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Accepted OP Prison Huge List of OP Prison Suggestion, Balancing, Changes & Fixes

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Mar 27, 2016

Huge List of OP Prison Suggestion, Balancing, Changes & Fixes

Detailed description:
Hello there, I am back again for a very detailed suggestion for the upcoming reset update for OP Prison. In this suggestion, we will tackle about a complete overhaul and a lot of introductions for the game mode. Balancing change, Minor Fixes and more. This is of course gonna be related with the economy of the server so please bear with me. Some suggestions may be controversial to state but I hope you understand the reason why I have stated these suggestions. If you have any feedback or more suggestion to include here, you may leave a reply in this thread, now let's get started. I have divided this suggestions into 10 Topics. If I am no longer allowed to send more characters in this suggestion, I will try my best making another one to continue this.


The pets hasn't still reached their full potential in helping out the economy. This is why I proposed to add more pets and revamp pets in the past season. I believe that different varieties of pets will be useful for further seasons to collect. These pets can hold different varieties of skills like Mining, PVP, PVE (more will be discussed about this later), Gambling, Enchanting, etc. Additional to this is the rarity of the pet (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary)​

Here's some pets that I think should be added and reworked:

Money Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Monkey

▸ Cash Swipe
• Increases your sell output by x% chance.

▸ Tax Growler
• Decrease the amount of your tax on private mines by x%.

• Get a x% chance of getting x3 money booster when selling, claiming tax.

Token Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Tarantula

▸ Web Spreading
• Increases your token output by x% chance.

▸ Eight Legged Biter
• For every 8 lucky blocks broken, you get a x% chance to get an additional x% token output.

▸ Arachnophilia
• Increases the token greed output along with the players around you by x% around the radius of 10
(Maximum of 10 players).​

Mining Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Explosive Mole

▸ Tick, Tick, Boom!
• Decreases the bomb cooldown by x seconds.

▸ Dig, Dig, Boom!
• Increases the explosive enchant by x%.

▸ Mole's Foot
• Increases the fortune enchant by x%.

Mining Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Diamond Sentry

▸ Diamond Driller
• Increases the fortune drop for Diamond gemstone by x%.

▸ Gemstone Madness
• Increases the gemstone drop by x%.
▸ Operation: Pristine
• Grants x% chance of getting a compacted block when mining.

Autominer Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Engineer

▸ Mining Stonks
• Has a x% chance of getting +5 minutes of autominer when breaking blocks.

▸ Improving the Automation
• Has a x% chance of getting +30 minutes of autominer when claiming.

▸ Robo-overtime
• Increases the autominer limit up to x hour(s).

▸ Robogenerosity
• Get a x% chance of getting x2 booster when claiming autominer.

PvP Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Gladiator

▸ Advanced Reflexes
• Grants you a speed boost of x%.

▸ No Mercy
• Increases the sharpness enchant of your weapon by x%.

▸ Durable Warrior
• Decreases the durability and grants extra protection damage by x%.

▸ Dying Breath
• Grants x% of strength when below 5 hearts of health.

PvP Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Vampire

▸ Blood Drainer
• Grants you to steal health by x% and has x% chance to do so.

▸ Heart Burn
• When burning, it has a x% chance of granting you x% strength.

▸ Dark Getaway
• When you are below 5 hearts, it will grant the attacker blindness for x seconds and will grant you speed by x%.

PvE Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Pikachu

▸ Furious Swiper
• Increases the damage to PvE Mobs by x%.
• Increases the speed when hitting PvE Mobs by x%.​

▸ Volt Tackle
• Creates a chain reaction damage on nearby PvE Mobs.

▸ Sthunder Bolt
• Has a x% chance of stunning PvE Mobs for 3 seconds.

Wildcard Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Adventurer

▸ Wandering Key-per
• Increases the Key Finder enchant by x%.

▸ Heavy Capacitor
• Increases the backpack capacity by x.

▸ Adventurer's Luck
• Grants an additional x% chance of getting gem loot box.

Builder Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Builder Bob

▸ Slashin Price
• All price of building blocks, decoration from /shop will be decreased by x% off.

▸ Build Till Limit
• Grants you permanent fly on your private cell.

Drug Farmer Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Dealer

▸ Drug Luck 2.0
• Increases the drug output fortune by x%.
▸ Seed Blessing
• Has a x% chance of receiving the drug seeds.

▸ Cartel Compaction
• Automatically compacts the drugs in your inventory.
(This still works even if you don't have permission for /compact).

Fishing Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Fisherman

▸ Hook and Reeling
• Increases the fishing speed by x%.

▸ Return Da Bait
• Decreases the chance of consuming the bait by x%.

▸ Treasurer's Treat
• Has a x% chance of giving you rare drops when fishing.

Candidate Pet ➠ [Lvl 1] Corruptor

▸ Vote Manipulator
• Has the chance of x% that can increase the vote of your candidate when you elect them by +x.
(This only works when you actively use the pet).

▸ Above The Perk
• Increases the positive perks of the candidate you elected by +x%.


A gang's purpose on the game mode is to work together and give cooperation and support throughout each other. This will encourage a lot of help and will track the player's contributions on the gang.​
Now there are different types of contributions that I think should be included in this list:
  • Money Contribution
  • Token Contribution
  • Gem Contribution
  • Gemstone Contribution
Now you may ask who and how these contributions be claimed? As you may know or not know yet, there is one perk on the /g shop that are very useless in my opinion and requires a revamp.

The Gang Vault will now be replaced as Gang Bank and it can have permission set for a specific rank to claim. It could also have a specific permission to check the status and top contributors of the gang members in game. This is very helpful for gangs who have a specific requirement for their gang and can keep track of their members in the game.


Beta Testing is a great core feature for every game mode on the server to prevent bigger issues like dupes, exploits etc. And as you may have know, OP Prison has become the most duped and possibly the most broken game mode on the server. This will help give feedback and balance the game mode before the release. This will be handpicked by developers where they will pick a small sample size that has extreme knowledge about the game mode.​


Public API is a useful feature for bot developers on discord. This could check the statistics of players on their discord, announcements in game etc. This has been suggested multiple times and I don't think third time will do so. I just suggested a separate Official Prison Bot for PikaNetwork to share throughout the discord servers. This will help us very much.​


I have suggested this before and I just wanna point out the reason why it didn't made this through the season. I have suggested the implementation of /tags however the developers stated that it will affect the chat of being too long. One solution to this is to remove the <A-Z> on the chat as it is already visible to the tab list. This will give a small profit on the store. You may check the tags here on this previous thread I have made: https://pika-network.net/threads/list-of-op-prisons-suggestions-changes-and-fixes.206979/


I feel like the only goal, competition that gave life to the game mode is payouts and leveling. One could potentially be cheated in means of purchasing items from the store in order to improve and the other one is somewhat challenging and rewarding. I want to add something to the table of challenge as the game mode further progress.​

I believe that Skills and Skill Tree is a great fit for the game mode as it will encourage the whole gang and not only a individual working each other to increase the statistic of a certain skill. Nowadays, we only see players individually grinding for one skill like mining, PVP, auto miner, drug farming. This really defeats the purpose of progressing.

So I hope that this skill tree will help balance the progression with perks. Some progression may require for example "Fishing Level 30" or "Mining Level 25" and "PvE Combat Level 10".

The perks may be the following:
  • +x% Block Fortune
  • +x% Enchant Boost
  • +x% PvE Damage
  • +x% Drug Fortune
  • +x% Pet Experience
  • +x% Vote in Candidates
  • +x% Increase in Money and Token output
  • +x% Increase in Claiming Tax/Autominer
  • +x% Pristine Enchant Drop
  • +x% Fishing Speed and Luck

In addition to this, I want to include a new system which is fishing. I feel like fishing on the server will have a great impact on the server with new skills and challenges to do. This will of course be beneficial to the game as it creates a different meta of making money or tokens. Fishing will include various of enchants and new items related to it and will have a new introduction to Baits. Baits are items that can make fishing ever more efficient and fun to do. Reward drops are customized and new PvE Mobs will emerge the water.​


Enchanting is one of the core aspect on this game mode. It helps the player progress and makes their gameplay more efficient, gives a little bit ease when working. Items are however only vanilla and can be boring for a while seeing everyone use them. I get that it makes the game easy to understand instead of making new items that are complicated to understand to the new players. I think some changes may be possible for this as it will make the game much more interesting yet more difficult to understand as a con.

For Enchanting, we'll start with the new enchants that I have in mind:
  • Pristine (Pickaxe Enchant)
    • This enchant gives a chance to give you a Compacted Block (more will be discussed about this later).
  • Auto-Compact (Backpack Enchant)
    • It compacts blocks into Compacted Blocks.
  • Tiller (Hoe Enchant)
    • Grants a 3x3 tilled grass when you use it.
  • Lifesteal (Sword Enchant)
    • Steals a x% amount of health to enemies.
  • Smither (Sword Enchant)
    • Increases the damage to PvE Mobs by x%.
  • Looting (Sword Enchant)
    • PvE Mob Drops have a chance of dropping more by x%.
  • Luckette (Sword Enchant)
    • Grants a x% chances of getting rare drops from PvE Mobs.
  • Anti-Bleeding (Armor Enchant)
    • Deflects critical hit damage by x%.
  • Fireproofing (Armor Enchant)
    • Has a x% chance of deflecting fire aspect or flame enchants.
  • Unbaitable (Fishing Enchant)
    • Has a x% chance of not consuming your bait.

Note: Compacted Blocks are obtainable when you mine and get 10k blocks on your backpack or inventory, it gives more space to your inventory and it is expensive when you sell it. if you don't have the auto-compact enchant, you may do a command that could be /blockcompact or go to /spawn for the Block Compactor NPC.​

In addition to this, I would like to propose a complete revamp for the Veinminer, Autosell Enchants. Veinminer should have a complete overhaul as it is very similar and pretty useless of an enchant. Autosell should have included the Boosters of Players and Prestige but has a 10% tax reduction when used as it is kinda broken to use it very often.

For Items, there are alot of things that I want to introduce to the gamemode. Some of them are essential to the player, some of them are just trophy items display or collection that I think may affect and balance the economy by making it as a mean way to sell or buy.

Item #1 Fuel Generator (Autominer)

Autominers as you may know have a 12 hour limit now in order to prevent the abuse of afking. But as of now, I think that auto miner has received the nerf it now has today but I want to give one compensation for this.​
This fuel generator will act as an extra mining speed to the Auto miner instead of upgrading it with tokens. The rarer the fuel, the faster it gets. But how will we get it you may ask? You may obtain fuel in an abandoned generator in a new specific warp. Now let me introduce you to a new system on the gamemode which is PvE.​
PvE (Player versus Entity) is a new fun way that i think will be good addition to the game. We already had introduction on the Diamond PvE in this current season, why not more? This will be fun for players who wants to continue grinding but without getting attacked by players on PvP. This PvE Mobs could also have a chance dropping the Pets (what I've mentioned before) as rare drops.​

Item #2 New Weapons and Armor Sets (PvE/PvP)

In order to get started with a new journey, there should be introduction of new armor sets and weapons for the players to obtain by grinding. This will remove the default vanilla system now and will change the entire meta for good. These items could be obtained by mini boss, rare drops, grinding skills, or possibly crafting.​

Item #3 Special Items/Trophy Items

These aren't worth the value to some people but collectors of the game mode might find it interesting. This will affect the economy value by balancing the game mode.​
This could be things like reaching a skill milestone, participating events, suggesting some stuff on the game mode, reporting bugs that are deemed extremely exploited by players.​


This is a very complicated system for new players and for players who are not aware with the price inflation of the game mode. A stock market will now determine the price of a specific item on the server from its Supply and Demand. This will show an estimate price and an instant selling to the players who demand for the item.​


Payouts has become the pure intention of players in progressing no matter what they do like duping, exploiting or cheating their way to win. This really gave encouragement for players to compete, yet to cheat.​

I believe that Payouts on /g top has become a good thing and a bad thing for the server to have specially what I have mentioned for the past suggestions I have conducted. The economy is still at an unstable level. This can easily be done by purchasing items from the store and getting advantage, duping and exploiting to get the top, boosting other gangs and working together to win in an unfair fashion.
I think that payouts from Gang Top is completely not a great way to have at the server right now. However, I want to exchange this by bringing back most of the grind competitions like Blocks Top, Build Competition and more. This may be a controversial suggestion to state but it must be stated as it is the reality that is currently happening on the game mode right now.


These smalls changes are just bug fixes, quality of life changes and balancing the game mode out. I have listed the things I think should be helpful for the entirety of the OP Prison community.​

Adding more information about player's status
What I mean by this is they should have more details on their /stats like having their rank stated as Seasonal or Permanent. This will be very helpful to some community servers if they want to identify a player's rank.

Setting GKits, Pickaxes, Gemstones, Notes with a specific ID to prevent duping
I know that this has already been a feature but I recommend that all of the valuable items must have an ID system now where it will notify developers and instantly removing the item from the player in order to prevent spreading fake items or duped items.

Disallow item drops around the spawn
This is due to the players throwing un stackable items over the crates section in order to get player's reward. In addition to this, I think if your inventory is full whilst claiming keys, there should be a /stash or it will be instantly put to your /gift.

Allow global/gang boosters to be more accessible
Gang and Global are only obtainable from booster gkits. This could change by purchasing it on Mystery Man or in the /g shop weekly.

Limit the Personal Booster Activation
Abusing the usage of personal booster could affect the economy's token and money output as someone will just use the amount of them. I recommend making the personal booster maximum of 3 usage each day on each booster.

Add a new upgrade for Private Mines (Tax Limit)
Private Mine owners have a claimable tax on their private that can go up to 100Q and can be multiply by a money booster. This is very broken when you look at it so this is why it's for the better to add something to limit the players passively using private mines as income using booster. The default should be 1.5Q and will add more limit each upgrade.

Buffing the usage of Bombs
They should have important purpose on the PvE System and has purpose of damaging whilst breakin beacons or ores in dunes or PvE areas. I find it very useless now when claiming explosive gkit with bombs with it.

As you may already noticed, the dupes, rollbacks, economy inflated even more with the payouts active. I am not primarily blaming the existence of the Gang Competition on the server. It did bring back the player base of the server but at what cost? This game mode had an unstable system and a "somewhat rigged" game to play on. It's not fun looking at players abusing exploits and getting affected by their actions by rollbacks isn't? The major cause of duplication in this server is how the economy is broken through unfair advantages through payment in the store causing dupers to have intentions of doing it even though it's not the proper way of letting them know about this. It will just cause more issues on the server as you encourage these actions.

These problems can be easily resolved in a overhaul of the game mode as such it will be a fresh mindset for the players to try out the game and have a grind mindset instead of abusing bugs or using money to purchase from the store as an advantage to the other. If you could listen and do something about this situation, it would be a better game for everyone. Your feedback matters in this game as it will save it from the bland game mode where you have no goal after getting a high amount of money. It gets boring after time if you encourage an inflated economy. That is all for now, edits and revisions may be added in this thread.
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Staff Member
Sr Mod
Jul 3, 2021
Fantastic job on this suggestion, I really think a lot of those should be implemented, especially the items ids to prevent duping, keep up the good work.


Pika Lover
Jul 26, 2020

Thats a perfect example of a suggestion, Hope it gets the recognition it deserved.


Legendary Pika
Jul 10, 2020
Krazy suggestions but +1 since i think everything is reasonable enough to be added ing except for the limitation of the use of personal boosters :v


Great Reporter
Aug 22, 2019
This suggestion is more like a update thread


Legendary Pika
Dec 9, 2020
+1 over all but mark tryna public the conti which im not in favour of so ye


Staff Member
Nov 9, 2020
+1 You really tried to make this thread and I respect all hard work.


Mar 27, 2016
+1 over all but mark tryna public the conti which im not in favour of so ye
Contribution can be set to 0 if a gang does not want to have a system like that but I think this will be useful to see statistics on who participates and contribute for the gang.


Legendary Pika
Dec 9, 2020
Contribution can be set to 0 if a gang does not want to have a system like that but I think this will be useful to see statistics on who participates and contribute for the gang.
Well i guess so but the thing is then most gangs will depend on yk more grind = more payout percent you get what i mean?


Staff Member
Jul 22, 2020
Very interesting and certainly very well-written 👀

Good job!


Great Reporter
Feb 5, 2022
It really looks like you put your time and effort into creating these suggestions to improve the server for making the server more enjoyable for the large community of the server, I look forward to reviewing your future ideas & suggestions.
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Jul 22, 2020

We have decided to implement some aspects of this suggestion. Thank you for making it!
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