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Feb 22, 2016
Here is an explanation of hacks made by DestructPvP:

-Kill aura

One of the most famous hacks is Kill aura. You see Kill aura is a self explanatory type of hack. It's an aura where once you enter a certain radius of the player they will automatically hit, but you see, they don't exactly hit you. An example would be if I snuck up on an individual with kill aura, they were pressing Q to try and pick up items because their inventory was full, once I get behind them they start to hit away from me but then turn to me themselves where they're locked on me and only hit me. It's why aimbots are a loved asset to better their experience with this hack.

If you see a player automatically hitting when you get close it might be kill aura. Something to do, get close, back up, if they stop hitting go back in and if they start hitting again it's Kill aura.


Aimbots are also a self explanatory hack. It's a bot part of a lot of famous hacked clients that aims at the nearest player, or mob. It locks on the head and only the head, to gain more damage from outcomes and because it's set like that. It locks on you and doesn't stop aiming until you leave the radius. Kill aura is an asset to this hack because it aims and also hits to the nearest player or to multiple players closing in on the hacker, it's why you sometimes see hackers spazzing their heads around, it's because the aimbot used with the kill aura is aimed at the heads and is precisely set to only hit the head.

If you see players aiming precisely to other players headshot might be aimbots. Something to note, they sometimes snap their heads up if you go up higher and keep the movement wherever you go.

-Anti Knockback

Anti Knockback is quite a popular hack like Kill aura, it explains itself like many of the ones listed above. Pretty much it's infinite slowness. It's why you'd need to get a speed potion to get a bit faster outcomes. Anti Knockback is a hack that prevents an individual from being knocked back, it's commonly seen on SkyWars, mostly because when you bridge across you sometimes get knocked off by snowballs or arrows.

If you notice this on any server and you continuously hit or see another player hitting them and they aren't being knocked back it's anti knockback. Make sure the user isn't lagging, if you see the player moving and not being knocked back it's easier to tell. If they're stuck in one place they either lagged out or their entity is stuck.

You may also notice users get slight jumps when cornered, if you don't see them being slightly pushed up when you hit them it's anti Knockback.

You can not accurately determine this if the server is 1.8 with NCP on.

-Speed hacks

Speed hacks used to be popular, I mostly see users early in the Mornings for me, or on other servers. Speed hacks are pretty much infinite speed boosts, like speed potions, you could go to really high enchants such as Speed III and keep it infinitely. When you see a player going extremely fast, you might have experience with commands such as /speed 5 or /speed 7. Basically this like that, and you go really fast. It's annoying when they escape you or if they start to go around you hitting you until you die.

If you see this happen report it immediately to the forums, it isn't hard to identify, if you see them going really fast it's speed hacks.

-Bow aimbots

You see bow aimbots are still used, on SkyWars and on Kit-PvP. When you see players bowing and almost never missing it might be bow aimbots, what they do is kind of like aimbots, they aim to the nearest player and release or you release and it hits. Bow aimbots are made effortlessly but they do indeed miss because of players moving or running. What you would do in a scenario like this is sneak up behind them and if they snap there heads at you and release the arrow, it's bow aimbots.

-Auto Disconnect (also known as auto dc)

Auto disconnect is self explanatory,you automatically disconnect when the hack registers you're low on health, you're kicked with a message and return unharmed.

If you see a player combat tagged or being hit and they suddenly disconnect without any items dropping, wait and see if they return with any effects such as fire. Records if you see this and report it to the forums.

-Auto Armor

Auto Armor is for those servers with grapples and involves a lot of Armor to got down and pvp such as Factions or OP Factions. Usually it takes a little pause for you to press your E button and put Armor on. Not for this hacked client, they are either running or still pvping and the hack registers the strongest piece of Armor to replace the missing Armor slot.

If you see players not pausing to change their Armor and are running to still fighting and they automatically put on Armor when one of their Armor items break it is Auto Armor and report it to higher officials on team speak or report it on the forums.


Criticals are a hack where you one shot somebody with a stone sword or another sword, they do severe damage to players with stronger Armor then them. Usually it takes more then 3 hits to kill someone with weaker Armor then you or equal Armor as you, with equal Armor it takes maybe 6-8 hits to have them run or heal themselves. Not for them, they may swing 2 hits at you and you are dead. They are hard to see, but if a player jumps a little everytime they land a hit its criticals.Side note added by Lexi. To clarify the jumps are not as high as standard minecraft jumps. They are only possible with this hack, and only lift the player a very small amount off the ground. If you see someone jumping abnormally like this when hitting you, it's criticals

If you see a player doing more damage to you or one shoting diamond armoured players it might be Criticals. Try not to mistake it with strength, strength gives you a boost with damage but definitely takes at least 4-5 hits to kill someone with equal Armor.

-Regeneration Hacks

Regen Hacks are better known for it, if you see a player being healed without using a health potion it might be Regeneration hacks. What this type of hack does is to keep healing you until you get full health again, a player might be from 2 hearts and quickly go back to full health. Examples would be someone with no Armor, or weaker Armor then you, you notice how it would be quicker for you to just finish them off, you need to keep clicking for them to finally die, you may notice it took longer then expected.

An example would be on Factions, you see damage indicators are still there, [or so I believe are still there] you may notice a player might go from 4-20 health quickly when they didn't use anything to regenerate themselves with. If you see them lasting longer then usual report it for regeneration hacks if no form of healing was used while fighting.


Tracers are a hack that make a coloured line to the closest player coming to you or the closest so players, it may go to a high level such as 10 and show lines to all of them, the individual could be underground and a line suddenly goes up to a nearby player.

If you sneak up on a player or are sneaking and shoe no sign of your whereabouts and they quickly find you or dig down to you, it's tracers.

If you're a staff member try to get up to a high level, maybe 7 higher then the player and if they look up it's tracers, take quick action. Remember to stay out of the radius of the player because they might be using 1st player mode.

~Original credits to xJasperMx and DestructPvp for making this thread.


Feb 22, 2016
More Hacks Information


X-ray hacks are particularly designed for you to set an ore or to find some resources, and when you set it the hack registers down in the ground for any ores or what you set it to look for and displays that underground. Such as diamonds, if you set it to that it shows you diamonds and makes everything else disappear, it may look like you're walking on air.

If you see players digging down in a pattern such as down then right or left and find something valuable every time it's X-ray. Report it or if you're a staff member ban them for it.

-Anti Burn

Anti Burn is a hack where makes you immune to fire effects, it isn't hard to identify really. Usually you'd get affected by the fire and take damage, the player on the other screen would hear the damage.

If you see a player with a quick fire effect around them then it vanishes it's anti burn. Make sure they do not hack and fire resistance potion before you take precautions. If you're a staff member and see the fire quickly disappear after they were caught on fire it's the hack so ban them.

-Derp hacks

Derp hacks is also a kill aura, on both screens you spazzing everything out while also hitting players around you.

If you see a player with any parts of their arms feet or heads spinning its Derp hacks and report it to the forums.

-Jesus hacks

Jesus hacks are pretty much the designed form of what Jesus did, not to offend any players who have different beliefs. But when Jesus walked on water, just like on the hack it's copied so you avoid swimming across water and walk across it. And go back to walking on land.

-No Slowdown

No slowdown is designed to avoid stopping to eat, block, or stopping to aim at a player, they run while doing those above things. Usually you would stop to do such things but not for them, they chase you while eating, chase after you with a bow, or block and run at the same time.

If you notice a player not stopping to do either of those things report it for no slowdown.

-Sneak Hacks

Sneak hacks are for those whose try to keep a low profile if they're underground and players look down to notice a name tag they of course dig down to kill them. Or take whatever they have. This hack is designed to sneak do you aren't noticed when underground, or under water. You can access you inventory when doing so, usually you have to stop to look in your inventory. Or sneaking to bridge across some lava, it's designed for if I may say lazy people who don't want to hold the shift button while doing these things.

If you notice a player switching or putting Armor on and still sneaking report it for sneak hacks or if you're a staff member ban them.

-Spider Hacks

Spider hacks are made to replicate what a spider does, climb a house without pillaring up, climb blocks the same height as you. Usually you need to pillar to do these things.

If you see users climbing anything without pillaring and it's the height of them or higher then them report it for spider hacks or ban the user for spider hacks if you're a staff member.

-Fast Eat

Fast eat is self explanatory. What a player would normally do is take about 3-5 seconds to eat some food to fill up there hunger points. Not for them, they grab some food and they eat multiple food items in one click, it extremely quickly, maybe 2 seconds as an assumption, as much to fill up their hunger points.

This typical hack is designed precise and is made to eat maybe 6 steaks or 8 apples to fill up your hunger points just by one click. If you see a player eating incredibly faster then usual report it for Fast Eat.


May I describe it? It is designed to fly where the anti plugin to prevent you from flying is made,nits popular in the hub. You can fly while in combat if you're the donator on Factions or at the rank that gives you access to /fly on OP Factions.

If you see a player flying in the hub report them. If you see a player who was continuously hit and is in combat and starts to fly away or fly over you report them for fly hacks.


Ghost Clients and Ghost Hacks

Information regarding Ghost clients has been made and provided by lilnono29.

*Sidenote by Destruct* - I recommend staff who are not concerned about their Skype privacy to screenshare and to follow these particularly difficult hacks to identify.

Hello, most of you are probably familiar with the usual type of hacked clients found on pika consisting of the following: KillAura, Anti-Knockback, FastUse, Fly, etc.

However, there are "hidden" clients that go by the name of "Ghost Clients." These Ghost Clients are meant to be more difficult to find, and make you look legit, using slight hacks not as blatant as KillAura, or any of the others. I will be showing the members of pika how to find these hacks whether in a video or in-game, as well as helping staff find them in a screenshare. So, let's begin with the basics.

Triggerbot is basically an autoclicker with more functions. Once enabled, triggerbot will attack any player within hit range once they are in front of the crosshairs. This can be found a few ways. First of all, when fighting someone with triggerbot - that doesn't know how to hide it well - they will usually hit you only when you are directly in front of them. They will repeatedly stop hitting you once you get out of their range, or move to the side, and continue hitting you again as soon as you enter their range. Another way would be observing the "Fire Aspect" effect on another player. Obviously, this will not work if they do not have a fire aspect sword. Once entering the attack range, the player will occasionally be lit on fire and then immediately put out. Although the cause of that is sometimes lag, it's usually due to trig bot.

Smooth Aimbot
-Smooth Aimbot is pretty self explanatory. It is basically KillAura but the aim speed is decreased drastically. This hack is the most famous out of all. It is meant to improve your PvP while still looking legit. This one is hard to find unless the person using it has a "thehen101 client", or something coded the same way. A "thehen101 client" is a ghost client coded by a person named thehen101. The reason these are a little more obvious than other ones is because the way he coded it. He coded it so that every time you rotate 180 degrees, it resets causing either a quick snap, or a full 360. These snaps are not seen in game, but in a video. A lot of people use this when making YouTube videos about PvPing. As soon as the player reaches the hit range, they will do a complete 360 or a fast snap, usually difficult to see unless slowed down.

-Velocity is also known as kb, or knockback modifier. When using a knockback modifier, the person can choose to modify their knockback by multiples. 1.00 would be the normal amount of kb taken because 1x1 is...well, you guessed it. 1. Most people have it around 0.70 or 70%, meaning you only take 70% the normal knockback. If the person has 100+ ping and is taking barely any knockback, then chances are it's velocity.

I hope you found that part useful, these are not all of the hacks In a ghost client but the most popular. Now, screen sharing.

-Please note before you read this that theses are not all the ways to find a ghost client. If you wish to know all of them I suggest you watch some YouTube videos, but these methods will 99% of the time find the client.

1. First, just like any other screenshare, go into their %AppData%

2. Then, go into their "mods" folder. The mods should have the same size as the ones below. If they have a larger file size than the original, they are ghost clients bound together with a mod.
1.7 version of hud mods.
-bspkrsCore: 195kb or lower
-ArmorStatusHUD: 27kb or lower
-StatusEffectHUD: 24kb or lower
-DirectionHUD: 24kb or lower
-ToggleSneak: 21/22 kb (no lower or higher)

1.8 hud mods.

3. If all the mods are the correct size, go to the left of the "File Explorer" window that is open and click on "This Pc"

4. Click "Users"

5. Click the user that the person is using at the moment

6. Click "Saved Games"

7. If you find "Petroglyph" (or something like that) then that is Spook/SpookyCaspar/Spookster, and you need to ban them.

I hope you found this thread helpful

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Feb 23, 2016
-New section created, the 10000 word limit has been met on the 2 replies above-

Click Aura

Click aura is a particularly new hack made maybe over last year or in 2014, but it is a very difficult hack to identify, when it comes to spectating an individual it is very crucial you watch with precision, because every detail and sign of click aura is important for you to go through with it. So, sometimes it might be mistaken with reach hacks, or "OP" ping, but it's actually, and the way I would classify it is click forcefield, everytime you click your mouse it hits all around you and the several players or just a player around you, hitting a 4 block radius around you, to your side, behind you or infront of you.

For players, try to attack from behind, try not to mix it up with forcefield, if you sneak up behind them and they automatically hit it's forcefield, if you hit them and then they hit by looking forward it's a possible sign of click aura, also look for abnormal 4 block hits in the front or side hits, sometimes they might not look at them and hit them with their side, trying to look like they're "strafing"

For staff, the staff here have an advantage since they can fly and be in vanish, when it comes to these particular individuals DO NOT unvanish behind them, it does not work, they DO NOT automatically hit and it IS NOT an auto clicker. You need to watch the way they pvp, forward hits on other players, and as I said for players, look for the side hits, the head will not always look at them and they might try to look like they're strafing, others will be sloppy.

This hack is not for everyone, I recommend more experienced staff members with hack go through with bans like this only if you know it is click aura, 100% sure, no doubt.

Click Aimbot

For some, this will be self explanatory, it's a hack that whenever you click it aims to the nearest mob or player locking right on their head, but remember not to mix it up with aimbots, aimbots have a faster turn, click aimbot will have a slower turn, taking 0.2 seconds for the user to turn as soon as they click.

It might be easy for the players pvping, since you can't look like you're strafing with this, everytime you try to move to the side or behind them they will click and lock onto you, the thing is they can run around you, making it look like circle strafing, but in a very sketchy way, look out for the hesitant turns this hack makes when you encounter an individual with it.

Once again, as always, the staff have the upper hand, you can spectate. This hack requires precision for the less experienced, but again, if you're not sure, do not go through with this ban, it's not for everyone to know hacks very well. Look for slow turns, sometimes when you unvanish the players will click and turn slowly towards you, 0.2 seconds, try not to mix it up with aimbots, but I also do not recommend banning them and using it as the story in the ban appeal, since some clients can make their aimbot slow too. Look for the abnormal turns players make or the circle strafes, maybe when they're chasing players you notice the head lock or the head snap up when they get close to the player they're chasing.
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