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Feb 22, 2016
Made by Skittlez
Thanks to PizzaMC for making a new prison server I thought the we could use a new and updated guide.

Your goal is to mine resources to make money, You can also pvp for items. Dont forget that behind all the red block PvP is enabled!. Furnaces, Trade, Rooms and Shops can be found at /warp shop. This is a Pvp server so scamming is allowed be careful! Have fun. Taken from Info Board signs. You have to gain money by Mining and selling the items you get to the Rank shop

Due to the new update/reset we are now able to experience 53 different ranks.
Ranks start at A and go through to Z then Free

-After ranking up to Z you may continue ranking through again but now you will be Prestige'd and you may enter the corresponding prestige mines.
-After completing all of the ranks A-Z & Prestige ranks A-Z you can rankup one final time to be "Free" the highest rank in Prison.
Within Prison you are capable of using a few helpful commands to make your time on the Pika server A LOT easier.
-/Help Basic Command, Brings up help list containing a few pages you can access with /help 2, /help 3 etc.
-/Spawn Brings you to the server spawn which is where the vote crates and mines A-D are located
-/Warp Brings up a list of warps in the chat in order for you to warp to, use this command to access mines or the "Free" area when unlocked
-/pv 1 You are allowed to store items within a 3x9 "vault" which you may access at any time using the /pv 1 command
-/Kit <KitName>This command also brings up a list corresponding to the kits you can use, donators have the most kits but everyone has access to the starter kit
-/Buy Displays a GUI in which you may purchase special items, and ranks using real money
-/Rankup Issuing this command twice will rank you up if you have enough money to do so
-/Pay <Player> <Amount> Command to give player a portion of your hard earned cash

A plot is a pretty big piece of land that you can claim to do whatever you want, make a house, store items, and possibly show off your building talent
-To start building on a plot you first need to claim it by going to the plot world spawn (/warp plots) then you can either search for a plot yourself or let the server automatically pick one for you with /p auto
If you find a plot that isn't claimed and you want it to be yours all you have to do is type
/p claim while standing on it

To begin mining I suggest getting your starter kit by using the command mentioned above and heading to Mine A
-Once inside the mine you are capable of mining ores and then selling them to their corresponding "Sell All" signs within each mine to earn money towards ranking up
-When mining you will notice that you gain experience levels which can be used to buy a plethora of blocks and items from the shop or to enchant your tools or armor to give you an advantage (Enchanting tables currently can be found inside the shop)

Donor Perks
If you are a big PikaCraft fan you are able to purchase in-game ranks which supply you with numerous advantages to other players, some advantages are cosmetic and others are useful commands

Currently there are 2 different donator ranks within prison
~25 U.S. Dollars~
Drugsdealer ~10 U.S. Dollars~

-Ability to Claim 3 plots
-/Nick Command with colors
-/Fix Command (being repaired if not fixed already)
-/Echest Command
-/AutoSmelt Command
-/Craft Command
-/Hat Command
-/Heal Command
-/Sethome & /home Command
-Deagle Gun
-Kits -Smuggler,Drugs & Drugsdealer

-Ability to Claim 2 plots
-/Nick Command no colors
-/Echest Command
-/AutoSmelt Command
-/Craft Command
-/Sethome & /home Command
-/Kits -Drugs & Drugsdealer

Will be updated when Skittlez gets his PC back
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