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Update KitPvP - Update | December The 19th 2022

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Lead Developer
Mar 11, 2018

KitPvP - PikaNetwork 2022
December 19th, 2022, 19:00 GMT / 15:00 EST / 14:00 CST / 12:00 PST

Hello, dear PikaNetwork players.

To all of our KitPvP players: Get ready for some fresh, new action on the server. We're excited to announce the release of a brand new map, just in time for the winter season.
But that's not all - we've also got a bunch of small updates and bug fixes to keep the gameplay exciting.

Don't worry, this isn't a reset - all your items, vaults, and currencies will still be available once the update goes live. So join us as we bid farewell to the summer map and embrace the frosty winter terrain. It's time to jump back into the action and continue where you left off! We feel like another reset is not needed, but we do not want our KitPvP players being left without an update to their favorite gamemode during the holidays!

Are you ready to hop into a new season?! Say no more. The update will be released this Monday, December 19th, 2022.

December 19th, 2022
19:00 GMT / 15:00 EST / 14:00 CST / 12:00 PST

Please note:
The release time can be a couple of minutes later, we are trying to reach 8 PM CET.


The most important features/modifications implemented towards this season's map and functions are the following.
❄️ New! KitPvP Map
Get ready to celebrate the holiday season with a brand new winter-themed map on KitPvP! As always, a new update wouldn't be complete without a new map to explore. So say goodbye to the hot summer days and embrace the frosty winter terrain as you battle it out on the server. This is a gift for all KitPvP players, so don't miss out on the fun!

☃️ A new spawn and PVP arena with a winter and Christmas theme.
💰 4 Different KOTHs to capture every day.
❓Are you looking for some help? There are plenty of NPCs explaining all the features.
🔑 A new seasonal crate has been added again.
⚔️ New! Duels

In order to have a healthy competitive environment players should be able to prove themselves who is better, and what is a better way of doing that by adding a brand new Duel System.
With this new Duel System, you can 1v1 opponents for fun, or for some huge wagers, the choice is yours.
🛡️ Start by dueling a player.
You will be able to send a duel request to a player using the /duel command. If I want to duel Gunfire, I will type /duel Gunfire. Gunfire will be able to accept or deny this request. Before sending the Duel Request you will be promoted with a menu for some settings for that Duel. Next up you will select the duel settings. These settings will be saved once you have selected them once, but you can spice it up and change them for any future battle as well.

📦 Lock in your inventory.
Upon accepting a duel request an inventory will open where you can select the items that you are bringing into this duel. Each player can click items from their inventory to be added to the Duel Kit. Both players will have to accept or deny the selected items, once you have settled on the items it's time for the wager.

👛 Select the wager.
After accepting the duel items it's time to place your bets. Will you be playing for the inventory, or should you keep the items that you bring into this fight?
You can choose both options. On top of that, you can put in money and items as well. Simply increase or decrease the amount of money by clicking the icons shown within this menu.
You can drop in items into this menu as well simply by clicking on them inside your inventory. Make sure you have everything ready because you can not take out these items after already accepting the duel request.

🤺 Time to fight!
Once you have agreed on the items being brought in the duel, and the rewards it is time to fight. You and your opponent will be teleported into an arena where you can fight to the death. The winner is decided by killing your opponent.
After the fight is over and the winner has been decided you can pick up your won items from the /maildelivery. The wagered money will automatically go into your account.
🗝️ New! Treasure Chest Event
Get ready for the Treasure Chest Event, coming to KitPvP with the new reset!
This exciting event will take place four times a day, filling the arena with treasure chests bursting with powerful loot.
All you have to do is run around and hunt for these chests to get your hands on some amazing items.
Will luck be on your side with these new treasure chests?
📅 New! Advent Calendar

Get into the holiday spirit with our Advent Calendar event!
Every day in December, log in to claim a free gift from the Advent Calendar NPC at spawn.
This NPC has a surprise waiting for you each day, so make sure to log in daily to see what's in store.
You can also access the daily gifts using the /deliveries command. Don't miss out on the festive fun and start claiming your free gifts today!

⏰ New! Playtime Rewards

Get rewarded for your time on KitPvP with Play Time Rewards!

🎁 Claim your rewards, for free!
Get rewarded for your dedication to KitPvP with our Play Time Rewards program! The more time you spend playing, the more rewards you'll be able to earn.
These rewards could include exclusive items, special perks, and more. It's easy to start earning - simply log in and play the game to begin accumulating rewards.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to make the most of your time on KitPvP and get rewarded for your efforts. Start playing and earning today!

💰 New! Balance Logs

You will now be able to view a full log of all of your balance, where it went, who paid you, what you bought, and all that just in a simple GUI filled with those logs.
All of these logs will be saved per user and you can review them for the rest of the season. So now if you were wondering if you actually spend all those millions in the /shop, or if you paid them to a friend, you will be able to view it in the /balancelogs.
In there you will find these logs:
Received /pay money
Paid /pay money
Shop purchases
Received money from other sources

🏷️ Updated! Tags

Make a statement in the chat with our new and expanded selection of tags! You can show off your personality and style by purchasing tags in the store or by earning them in-game. To see all the available options, just use the /tags command. Collect every tag to stand out even more and show off your unique flair.
🌟 Different tiers per tag.
Tags come in 6 different tiers: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Seasonal & Special.
The seasonal tags are only obtainable during the current season, after this season you will no longer be able to collect them.
The special tags are given to players for helping us out by reporting bugs, posting suggestions, and overall making KitPvP a more enjoyable gamemode.

📮 Updated! Mail Delivery

The mail delivery has been a great addition to the game, but we are looking at making it easier to use for everyone, so we will be making a small but required change. On top of that, we are making a necessary change to make the deliveries being used in the way they are supposed to be.
🔍 Sort by category
You can now show all deliveries, deliveries sent by the server, and deliveries sent by players, giving you a better overview.
⏰ Expiry timer
All deliveries within your mail delivery will now expire after 7 days, this means any old deliveries in there will now start counting and will be removed after 7 days. This makes the mail delivery system not a system to easily store unlimited items but makes it as we intended it to be.
👔 Updated! Special Sets

Say goodbye to the summer special sets and get ready for some icy new additions to KitPvP! With the release of our brand new winter map, we're introducing four frosty special sets that fit the theme perfectly. These sets will replace the summer sets and these summer ones will no longer be obtainable,
Don't miss out on the chance to get your hands on these new, exclusive items.
Here are the four sets you'll be able to obtain:

☃️ Snowman Set
🦌 Reindeer Set
❄️ Blizzard Set
🐧 Penguin Set
- Deal 7.5% more damage
- Gain 2 extra hearts
- Deal 10% extra damage
- Receive 10% less damage
- 2% chance to give your opponent Slowness 3
- Deal 15% extra damage.
- 2% chance to receive Speed IV on low health.
- Receive 15% less damage.
- 3% chance to deal knockback to nearby players on low health

🏠 Updated! Auction House
It is important to know what happened to your auctions. This is why we added a small change to the auction house. We will be introducing the /ah sold command.
Within this menu, you can view all your sold auctions. This will make things much easier when your auctions got sold while being offline.
All of the sold auctions will be visible within this /ah sold menu.

⚙️ Fixed! Bugs
We did our best to polish and fix as many existing bugs inside the KitPvP server as possible. We have looked through all the bug reports and managed to fix them. If you come across any bugs with the new update, make sure to report them at our forums under the bug reports section.
Here are a few of the bugs we squished out:
  • Fixed having more hearts with sets not removing them upon dying.
  • Fixed Omega rank stock sometimes going back up after a reboot.
  • Fixed skulls not being able to be salvaged.
  • Fixed level brackets not being given on some rewards.
  • Fixed level 10 not giving full set as reward.
  • Fixed kits giving wrong amount of items sometimes.
  • Fixed level 9 reward showing wrong key name.
  • Fixed not being able to open cosmetics boxes.
  • Fixed not being able to obtain player skulls.
📑 Misc. Updates & Changes
Multiple small changes have been made, some of these small changes are the following:
  • Updated AntiCheat.
  • Added enderpearls to this winter map.
  • Made the map a bit smaller.
  • Updated some crate rewards.
  • Increase player skull drop rate.
  • Restocked Omega rank, but with a smaller amount.
  • Added a new seasonal crate.
  • Added a new update loot crate.
  • Added new KOTHs and their starters.
  • Added more help commands
  • Added more help NPCs to spawn.
  • Changed the logic of the server sending item information to players
    • This means you will no longer be able to use clients, mods, and resource packs to identify what sets a player is wearing, mods to see the durability of items will no longer work as well.
Please note: Any suggestions for changes feel free to leave them in the comments.

❓Question and Answers
Why not a KitPvP reset?

We feel like updating KitPvP more frequently will make more people happy than having it constantly reset with losing your stats, items, and everything else with it.
In order to keep KitPvP exciting for new and older players we decided to release an update, instead of a reset, so that everyone can continue where they left off. We hope all the players will enjoy this update.


We hope to see you on our updated KitPvP server soon!

If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we'd love to make this as good as we can.



Bug Hunter
Jun 10, 2019
Looks good, glad it's not a reset.


Pika Lover
Jan 21, 2022
i love maps! i enjoy looking around at everything and seeing all the great builds and details. nice addition


Pika Member
May 5, 2020
This is so hype omg


Staff Member
Aug 8, 2022
This is going to be great :0
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