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BedWars New Gamemode "Weekend Special"


Legendary Pika
Dec 21, 2020

New Gamemode "Weekend Special"​

Detailed description:
It'd be really fun if pika-network could add a "Weekend Special" gamemode to bedwars.
Each weekend (friday - Sunday), a NPC would appear in the lobby named as "weekend special" & will allow players to enter the
"Gamemode of the week"

Each weekend, players will be allowed to enter an arena completely different from regular bedwars. A bedwars gamemode which is a little different from the regular ones.
There can be a different gamemode each week & playing specific amount of games in that gamemode may bring some rewards.

Here are some game mode ideas I came up with.

Game Mode 1 : Rushty Bedwars

About the game-mode : This weekend special gamemode is pretty much similar to normal bedwars. But, it's fast pace. It's a solo game-mode and will mostly target the players who don't really have so much time to spend in-game & they do wanna enjoy the fun of playing bedwars without worrying about leaving the game in-between.

The changes it brings to the game : The gamemode basically speed up the time of everything making the game last only a few minutes.

1). All players will always spawn with a stone sword & 16 wool. Each time they die/as the game starts making them quickly rush the opponent.

2). All shop items & diamond upgrades will be half of their usual price. For example, Wool being 2 iron, sharpness being 2 diamons & TNT being 2 gold instead of 4 of their respective resource.

3). It'll be a solo game-mode & will only be played in 8 iron rush maps such as fortress & Aquarium. (4 iron as the cost will be reduced for this game-mode)

4). You'll never lose levels on your tools. For example, if you purchased a diamond pickaxe, you'll have it through-out the entire game no matter how many times you die with it. Again, it's all about speeding things up!

5). All in-game events will be 4 times faster than regular bedwars. If it takes 4 minutes in regular bedwars for diamond generator to reach level 2, in this game-mode, it may only take upto a minute.

Changes you may consider adding to this gamemode (Not so necessary) : Here are a few more ideas I came up with which you may consider adding. However, they might/might not ruin experience of some players.

1). The game starts with all players already having diamond axe, diamond pickaxe, sheers & haste 2 effect. None of them gets lost upon death.

2). The iron/gold generator is 1.25x of it's original speed making people buy more stuff quickly. Well, the price is already 1/2 of it's original so this doesn't make much sense but can be considered.

3). The regular bedwars solo game is played between 8 players. But to speed things up, it can be considered to make the game only for 4-6 players as it's "rushty". It may require changes in-game maps that's why I placed this idea in non-priority list as it just adds extra effort.

Reasons why you may add "Rushty Bedwars" as a weekend special : I've listed a few reasons behind considering to add this gamemode below.

-> Many "busy" people can have fun playing this gamemode at the weekends.
-> A lot of players of this community are always looking forward to try out something new in the traditional minigames as they're so repetitive.
-> Doesn't require "that much" of coding effort as you just have to change some of basic prices & time.
-> It make things fun without making them too "complex" & keeping them simple.
-> Just add it as it took me effort planning it out :).

Game-Mode 2 :
Bedwars HardCore.

About the game-mode : This game-mode is all about making the game much more focused on PvP instead of tactics. It makes the game hard as well as "less annoying" for many players. It's also a Solo gamemode played among 8 teams.

The changes it brings to the game : This gamemode mostly removes many annoying items from the shop. and locks some item for later.

1). All these items are completely banned from the games and players are not allowed to purchase them.
-> TNT, Fireball, Arrows, Bow (all), Water Bucket, Obsidian, Knock-Back Stick, Ender pearl, Iron-Golems & Silver Fishes.

2). Only wooden tools are allowed to give players a little challange breaking bed defences.

3). The only allowed diamond upgrades are Sharpness & Protection nothing else. You can't buy traps, heal pool, forge or haste.

4). Both the diamond & emerald generator are 1/2 of their original speed.

Reasons why you may add this gamemode : I've listed some reasons below as well for this gamemode.

-> It gives players who're looking to a more PvP focused & long running bedwars game-mode with not too many special items an arena to clash in.
-> It follows the theme of keeping things super simple yet making weekend special game-modes enjoyable for everyone.
-> It doesn't change too many things in-game, just bans some items & it's regular bedwars. Thus requires really less effort coding it.
-> Something fun & new is always welcome.

Game Mode 3 :
Bedwars Mega.

About this gamemode : Regular solo bedwars with no change at all just more players

Changes it brings to the game : Here is it change it brings in-game

1). Instead of a solo game which is played among 8 teams, it's a solo game played among 12 or 16 teams you may decide it.

Reasons why you may consider adding it : Everyone loves a big party. The more the players, the more fun it'll get. It might require a map for itself but I don't think that it's that much of a deal. Pretty easy to code too, is simple & something new to try out!!!!

Rewards For Playing the weekend special :
There can be some quests for playing the weekend special game-modes. However, it's not that necessary to have rewards for these game-modes as they already reward players with enough fun. But, if the dev team were to consider adding separate quests & rewards for special game-modes, I do have some ideas which I'll love to list.

1). Soul Snatcher : Kill 50 players in the game-mode of the week. Reward : Crazy loot box.

2). Bedsweeper : Destroy 15 beds in the game-mode of the week. Reward : 300 XP.

3). BloodThirst : Get 4 Final kills in a single game of game-mode of the week. Reward : Epic loot box + 150 XP.

4). Perfectionist : Complete all the weekend special quests. Reward : 1x 4x coin booster 1 hour, Crazy loot box, 100 iron.

NOTE : If someone's wondering about the rewards being a little buffed then keep in mind, the game-mode will only be available for 3 days a week making it really hard to complete the challanges. About the 100 iron in "Perfectionist" Quest, I guess 100 iron doesn't effect a player's wallet that much & I found it a little fair for players who're paying enough time playing the special game-mode & doing these really tough challanges within 3 days only.

These were some reward ideas I came up with, again you can change them however you want & rewards aren't a priority.

Another Idea :

Only allowing players with Champion rank to create a private game of weekend special game-modes instead of players with Titan rank. It'll provide another perk to the Champion rank making it more worth it & encouraging more players to buy it as they'll have something special to go for.

Some FAQs :

There might be some people asking a few questions which I'll love to reply before hand.

1). Will we get to play a special game-mode whole week?
A). No, you'll only get to play a special game-mode such as the 3 I listed above at the weekends/3 days a week being Friday, Saturday & Sunday. For the remaining 4 days of the week, the NPC will display "Weekend special Coming soon" or something related.

2). Why only weekends?
A). Because, that's what this suggestion is all about. We don't want players to completely lose interest in the regular bedwars & we've to provide them something unique at the same time. Having a special game-mode each weekend is the best solution to that problem as a lot of people have more time during weekends.

3). Will these be the only 3 special game-modes for the weekends? (Rusty, Hardcore & mega)
A). No, at this moment, nothing is final it's just a suggestion made by me. This suggestion is about having a "weekend special NPC/game-mode" but I couldn't just say "Hey! Add weekend special". So, I came up with 3 game-mode ideas. If they do like the idea of having weekend special system, they may pick all 3 of my suggested game-mode, or just 1 or two of my suggested game-modes or they don't pick any at all and come up with their own custom game-mode idea for the weekend.
If the idea of having a special but simple game-mode each week gets accepted, then the players will be able to come up with their own creative yet fun ideas and suggest it like any other bedwars suggestion. Which will later be looked into like any other suggestion and your own special game-mode might appear in weekend special if it's accepted by them!

4). Aren't you bored writing this suggestion?
A). Yes, I've been writing from a while now & I guess I'm done. Thanks for reading it all whoever actually did. I'm looking forward to know your opinions on this suggestion. Make sure to let me know via comments. Consider upvoting if you actually loved the idea behind it. It'll mean it a lot. and yes, it's a totally original suggestion. Pika will have to have some fun feature of their own! So, I'm looking forward to see it in-game. Peace.

Listed Above.

Rushty Bedwars, Bedwars Hardcore & Bedwars mega.​


Aug 15, 2021
Bedwars is same for a long time and it would be fun to implement your suggestions