if it is for ever then only how can raid is building a canoon or have some another way how to raid? tnx Staff if u answer!
  14. G

    Shop and Crates Help

    Hello to Who ever reads this I just wane make sure that the staff know about the crates not working in OPskyblock and I was Wondering Why I cant buy any ranks for OPskyBlock Thx in Advance
  15. C

    Question about mods

    I wanna know if the schematica mod is allow or no
  16. MCPlayer

    Vote Party Crates

    Can you guys vote in the poll? If your answer is yes I normally sell them at that price in ah.
  17. MCPlayer

    I have a question

    Can you delete or deregister an accont in the server?(not the forum accout) If yes... how do it do it?
  18. MCPlayer

    I have a question

    Does anyone know if you can delete or deregister an account(in minecraft, not in the forum)? If yes, how do i do it? I thank you in advance.
  19. AdmirmentMC

    Question: Is scamming donor items allowed?

    A question for all pika-experts. Is SCAMMING Donor items allowed? Please leave your answers below
  20. X


    I was wondering, if I could get a staff to transfer my champion rank from one account to another in op fac 1, or, is that just simply not possible?